Tale of Zolotaya

Chapter 2 - Run away from home.

I am a young girl with long hair, I am sitting on a wooden chair and reading a dull book on the table, this book makes me bored because I have read it many times.

My blue eyes have been spoiled by drowsiness for a long time, I do wear sleep clothes, but I refuse to go to dreamland, because its still evening and I don want to wake up at night, my head will hurt. However, the sound of the strong wind outside my room made the atmosphere calm, I took off my glasses and threw myself on the bed, then closed my eyes.

Suddenly, there was a noise from outside the window, I woke up because the noise pierced my ears, my brow furrowed in annoyance, I stood up from the bed, swung my right hand, and punched the bedroom window until it shattered.

”SHIT, WHO DARE TO WOKE ME UP!!!? ” My fangs protruded, my two eyes flashed a line of blue essence, and my heart was pumping blood furiously.

My bedroom is on the second floor, I glanced around the yard, trying to find the culprit making the noise, but I only found grass dancing with the wind. Of course, I will not give up, Im sure the source of the sound is not far from my house. After searching, searching, and searching, I finally found the source of the noise. The annoying sound came from the nine boys bickering in the tree area. They seemed to be fighting fists, kicking, shouting, and spit out harsh words.

”Why are they fighting near my house!? ” I glared at those brats. I feel like beating those idiots until their bones are crushed.

When I looked carefully, I realized that the chaos there was not a fight between groups, but a beating.


A young 13-year-old boy, black hair and modestly dressed, was beaten up by eight boys.

I thought that the young man couldn do anything about it, but he show me a great martial arts skills, he put up a fight and managed to win. However, due to the hit of an iron bat, the young man received a serious injury to his forehead, he sat leaning under a shady tree and grimaced in pain.

I felt sorry for him, I took the initiative to take the medicine box under the bed, then lowered the cloth ties through the bedroom window.

”Medic, medic, medic, someone needs medic help! ”

I slumped using the cloth joint, clutching the medicine box. After successfully setting foot on the ground, I climbed over the fence of the house and ran to the young man.

”Boys shouldn wince in pain. ” I grin wide in front of him, while holding up two fingers.

The boy was surprised when I approached him, he looked amazed when he saw the beauty of my golden hair and my blue eyes. It seems that he is fascinated by my beauty.

I sat in front of the young boy, ”May I treat you? ”

The boy nodded his head, ”Yes. ”

I opened the medicine box and inside the box were several multipurpose medical equipment.

I took a bottle along with dry cotton, then I opened the bottle cap and dripped the contents of the bottle onto the cotton, I pressed the wound using a cotton swab that had been mixed with anti-bacterial liquid.

While pressing on the wound, I put a bandage on the injury point, after that I forced the young boy to drink a spoonful of liquid medicine.

The young boy wanted to vomit because he swallowed a very bitter medicine.

”Don spit out, okay? The medicine you swallowed is very good for healing wounds. ” I gave a thumbs up.

”Yes, I understand. ” The boy covered his mouth with both hands, he held back the nausea that was choking his head.


”Thank you for treating me. ” The boy bowed his head.

e welcome. By the way, whats your name? ” I asked, tilting my head to the right.

”My name is Satrio. ”

”Oh, what a cool name. My name is Ristia Hukate ihlis, nice to meet you. ” I smiled and held out my right hand.

Note: Her name is Ristia Huchatte Ighlis, she has trouble pronouncing grandiose sentences

”Yeah, nice to meet you too. ” Satrio stuck out his right hand anyway.

We both shook hands.


Satrio explained the chronology of the beatings to me, he admitted that if the bad kids were disturbing his friends who were playing in the playground, he didn accept it and asked them to have a fist fight.

After hearing that explanation, I became annoyed and criticized the behavior of the bad boys, but Satrio asked me not to interfere.

I heeded Satrios request, then pleaded, ”I want to play in the playground too. ”

”Okay, but tomorrow, its getting dark. ” Satrio nodded his head.

”Alright! ”

We parted ways and waved to each other.

”See you again! ” I exclaimed.


I climbed up to the second floor using a cloth joint, then entered my bedroom through the window I had shattered.

”Having fun with a boy, huh. ” A woman with long brown hair is standing near my wardrobe, her brown eyes are on me, she is wearing a white t-shirt and shorts.

That beautiful woman is my mother, she has a sexy and hot body. Her skin was as clear as water, her lips were very seductive, and her breasts were absolutely plump. My mother rarely got angry, but she was very talkative, I was lectured by her a lot.

”H-Hello, mother. ”

My mother walked up to me, then she asked me a question that made me sweat profusely, ”Why did you smash your bedroom window? ”

Calmly, I tried to give a series of explanations, but my mother immediately grabbed my ears and led me to her room.

I didn feel any pain when my mother tugged at my ear, but my ears felt like they were going to explode when she spoke.


The clock on the wall in my mothers bedroom reads 00:00 at night. I woke up thirsty, I left the room and slowly descended the stairs.

I was in the kitchen which is located on the first floor, I took a kettle filled with clean water and poured clean water into a glass.

I gulped down a glass of water, but the thirst still clung to my throat. I drank again, again, and again, until all the water in the kettle was gone.

”Damn, this thirst lasts so long. HOAM! ” I yawned widely.

Ive been around the kitchen for 10 minutes, but I didn find a drop of clean water, I was forced to drink the dirty water that had pooled in the bucket.

I drank about 7 liters of dirty water to quench my thirst.

”To hell with the microbes, they
e all going to die from my stomach acid. ”


When I wanted to go back to my mothers bedroom, I saw a mysterious black book on the dining table, I was curious and decided to take the black book.

The cover of the black book has symbols of omega, fox, and rose.

”Whats this? ” I didn understand when I read it, this black book uses ancient language and letters, but on the last page, there are some ancient letters that I can read.

The ancient letters read, ”O Faberie genoctiae lous Fos kaei dekka pollatimus me ko sephhetai tou Theon. O Kimaries zantretifkan ton Faberie ka apektisoanala mia koried po onomasties Zolotaya Roza. O Zolotaya pravletetai oti than ka ginoil stukos toi daiminek stratus to. O poteras tou Zolotaya phitania eno prospatelu tin koroto. O Faberie pyretis Zolotaya kan tin elose nan exereventi po onomestike Leistiari. ”

”O treis peto saleis itan sato myolo to Faberie oros taetan ti Zolotaya. ”

”Skotso. Thrudmos. Ecdisaci. Genoctiae. ”

Note: The bolded sentences are important points, so don read too much into the ancient language above.

I was pensive while interpreting this ancient letter. Im still learning some ancient letters and still can translate all the sentences on the last page.

I suspect that this article is about a great tragedy in the past. Surprisingly, my mothers name, Lestari or Leistiari in the ancient language is written in the story. I racked my brain until my forehead furrowed. Im working hard to solve the mystery of this black book.

”HOAAM! ” I was very sleepy, but I was trapped by my curiosity and refused to go back to my mothers bedroom.

I read the last page again and idly interpreted some ancient letters that were easy to translate.

”Skotso means kill. Thrudmos means anger. Ecdisaci means revenge. Genoctiae means genocide. ”

I remember something about these 4 ancient sentences. Suddenly, my heart ached. I reflexively held my left chest and winced in pain.


I fell to the floor and saw a silhouette of a woman standing on the dining table. The woman had nine tails and fox ears, she wore fashionable clothes and in her right hand held a large sword.

Before long, my ears caught a terrible mystical sound.

The almighty Faberi, please forgive us. Have mercy on our babies, our children and our generation. We promise to worship your matchless Theon sword and not disturb your people again!

No mercy! Your soul and blood is mine! I will kill all of you! You have betrayed the 7 races of half animal! I will destroy your entire civilization! I will have my revenge!

Forgive us. Forgive us. Forgive us. Forgive us. Forgive us. Forgive us. Forgive us. Forgive us. Forgive us. Forgive us. Forgive….

”ARGHHHHH!!! PLEASE STOP, MY HEAD WILL EXPLOSE!!! ” My eyes, nose, and mouth were bleeding profusely.

To be continued….

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