Tale of Zolotaya

Chapter 5 – The threat has arrived!

Last night I had a very strange incident, I had a heart attack, saw the silhouette of a mysterious woman, and heard the screams of the people being massacred. It was terrible, I immediately told my mother what happened last night, she listened to me, then she said that I was having hallucinations.

”How can I have hallucinations? ” I asked, tilting my head to the right.

After my mother drank a spoonful of warm tea, she put the cup on the round table, then she replied, ”You slipped, the back of your head hurt. ”

I also checked the back of my head with my right hand, my fingers felt a big lump, the lump was not painful at all, maybe my mother had treated it, now I understand why she considered the strange incident as a hallucination.


10 oclock in the morning.

I remembered about the black book lying on the dining table, I went over to my mother who was in the living room. The living room is decorated with luxurious curtains and is equipped with beautiful flower pot decorations.

My mother was taking care of the flowers that were planted in the pot, I approached her, then asked, ”Mother, last night Ristia found a notebook on the dining table, the book is black and has three different symbols, is it true that the book is yours? ”

She held my right arm and stroked my hair gently, then she replied, ”Ive never had a black notebook, you know, I don like black. ”

I was surprised and confused, suddenly my body was dripping with sweat and shaking.

If the black book doesn belong to my mother, then whose? Maybe the mysterious book was part of a hallucination, but since when did I slip? Its better not to think about it, think of it as a hallucination, yes, consider it a hallucination.

”What are you thinking about? Your brows are furrowed. ”

”Ristia didn think about anything, really. Ristia wants to go upstairs first, wanting to see the view. ”

I rushed up the stairs, while my mother watched me from a distance, she looked worried, I don know what she was worried about.


Time was ticking, the big clock in the corner of the room rang, indicating 2 oclock in the afternoon. I pulled the lever of the clock to stop the ringing, then I entered back into the round and wide arena.

My sweat dripped profusely and soaked the yellow shirt I was wearing.

I stood on the edge of the arena, bent down and gasping for air. By chance I found one button of my shorts undone, I put the button back on, then tightened the bandage on both my fists.

My mother was outside the arena, she was with the iron doll, she was standing looking at me from a distance. The training doll was assembled by him, its shape resembles a human skeleton, and has a large body posture. The doll weighs 40kg and is 165cm high.

”Fight me ugly doll! Ill throw you in the trash! ”

”This doll will crush your bones and tear your pride. ”

”Quickly activate that junk, Ill prove that moms dolls fit perfectly in the trash! ”

My mother inserted a red magic core into the iron doll, before long the doll moved on its own and jumped into the arena to challenge me to a duel.

The magic core gave the training doll artificial intelligence, he could understand human language, and could even do various things, such as fight or kill.

The design of this training doll is different from other training dolls, it wears a thick armor in the form of an iron shield, besides that my mother added a high quality magic core, I have to be careful against this junk.

The magic core is like the brain, if an inanimate object is inserted into the magic core, then the object will gain life, reason, and strength. Magic cores can be found in the Reliquia tower, but they are very rare.

Inserting magic cores into inanimate objects must use a tool called Halvestar. Halvestar functions to channel magic energy into all parts of the object. The inventor of Halvestar is my own mother, there is only one tool and it is very secret, it can be fatal if the tool falls into the hands of bad people.


The training dummy did a quick attack, I didn have time to dodge and the dummy managed to kick me hard in the chest. However, I didn fall because I was consistent in maintaining my balance, nor did I feel pain when my chest was kicked.

Inattentiveness is a fatal flaw in combat, if this was a real fight, I might have already been defeated by my opponent.

”What is it? Your pride was trampled underfoot because of a single attack? So weak. ”

My mothers taunts me, but I couldn be provoked. Controlling emotions is an important component of fighting, I have to be calm, I have to focus. The training dummy excels in speed, meaning to ward off lightning strikes, I have to use counterattack techniques.

”Oi, cheap doll, look at yourself in the mirror, you are so ugly, rusty, and deserve to be thrown into the sea. ”

The training dummys whole body shook and he applied a stance. It looks like the training dolls anger has caught fire, this way my plan will go according to my wishes.

The training dummy approached me, he tried to break my focus with deceptive movements, but my eyes didn follow the training dummys movements. I let the doll launch a barrage of attacks, it doesn matter to me, I can dodge it easily, because attacks that rely on speed tend to target the bodys weak points, such as the head, ribs, chest, and stomach.

”Now! ”

The best moment had arrived, the blind gap was exposed, the training dummy didn realize he had made a big mistake, he left several weak spots wide open while punching.

I took advantage of that mistake, first I parried his attack, second I punched the junk doll in the chest many times, third I kicked him until he bounced and hit the boundary of the arena.

The training dummy looked limp after receiving my counterattack, but I didn want to give him the slightest chance, so I slammed the dolls body with all my might into the arena barrier until it crumbled.

”You bastard doll! ” I hit the dolls head with all my might until the magic core inside shattered.

The training doll turned back into an inanimate object, in very bad condition, a lot of iron plates were crushed by my attack.

”Look mom, I won! ”

”Todays practice is over, you may rest, ” my mother said.

”Okay mom. ”

My mother was reluctant to give me an ear-pleasing compliment, naturally, winning against a training dummy wasn anything great, she didn want me to thirst for praise.


Im not tired at all, in fact my body feels lighter after practicing. I wanted to sharpen my skills again, but anything in excess is not good, so I decided to sit on the back seat and drink a bottle of mineral water.

This practice room is underground, the temperature here is very hot, my body can stop sweating.

My mother intentionally didn install a cooler in the gym, she kept the room temperature hot so that it could burn calories, relax the body, and relieve joint pain. However, a room that is too hot can cause dehydration.

Since the age of 7 I have started training in martial arts, swordsmanship, archery, and spearing. I used to not be interested at all, after contemplating for a while, I realized that learning martial arts is very important to protect myself.

Apart from self-defense, I practice controlling my anger and bringing down the opponents mentality, thats why my mother provoked me and my mouth became impudent.

Provoking anger and mentally suppressing the enemy were tactics that my mother always used when fighting on the battlefield. My mother said, if these two things fail to be implemented, then victory will be difficult to obtain.

My mothers upbringing was very strict, I was not given the opportunity to play, even so she always pampered and loved me.


I just remembered, I was bound by an appointment with a man named Satrio, instantly my eyes glanced at the big clock in the corner of the room, it was already 3 in the evening. Satrio should have been near my house, he was waiting for me, I had to quickly follow him.

Before leaving, first so my mother wouldn worry about me. However, instead of getting permission, my mother forbade me to leave the house, I had already expected that this would happen.

Saying goodbye is a bad choice.

”Why can I leave the house!? ” I snapped at my mother, then pounded the table with my right hand.

”Watch your tone, Tia…. ” My mother looked angry, she steadied her fists, as if she wanted to beat me.

”Its too dangerous out there, many threats await you. ”

”Then why am I learning self-defense!? ”

My mother grabbed my shoulders and pulled me closer to her, then she whispered in a loud voice, ”Listen, the threat that awaits you is very dangerous, even mother herself is hesitant to fight the threat! If you still intend to leave the house because you want to meet a boy, then I will tie you up in this room! ”

”What threat? What threats do you mean mom!? ” I waved my hands carelessly and glared at my mother in annoyance.

”I won tell you now, because your body is still weak. ”

”Huh!? Don confuse me! ”

”I didn mean to confuse you. ”

”Then how do I make my body strong!? ”

”If you want to be strong, you have to be able to control your anger first… no questions, no excuses, you can leave this house. ” Having said that, my mother pushed me away from her, then she turned back and entered the arena.

”…. ” I couldn help but fall silent after receiving a number of absurd warnings.

That promise must not be broken, I will get out of this house, ignore my mothers very unclear speech, and meet Satrio. I don want to worry about the threats from the outside world, I know my mother only scares me to break my intention, parents always use threats to their children when giving prohibitions, its really annoying.

In the past, I was reluctant to leave the house, a waste of time, but now I have a reason to venture into this world. I want to connect directly with the outside world, I am tired of studying this world through books, I don feel anything while reading books, I do gain knowledge, but my heart is empty.


Before running away from home, I changed my clothes in the bathroom. Im wearing a red shirt and a white knee-length skirt, this outfit is my favourite, I really like simple clothes, because they
e easy to wear and don make me hot. I also took off the bandages on both my hands and threw them in the trash.

”Theres no time, I have to hurry. ”

I crept into my bedroom and tried my best not to make any noise, it would have been terrible if my mother found out I had run away.


After arriving in front of my bedroom, I immediately grabbed the doorknob and pushed it very carefully.

”Damn it, locked… no other choice. ”

I took four steps back, squared off, then kicked my bedroom door with all my might. The bedroom door managed to open with a single kick, but my actions made a lot of noise.

”RISTIA!!! ” My mother shouted from the practice room, her footsteps could be heard clearly in my ears, she came over to me.

I immediately ran to the bedroom window which had been closed by five planks, but it wasn a big problem for me, I was desperate to jump and break through the boards with ease.

I fell from a height and my body hit the rocky ground, but I didn feel anything, it was like landing on a mattress.

”RISTIA!!! YOURE A BAD CHILDREN!!! ” Cried my mother, she was still running towards my bedroom, her footsteps sounded scary.

I immediately got up and climbed up the fence, then ran to Satrio who was watching me in surprise under a big tree.

”Lets go to the playground, Satrio! ” I grabbed the boys left hand and asked him to run along.

To be continued….

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