”Nervenia, a vibrant Kingdom, surrounded by huge ancient walls coated with magic and further protected by a gigantic magical barrier, forming a dome around it, is a Kingdom where Wizards and Witches live peacefully.

However, the defences of Nervenia does not stop there, that was just the outer part of the Kingdom for its strongest defence was its most powerful attack, namely, its military guild.

Six guilds, all different yet similar in one way, were all created to protect the Kingdom from both inside and outside attacks. Being a Kingdom of knowledge and wealth, many coveted it though in vain. Nervenia was not a Kingdom that would go down easily. Many had tried and even the most powerful Empire of the continent, the neighbours of Nervenia, Crimson Valleis, and the Vampire Empire, fought against them for a whole century without success and in the end, their war turned into a peaceful alliance.

The main reason for Nervenias strength was most probably due to its military guilds filled with the most powerful witches and wizards of the Kingdom. They were recognised throughout the continent as being ruthless opponents, thus making Nervenia, a very secure place.

But Nervenia had not always been such a powerful Kingdom. In the past that many had forgotten, Nervenia was barely hanging in there. That was until one man changed everything and turned his Kingdom into the magnificent stronghold that it was now.

His name was Clovis Von Stein and throughout the years, he forever stayed in the heart and minds of people for being the most powerful and intelligent Prime Wizard of Nervenia. Having fought against so many enemies together with his Guild Captains and his Magic Protectors, he became a true legend who was present

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