Cians POV:

”I think Ill return home, ” said Matt as he stretched himself after having sparred with me.

”Ill practice some more, thank you for today, ” I replied, as inhaled deeply.

”No problem, I needed to practice with my sword too. Anyways, make sure to not stay out too late, what if you catch a cold or damage your body? ” he said.

”Ill be careful, don worry, ” I replied with a bright smile.

He patted my head and then walked away. I took a deep slow breath then focused my Ki onto my Arcana and proceeded to attack.

”Water Attribute: First Art Technique Aqua Severing! ”

My speed increased as I cut down all the trees around me. It was a clean cut, made with extreme precision and strength and yet, I was not satisfied. That was because it was the only attack I could do. I wished I could break past my first art technique but it was not that easy

In front of me stood an unbreachable wall and no matter what I did, it was not enough to break out down.

I suddenly felt a presence, I turned and saw Solar who stood there, frozen on the ground.

”So..sorry. I did not mean to disturb your training. I just happen to pass by here, ” she said.

”Its fine… you did not disturb me. But…its rather late, what are you doing out here… if its not too much to ask…? ” I replied.

”I wanted to cultivate my mana outside, and feel the mana of other beings, ” she said.

”I see, ” I replied.

She too was training diligently, as expected of a Nervenian. So I could not stop either. After all, the Emperor himself told me to go get some experience in Nervenia and determine which was the best choice for me. Even now, I still did not know what I wanted to do or how strong I wanted to be. All I was doing right now was perfecting my swordsmanship since I started to like doing it.

”Say… Cian…. Do I make you uncomfortable? ” asked Solar in a small voice.

”Huh? No!! Not at all!… Its… its just that Im shy… in front of new people, ” I replied.

”Is that so? Im relieved then. I don want to make anyone uncomfortable because of me. I just appeared out of nowhere and so… I thought I might be bothering some of you, ” she said.

”Not at all. You are not a bother… in fact, I think its great that we get to train together. That way well all learn from each other, ” I replied.

”Well Im not as extraordinary as you or the others but if theres anything I can help with, Ill do my best, ” she said.

The way she talked reminded me of myself. She was polite and did not overestimate herself or even had high esteem for herself. I guessed her family was very harsh to her. Well thinking back on it… her sister did try to kill her. So I guessed I felt a kind of kinship towards her. However, she did have more courage than me. She decided to grow stronger and cut ties with her family to start a new life of her own. Not everyone can turn on a new leaf like that.

”Im not that great either… but Ill do my best to help as well, ” I said.

”Huh?… But you just did this super cool attack…., ” she replied as she looked around.

”Well… its the only attack I can do. I don know how to do any other attacks… so Im not that awesome…, ” I said.

”Cian… do you not have confidence? ” she asked.

Confidence, huh? Well… I did have some but well I always suppressed it since my father never once approved of my strengths… In the end, the only thing that mattered was the bloodline ability and the vampire strength. Nor my intelligence, nor my swordsmanship… So I did lose confidence in myself.

”I guess… you are right…., ” I replied, smiling awkwardly.

Suddenly, my cold hands warmed up as she grabbed them in hers and stared deep into my eyes, making me shy again.

”Your Ki is awesome and so is your swordsmanship! I might not be incredible but I can tell you this much. You are amazing Cian. We are the same age and yet you already mastered the art of the sword and you have such control over your strength. Sure you might not be physically there yet, but I have no doubt that you are someone who will become great, ” she said.

”Thats… How can you believe in someone you just met? I might be a weakling… ” I replied.

”Thats because I just started to believe in myself. I… wished to disappear from this world, thinking that I was a curse to my family and was utterly useless. But then, someone saved me. Even though I was a stranger and then Lumière woke me up from the nightmares I was trapped into. And he told me that the only one who could kill my demons was myself.

That is why, if I don believe in myself, I won be able to change anything. It took me a whole fifteen years to understand that. I was such an idiot… but now I know what I have to do. If I want to be happy, I should be the one to make it happen.

Thats why… seeing how outstanding you are, I can help but encourage you. You already have all the instruments to lead you to your path so I believe in you and your abilities, ” she said.

”But… I don even know what path I should take…, ” I replied.

”If thats the case then how about choosing the path that makes you the happiest? Thats how I chose mine. I want to be able to enjoy my life and be proud of being alive. Thats why I need to become stronger so that I won have to be restricted by those who stopped me from reaching that happiness. Wouldn it be great if we could all live the life that we want? ” she asked with a smile.

It was warm… both her hands and that smile… even her words. I felt like I was melting.

”… What if that path was against some people… and the principles I was born with? ” I asked.

”That…Well… I can encourage you to go against other people… But I think that…. your happiness should matter the most or else you would not be able to truly live your life. Sure one cannot live a life of pure happiness but isn it better than living without it?

As for your principles… I know how important rules are to vampires but… Since you are in Nervenia… doesn it mean that you are free from bearing these principles? ” she replied.

I stared at her, she was right….. All those talks about strength and family honour did not matter here. I was supposed to be smart but here I was thinking like an idiot. Was that why he sent me here? To help me get these burdens off me? I should send him a letter. Thanks to Solar, I had a clearer mind and now I could truly seek what I desired.

”Thank you Solar, ” I said brightly as I hugged her without thinking.

”Ah! Sorry! ” I exclaimed, realising my improper actions.

”Its fine. In Nervenia, hugging is often done among friends, ” she replied.

”Friends… then are we friends? ” I asked.

”Of course! I would like to be friends with you, ” she said.

”Me too, ” I replied.

”Thats great! Then… if you don mind… could you help me with my meditation? I can seem to maintain my focus…, ” she said.

”I had that problem when I first started. Don worry its normal. Matt taught me a good way to concentrate, Ill teach you, ” I replied.

”Thank you, Cian, ” she said brightly.

I smiled back. When she first came, she did not smile at all, but I guessed that she was slowly feeling better though it would be nice to see her smile happily.

”Lets meditate inside though, we might catch a cold here, ” I said.

She nodded then we headed inside. We went into her room where she sat on a cushion on the floor.

”The trick that Matt taught me, was to focus my attention on my core and to then empty my head of other thoughts. Just focusing on the core would make it easier to manipulate the energy as all your concentration would go to the centre of that energy, ” I explained.

”I see, Ill try it out then, ” she said.

”Also don force yourself to maintain your concentration. Take it slowly. If you force yourself, it might affect your energy and result in your own body getting harmed from inside, ” I added.

She nodded then took a deep breath as she closed her eyes and started meditating. At first, she was struggling a little but then she got it and was deep in concentration. I meditated next to her and we cultivated our energy until she fell asleep.

”It was indeed a good decision to put you two together. You are both helping each other one way or another, ” said Lumière.

So that was the idea behind us being trained together.

”You are a Desmond but you don seem to possess their bloodline ability compared to your twin brother. However, its not a reason to feel depressed. Bloodline ability or not, you are still one of the best swordsmen I have met in my entire life as a spirit. So cheer up, and don fret about it. By the end of your training, youll be able to have another Art Technique, I can promise you this much, ” he added before pattering my head.

I nodded, ”thank you, ” I replied.

I then went into my room and grabbed some paper, I should update my benefactor about my stay in Nervenia.

”Dear Majesty, glory upon the sun of our magnificent Empire. I hope you are doing well. As mentioned in my last letter, we got someone to train us in Nervenia. And despite being a spiritual creature, he is very competent, perhaps even more than the instructors of the Royal Academy.

Moreover, I got a new friend as well. She is very kind and determined, but most importantly, she made me realise the reason why you sent me here. Therefore I send you my thanks. I don feel burdened by the luggage I carried in Crimson Valleis and I now feel freer. I think that Im slowly getting an idea of what I want. And once I find it, I shall in the form you.

With that said, I wish for your well-being and the prosperity of our Empire. Yours faithfully, Cian.D. ”

I sent the letter via a magical scroll and then went to bed. Slowly but surely, I would be able to find my path.

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