him in awe. Wyatt was a flirt but… Lili was not someone to try something with her.

”Oh my, I see there was someone dangerous living with my Solar. You **ing predator! ” groaned Lili as her grimoire shone brightly.

”Plant Magic: Tonic Punch! ”

Dozens of vines came out of a magic circle and then shaped themselves into a fist before hitting Wyatt, sending him crashing to the roof of the house.

”I hope for the others that they aren as perverted as him, ” she said as she glared at the others.

”We aren maam! ” they all replied.

”Listen carefully, Solar is the most precious being of this world. Just look at her innocent face, her round starry eyes and the kind aura around her. She is adorable and therefore such an adorable being needs to be treated with extreme care and far away from sketchy people like that pervert. My best friend chose to be with you, and therefore she trusts you. I will always follow her decisions but you will need to do your best. Especially if Wanda were to appear. If she ever tries something on Solar you have permission to destroy her. That woman is a bitch and a horrible vixen, but most importantly she is dangerous, got it? ” she said.

They all nodded. Lili liked to boss people around just like her grandfather… and she also had a very deep love for me and cared for me as if I was her child, that was why she was so overprotective.

After having done a tour of the house she concluded that it was a safe place.

”Well then I shall leave my precious Solar with you, ” she said as she looked at the vampires.

I then hugged her again, ”take care of yourself and be careful, ” I said.

”You too. Since we won be able to contact each other for a while, I better become more productive. The next time we meet, Ill be stronger, so you have to come back, ” she replied.

I nodded. Then as Lumière was getting to take her back. She hugged me tightly again.

”I just had to make sure this was not a dream, ” she said as small tears rolled down her cheeks.

I hugged her again then she returned. I was glad to have seen her again. Now my resolve was even stronger.

”You have a great friend, ” said Matt.

”Yeah, I truly do and I regret only seeing this now. I was quite selfish for thinking that there was no point in staying alive. Lili is someone important to me and she thinks the same way about me so I can think like that ever again, ” I replied brightly.

That was why I had to train harder so that I would be strong enough to protect what we
e important to me and not go into the depth of darkness ever again.

Two more weeks passed by and now I was ready to start magic training.

”First of all, you will only focus on one magic for now. Since you have three powerful magic attributes, you can do all three at once or your body will suffer. I advise you to choose only between Ice and Fire. For your Light Magic, youll learn one spell. Its important for you to at least have one Light Magic Spell that you have good control over. We never know when youll have to use Light Magic after all, ” said Lumière.

”I see… then Ill go with Ice Magic, ” I replied.

”I thought you would use fire since there are two fire uses here, ” said Lumière.

”Well, I don think Im ready for Fire Magic. Its very strong and I doubt I will be able to use it properly and I think that Ice Magic would be easier to control, ” I said.

”Thats true, fire is quite hard and it requires a lot of self-control. Well then, well settle with Ice Magic.

So a quick recap on magic. To do magic, you use mana, supernatural energy that is present everywhere and that helps in the cycle of life. However, you cannot use mana in its pure state, thats why you have spells. They are magical formulae used to convert pure mana into a more solid or realistic state.

There are also different ways to formulate those spells. The first and most common one is to say it out loud. Its a way to give the spell more weight. Then you have the chants but chants are mostly used for complicated spells to perform rituals. Another method would be the manual method where you draw the magic circle yourself and pour your mana into it. But that method is mostly used by Alchemists. However, this method can also be applied in books or talismans to keep small magic circles with you in case of emergency.

Theres also the use of magical weapons. Ancient relics can be used to cast spells but it all depends on how much mana it contains and if its compatible with you. Moreover, weapons are usually used to support your magic instead of using it as another entity. In other words, the weapon becomes a part of you.

Lastly, you have the
o-word method. To put it simply, you cast the spells with your thoughts alone. Nevertheless, I highly oppose you using that method and the reason is that its very difficult to use. Its an advanced method that only Masters can use but even them prefer to use the simple methods since it demands a high level of concentration and experience so just forget about that method, ” he said.

”Understood, ” I replied.

”For now, youll be using the simplest method, and practice small spells. I want to make sure that you have a proper base in spell casting. Its not just about throwing an attack at someone, you have to picture it, enhance it and pour your controlled mana into it. Also, know that even if mana is present in everyone and many Nervenians have the same magic attributes, it does not mean that the shape of their magic is the same. Everyone has their unique form of magic so make sure to find your magic, ” he said.

I nodded and then got started. Finally, I could use my grimoire. Things were going to get more interesting from now on.

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