in all the history books of Nervenia.

Indeed, none could forget the glorious achievements of Clovis Von Stein and everyone did their best to preserve the peace that he worked so hard to establish in Nervenia. The hundred-year war ended because he and many despicable beings of darkness were brought down by him. A national hero was one of his many virtuous titles.

And thanks to him, many decided to choose the path of Magic Protector to continue the work that he had left behind. The peace and harmony of Nervenia shall never break.

Nevertheless, as we spoke, darkness was sipping through the small fissures of the protective wall surrounding Nervenia. Indeed, it was just a matter of time before it crumbled down. After all, nothing remained forever. Everything had its time limit and it was no different to the peace that had taken root in the Kingdom.

Darkness, the weapon of evil was spreading throughout the Kingdom in total secrecy and little by little it mend its ways through the heart of the most vulnerable people. Those who found the same at rock bottom and who had lost all hopes of a better future.

This was a sign that a battle of good against evil was about to begin again. Chaos would surely follow and Nervenia was on the brink of being destroyed.

However, there was no need to worry, for wherever darkness appeared, the light would surely rise. This tale is about how, a girl devoured by the darkness around her awoken her light and together with her friends, decimated that darkness.

If I were to describe her, I would say that she was a light that bloomed in darkness, a once-in-a-lifetime miracle that gave rise to other miracles. Now then, wouldn it be interesting to see what her story ensues? ”

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