Tales of Nervenia; The Light that bloomed in darkness

Chapter 4: The Cat and the darkness inside

Asriels POV:

”You better have a good explanation, ” said Dillon as he glared at me coldly as if I was some pervert.

”Captain, when you said you felt something and disappeared in a flash, we thought you scouted an enemy… Not that you were kidnapping a child… on top of that its a girl, ” added Gloria.

I sighed heavily, ”it hurts me to see that you guys think I would do such a thing as kidnapping a young lady at night. After all this time we spent together, I thought you guys knew me better than myself, ” I said.

”Well, its true that you have your noble principles. But since you are such a womaniser, its hard to fully trust you. Anyways, we have to go give our report. Lets hurry up and hand this girl to the police station, theyll know what to do with her, ” replied Gloria.

”Nope, we can do that, ” I said.

They both looked at me, ”so you did do something illegal. Explain, right now or get punched and you better be quick I want to go water my night plants, ” replied Dillon as he glared at me while cracking his fingers.

”Calm down! I did not do anything! I believe you guys saw traces of blood on the way here, right? This forest is near the estate of the Van Croft Family. I believe it even belongs to them. Now take a look at that girl, ” I said.

They both scrutinised the poor little girl that was in my arms then looked back at me.

”I do have a few scenarios that are playing in my mind and none of them sounds good. They are one of the most prestigious families of Nervenia and lead by the great Primarosia Van Croft. How could there have been such an atrocious act? ” said Gloria.

”Noble families are not always as amazing as one could think especially when you are born with such a weak body. Judging by her appearance, she must be the youngest. I heard a lot about her and I know that her parents won do anything to help her. They already considered her dead. That girl was bound to die but even knowing this much, someone tried to kill her. She was lost in darkness, despite being a Child of Light and for that, I cannot forgive the one who put her in there. Returning her to her residence is out of the question, shell die if she stays there and no children deserve such a life, ” I said.

”Well, Im not one to judge noble families since mine was quite unorthodox as well. Anyways, as Protectors of this Kingdom, we can let a girl die like that. Gloria and I will go give our report. I believe you already have a plan of your own so lets just proceed with it, ” replied Dillon.

Gloria nodded in agreement.

I smiled, my Lieutenants were always so reliable, ”Before you go, erase any traces of us and make it as if some beasts killed her. They would declare her dead even if we did not fabricate any evidence but its best to erase her existence for now. That girl has a lot more than just this miserable life as her fate and I shall help her have better choices in front of her.

I cannot intervene further in her life. Its her choice to make whether she wants to give another shot to her fate or not. But I can still show her other alternatives. Ill take her to a safe place. Lets meet back at the guild and of course, we can tell anyone about it, ” I said.

They both nodded then I climbed on my broom and used my Light Magic attribute to reach the forest of Turwin. Deep inside the forest, was a big house where resided five trustworthy teens who would look after the girl. I landed in front of the house and knocked at the door.

”Oh god! Good evening Sir! ” exclaimed the young Matthew.

”Matt, I might need some help, ” I said.

”Eh? Ah sure please come in, ” he replied politely and let me in.

He then brought a blanket for the little Van Croft.

”She is the youngest of the Van Croft Family and someone tried to kill her. I saved her from death but if they find out that she is alive things will be hard for her. She is very sick so take good care of her and don let anyone know about her being here. The cat will come to see her later on. In the meantime just make sure she does not die of coldness. Im sorry to leave her in your care but, I can keep her in my guild since its a complicated conflict. So please look after her for me. You are the only one I can entrust her with, ” I said.

”I understand. Don worry she is safe with us, ” he replied then his friends appeared.

”Ill be counting on you all then. Also, do you happen to have some paper and envelopes? ” I asked.

He nodded then handed some to me before taking the little Van Croft to a room. I wrote a letter and left it with the little blue-headed boy.

”Little Cian gives her this when she wakes up for me please, ” I said as I handed it to him.

”Yes sir! ” he replied.

I smiled and then went away. Now then… it was time to go see that old cat. I flew through the forest until I reached the Mana Tree. It was surrounded by lots of spiritual creatures all more fantastic than the others.

”Greetings Child of Light, ” they all said.

”Its rare to see you in here. What do you want brat? ” asked a voice.

Then, the Mana Tree glowed brightly and out came a giant black cat.

”Its time for you to get a Master, Black, ”I said.

”Ho, are you he to claim me then? ” he asked.

”I doubt we would make a good match, unfortunately. However, theres someone that you might like. She is currently with the vampires. I don know if it will work out between the two of you but she is a Child of Light who needs guidance right now so at least go take lat ook her, ” I said.

”Does she have potential? ” he asked.

”She does, ” I replied, gazing straight into his eyes.

”I do not need a Master. But since Im already offering my generous help to these kids, I guess helping one more won hurt, ” he said.

”I doubt youll regret it. Well, then I should head out, ” I replied.

”Ace, be careful. I sensed a wave of darkness recently. They are rising once again. I know that you must have felt it too but still, I don want to see the kid that brat raised, die recklessly, ” he said.

I chuckled, ”don worry Black, I won go down that easily. Be careful too though. I have a feeling this time it will be even more difficult, ” I replied then flew away.

I hoped this would be enough to help the little Van Croft. Now everything lay in her hands. Hopefully, our paths would cross again.

Solars POV:

I cowered in fear as the creatures of darkness trapped me once again while laughing at my misfortunes.

”She is hatred by her sister! Haha, what kind of disgusting being must she be for her blood to want to kill her! ”

”Shameful wench! No wonder his parents abandoned her! ”

”Accursed child! You should be burned on a pole for having been born useless! ”

”Die! You should just die! ”

”The child of light should just die! ”

”Die! Die! Die! Die! Die! ”

”Begone! ”

Suddenly a light appeared and all the monsters were annihilated. I slowly lifted my head only to hear the soft voice of a saint before waking up from the dream.

I stared blankly at the ceiling, empty of all feelings. Where was I? How did I end up there? Was I dead? Numerous questions popped up in my head but then disappeared as I faced reality. It did not matter, nothing mattered anymore because I did not have any reasons to be alive. I was going to die no matter what.

I got up slowly as I heard footsteps approaching. My heart pondered in my chest, in fear it was Wanda. I at least wanted to die by my own hands. I got out of bed in a hurry and fell, my legs too weak to support me. At that very moment, I heard people rushing inside. I quickly rolled under the bed and hid there while the shadows of five people appeared.

”Where did she go? ” asked a soft voice.

”Here, ” said a voice beside me.

I was face to face with a girl with long straight black hair and brown eyes. I screamed in fear as I rolled to the other side and sat in the corner of the room, trembling in fright.

”Look at what you did, Kei! You scared her to death! What if she had a heart attack? ” asked a boy.

”My bad… I did not mean to scare her, ” replied the girl.

”What should we do? Shes trembling, ” said a boy with a soft voice who seemed to be panicking.

”Should we knock her down? She should rest instead of being scared like that, ” said another boy.

”We can hit a lady, Code! ” exclaimed one of the boys.

Suddenly, a warm blanket fell on me gently and covered my body fully then as I lifted my head slowly, I was face to face with a handsome boy with light brown hair and beautiful green eyes.

”The floor must be cold, right? It was snowing all night so you must probably be freezing. Lets get you warm up. We aren very skilled in witches art of tea making but Cian makes very good medicinal tissues. Or perhaps youd like a hot chocolate with some marshmallows? I baked some cookies today as well. I think it will be the perfect combo to make you warmer. Also, don worry, we are not monsters or killers. The person that saved you asked us to shelter you and take care of you so you don have to be afraid. By the way, my names Matthew but feel free to call me Matt, what about you? ” he asked as hefted me up in his arms.

I stared at him in awe. He was not only good-looking but had such a kind aura around him. He put me back on the bed and made sure that I was sitting comfortably. I then got to see all of the people in the room.

There was the girl of earlier, a boy with short light blue hair and another one with short spiky red hair who looked just like the blue-headed boy. Then there was a tall boy with slick short wavy red hair and the brown-headed boy.

”The tall boy you see here is Wyatt. He is a big flirt but has a good heart. Next to him are his twin cousins, Code and Cian. Then you have my cousin Keira. We are all vampires of the Capital of Crimson Valleis and we are currently residing in a mansion in the forest of Turwin. And we are your hosts. Feel free to ask us for anything, ” he said.

I stared at them. It was my first time meeting vampires. They did come often to Nervenia but I never got the chance to talk to them. Moreover, I did not think that some lived in the Kingdom. Also… who was it that saved me and put me here? How did they know that I could not return to my house?

”Oh… hmm… here… that person said to give you this when… you wake up, ” said Cian.

He timidly handed me a letter.

”Well then, Ill go fetch you something warm to drink, relax, ” said Matt.

I nodded as they all went away. They did look kind, however, I could not burden them with my presence. I was someone who was about to die, how could I impose myself on them?

I took the letter then read it.

”Dear little Van Croft, Im sure that you must be confused at this moment. Well, to be honest, I was confused as to why a Van Croft was drowning in a well, her body covered in deep wounds and with her eyes filled with darkness despite having cast a Light Magic spell.

This situation truly put me at a loss for words. However, after taking a few minutes to analyse the situation, my experience as a Magic Protector and my reasonings led me to a conclusion that lead me to put you in a secure place far from your family which seems to be the problem.

The people residing in that mansion are all magic Protectors candidates therefore they are the best persons to look after you. I did not inquire more about the matters that led to your drastic accident since I believed you would not want people to mingle in your personal affairs. However, I did have a purpose in taking you to that forest.

There, is a being far greater than myself that could help you with your current situations. He will certainly be able to guide you to the best solution for you. With that in mind, I hope that youll be able to find a path that suits you and bring back the light and life in your eyes.

Yours faithfully, Asriel Éclair. ”

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