Tales of Nervenia; The Light that bloomed in darkness

Chapter 4: The Cat and the darkness inside

so many books, maps and drawings.

”What is this place? ” I asked.

”Thats one of Clovis Von Steins secret research bases. He liked to research magic and this one was specifically for Light Magic. He was a Light Magic user himself so he was curious about all the components of this Magic as well as the fate of Children of Lights. Now then, take a seat and listen carefully, ” he said.

To think that the great Clovis Von Stein did such a thing. He was an incredible person. I guessed I should at least listen to the Guardian since he brought me to such a holy sanctuary. Though I doubted it would change anything to my fate.

”Listen, as I said earlier your fate was decided even before your birth and thats because it was the Gods that sent you here. Children of Light are the substitutes of Gods in this world, to vanquish evil. In other words, you are a living weapon that was chosen to fight against evil and that is why you were gifted with Light Magic which is the purest magic ever and the one best fit to beat evil, ” he said.

A living weapon… chosen by the Gods? How could that be… My fate had always been to die…

”Once again, you are wrong. You possess Light Magic, which makes you a Child of Light and thats a fact. As for that fate of yours, it was not supposed to be like that. I do not know who poured so much darkness inside you but your job is to fight against that same darkness and eradicate it. You were born to protect and save people from evil, thats your main purpose in life and that is why you were given such powers. You are a chosen one and blessed by the Gods. You are their instrument to bring peace and be a symbol of hope to the people. Do you now understand the responsibility that you bear? ” he said.

”I do understand… However… it does not change the fact that I am currently dying. So even if Im a Child of Light… Im going to be dead quite soon, ” I replied.

”No… Your problem does not lie here. Even after hearing this much, you were not thrilled by the idea of being a saviour… You want to die, ” he said.

I sighed heavily, ”I don think I could contribute anything to the world even if I did my duties as a Child of Light. Im sorry, but its best for me to just disappear as everyone wants. Even my genius of a sister deemed my existence to be a nuisance, ” I replied.

”You…. *sigh* …. If thats what you want then Ill help you with that. Its not difficult. You just have to remove the seal inside you and your powers will consume you together with the darkness inside you. Since you are so eager to suffer, lets do it, ” he said.

”Huh? Youll help me? Why? ” I asked.

”You are a Child Of Light, spirits are under your command. If you wish for death then I should give it to you. However, it will hurt a lot, are you okay with that? ” he replied.

”I want to die by my power so even if it hurts, Ill do it, ” I said.

”Alright then lets get out of the hut, ” he replied.

He then took possession of my body again and brought me deeper into the forest. It was extremely dark in there and before I realised it, I was trapped in complete darkness again. Then, he appeared in front of me with a ghostly white light, revealing his gigantic and monstrous cat form.

”We are currently inside your soul. This is how dark it is and here are the ones who do not want to leave your side, ” he said as a small light lit up, revealing a table filled with dark creatures, each more horrible than the other.

They were all well seated, eating the remaining light that remained in my soul. I stared at them with blank eyes. It was a usual sight that I witnessed in my dream… but to think that this was reality. I took a deep breath. All I had to do was to wait for them to finish their meal and I would be dead. I took a seat as they sneered down at me.

Each time they took a bite of the light, vicious words and memories would haunt my mind as the pain overwhelmed me. I screamed as my head ached more and more. It felt so heavy that I wanted to fall unconscious and yet, the pain kept me from fainting.

”Die! Die! Die! Die! ”

They all shouted as they tapped the table violently with their cutlery. I got up, feeling strange then knocked against the table, making it fall. They were enjoying the torment they were inflicting on me.

I breathed heavily while the bright yellow eyes of the cat looked down on me. I bet I looked miserable to him. But well, when was I not pitiable? To be honest, even if I gave my whole in studying most people did not recognise my effort and just did not give me any worth. My whole life was just me being helpless and pathetic.

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