”Die! Die! Die! Die! ”

They shouted as they all jumped on me. I screamed as they all started biting me. It hurt, it hurt so much. Why was it so painful? Why was it not ending already?!

”Did you think that it would be a quick death? Don be delusional kid, thats only the start. First, they will eat all of your hope and plunge you into eternal darkness. Then, they will slowly eat you up piece by piece, tearing you apart until nothing remains of you. And you won even be able to gain salvation. Thats the painful death awaiting those who could not fight back their demons, ” said the cat.

So even in my last moments… I was not allowed to have a quick and silent death? That was just evil.

The cat let out a dry scoff as he sneered at me, ”you really know nothing do you? Why should your death be so nice, huh? What are you, a saint? For someone who ran into the darkness, I think this death suits you best, ” he said.

I glared at him as my eyes stung from my overflowing tears, ”you… you don know anything about me… So why are you saying all these mean things, ” I cried.

”You are wrong, I know a lot about you. Born with a weak body, you were immediately labelled as an abnormality. And even after working hard, your family turned a blind eye to you, confining you in a mansion and letting you die without lifting a finger to try and save you. Wow, your life sure is lamentable, ” he said.

”If you know this much… then you know that this death is not fair at all… I never wanted to be drowned in darkness… Its so scary that I can even do anything against it. And yet… its always there, always waiting for me in a corner of my mind. So what do you want me to do? I tried it all. My friends supported me so I continued my studies and became good at them. My grandma gave me rare books because I liked them so I decided to make her proud of me. But still… despite doing my utmost best, despite fighting against my fate. Every time, I just went back to square one. Im tired of it now! I… I just want to end it all, ” I cried.

”Huh? So thats why you are trying to die? I see. Well isn that just ridiculous? ” he said.

”What do you mean, ridiculous?! ” I cried, getting angry at his harsh words.

”So what if you went back to square one again and again? Failure is not a point of ending, its just a new beginning. If you fail a hundred times, then you just have to get up a hundred and one times. You have the brain, the means and yet you say that you are tired of it? How long have you lived kid? Only fifteen years, thats all. How can you already be exhausted when you haven even lived half of your lifetime yet? Don make me laugh brat! You of all people, don have any right to say that you are tired. Say that only when you have failed for a century then Ill believe that you are tired. So don go spewing such nonsense ever again, ” he said.

Nonsense? What I said was non… Nonsense?

”Then… Then what do you think I should do? My parents outcasted me, my sisters ignore me and the last one tried to kill me. And to top it off, my powers will kill me. How am I supposed to go on? How can I stand up and fight again? Answer me if you are so damn wise! ” I exclaimed.

”Are you asking me for the answer right now? Isn it already obvious? From the first time we met, I already told you. Listen, you are a Child Of Light and as long as the light inside you continue to shine, your fate shall be in your hands. You asked how you can stand up and fight back, then how about you take a look around you or perhaps should I say inside you? Aren you a smart kid? Figure it out. But you better hurry up, looks like the darkness is winning over you, ” he said as he started to disappoint in black smoke.

It was dark everywhere. I started panicking, I did not want to stay in darkness. I did not want to be eaten by it.

”Think kid, the answer is closer than you think, ” he said.

I closed my eyes, taking a deep breath as I covered my ears to not hear the noises made by the creatures of darkness.

How could I climb up the pit I had fallen into?

How could I survive this?

What was the solution?

Where was the way out of this nightmare?

”You have the key to it all, ” he said as his voice faded.

”No, wait! Come back! ” I cried.

I did not want to be alone in the dark. As I drowned myself in my tears, a small light of hope that had fallen from the table earlier floated towards me. It was the only source of Light in this darkness and it was somehow warm.

Light huh? It was the only thing that could fight against darkness…

I froze for a minute as I stared at it, deep in thought. Light… he said that I was a Child of Light and that I was supposed to save people. Then… was it perhaps possible to save me as well? If that was true then how did it work? My body was weak and using Light Magic would kill me. Then what should I do with that? How could Light Magic save me? Or at least it could take some of my mana so that I would not be burdened…

A spark ignited in my mind. I had found it, the solution.

”Light Magic: Light Awakening! ”

My whole body emitted light energy and then the cat appeared once again as I crumbled down due to the pain.

”It seems that you have found the solution, ” he said as he came closer to me.

”I… Im not strong like Wanda…. so I can make my parents see my worth. But its not like I have to either… I just want to survive and lead a happy life. But the current me can do that. Its just how pitiful I am. However… just like you said even if I fail, I should still fight back. So Ill use the powers given to me with your help. Sir Guardian, please become my familiar and take my mana to save my life! ” I said before coughing out blood.

”Now thats an interesting turn of events but what will I gain in return? What could you possibly offer me, little brat? ” he asked.

”That… Ill give you the best thing that a cat like you can obtain, ” I said.

”And what would that be? ” he asked.

”Ill become the greatest Champion in history and youll get the chance to be the master of that Champion and take all the glory! ” I exclaimed.

He stared at me deep in the eyes then laughed to his hearts content.

”The greatest Champion in history. So you are going to dethrone Clovis Von Stein and Asriel Éclair? ” he replied.

”Yes sir! Even if I have to bleed and go through harsh training, Ill do it because I believe that with my powers and your help, I can do it, ” I said.

”Is that so? Where was the kid who was tired of it all? ” he asked.

”I… I don want a death like that… more importantly, if theres a chance for me to be happy, then Ill grab it with all the energy that remains in that run-down body of mine, ” I said.

”Hmmm… I like it. Once I make you the greatest Champion of all time, Ill be admired and glorified by all those Nervenians. Alright, lets do it. Ill help you kid. Ill make sure to exploit all your potential, ” he replied.

I sighed in relief, I finally had a chance to change my date.

”But remember this kid, it won be easy. The road you chose is long and tedious. You can complain about it later on, ” he said.

”Yes sir! ” I replied.

”Now then lets get it started. I need your blood, ” he said then with his pointy claws, he cut my wrist and licked my blood.

”As of today, you shall be my Master and I, your familiar. Give me a name, ” he said.

”Your name shall be Lumière. You are the light that will guide me to a better future, ” I said.

He smiled as a chain tied the two of us together.

”Your wishes are my command, I will serve you till death do us apart, ” he said.

”Thank you…, ” I whispered before slowly losing consciousness.

”Don worry and leave it to me. Ill make you the strongest Champion of Nervenia, ” he said.

”That would be awesome, ” I replied as I let out a long sigh.

My body needed some rest. I closed my eyes and slept for a while. It had been a very long series of events. Nevertheless, I could finally see some hope in that dark fate of mine. This time, I would live as I want to.

I slept for a very long time and when I woke up, I realised I was in a magi-train. I looked around, extremely confused by this situation.

”Lumière, ” I said.

”Don worry, I possessed you and took you here. You are currently invisible to the other people thanks to my spirit aura, ” he replied.

”I see. Where are we going? ” I asked.

”To your grave, you need to go pay your respect to your past self, ” he said.

I guessed I should at least see it once. Since I was not dead, they did not have a body to Bury so why did they even hold a death ceremony? It was unnecessary…

”They had to make a show to bury the truth. They are from high nobility after all so they could not half-ass your death, ” he said.

Soon, we reached the Capital. It was as huge and surreal as always. The extravagantly tall buildings and the usual busy crowds could be seen everywhere. Nothing much had changed ever since Wanda tried to kill me. If only they knew that the prodigy that they were all praising was a girl who did not hesitate to kill her little sister.

I took a deep breath as we flew on the flying broom till we landed at the cemetery. I took some flowers from the nearby garden and looked for my grave. It was surprisingly filled with flowers and candles. One of the bouquets was flamboyant in colour. That was probably from my grandmother. The others were all my favourite flowers and the candles were of my favourite scent. They were surely from Lili and her family. That just showed who knew me best in this Kingdom and who cared about me.

As I put the flowers on my tomb, I somehow found it funny and sad at the same time. Rest in peace dear old me. I decided to become stronger so you did not have to worry about me anymore.

Suddenly, I felt a strange feeling overwhelming me. Then, a light glowed brightly. I turned and saw a tall man with slick black hair and grey eyes. We stared at each other for a few seconds then I realised that he could see me.

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