”Lumière, what happened? ” I asked.

”Its the necklace in his hand. It has a special connection with Children of Light, ” he replied.

I then noticed the necklace in his hand was shining brightly and from it came some mana. Was this a magical item?

As I was about to ask, my stomach rumbled loudly. I had not eaten for a long time so I was very hungry. My face became red with embarrassment.

”I was just about to go eat something, would you like to accompany me? ” he asked.

”Eh? I… Hmm… is it okay? ” I asked back.

”Of course, one should help those in need, ” he replied.

I then followed him to a nearby restaurant where he ordered lots of food for the both of us.

”Hmmm… May I know your name? I would like to repay you later on, ” I said.

”My name is Maxim. Also, you don have to pay me. Its fine to receive kindness from people from time to time, ” he replied.

”But I…. can just accept it like that… Moreover, we are strangers…, ” I said.

”Well, to be honest, I usually don approach people like this either. But the necklace reacted to you and so I thought I should help you out, ” he replied.

”The necklace? Ah… did it perhaps belong to a Child of Light? ” I asked.

”Yes, it did… Then you must surely be one yourself, ” he replied.

I nodded, ”I am… though Im still far from being a good one, ” I said.

”Im sure youll become an outstanding Child of Light one day, ” he replied.

”Ill try my best. By the way, my names Solar, ” I said.

”Nice to meet you, ” he replied with a warm smile.

He spoke politely and had a warm aura around him whenever he smiled. He also has a charming face but that was perhaps because he was a vampire. Speaking of which, I encountered many vampires in just one day, which was quite an achievement.

While eating, we talked about the necklace. It belonged to someone very close to him. She, unfortunately, died in a fire accident and was repatriated back to Nervenia. Her necklace had stayed with him and today he finally got the courage to visit her grave. However, he could not return the necklace to her so he was wondering what he should do with it when it showed brightly while passing next to me.

”And so… Solar… if possible could you take the necklace? ” he asked.

”Huh? Me? ” I asked surprised.

”You remind me a lot of the person who had it and since the necklace reacted so strongly to you, I believe it should go to you. Who knows it might give you luck, ” he said.

”But its something important to you, ” I replied.

”It is about time I move on. There were a lot of things going on and so I found myself always looking for comfort from the necklace whenever I was having a hard time. However, after all these years of hard work. I feel like I can finally stand on my two feet on my own. So I need to let go of her presence now, ” he said.

”But still… is it really alright…. for me to take it? ” I asked.

”Im sure she would have liked it to be that way as well. She looked up to the other Children of Light and shouldered her responsibilities as one of them with great passion. So she would have wanted to support another Child of Light. Moreover, I feel like I can entrust you with it, ” he said as he handed me the necklace.

It glowed brightly as it touched my hand and for a few seconds, it was almost like I could hear a sweet melody. Perhaps it was the lingering feelings of its owner.

”Thank you. I will treasure it forever, ” I said.

”Its me who should thank you. Now, I can return to Crimson Valleis with a peaceful mind. Its almost time for me to meet with an old acquaintance. Here is my business card, if you ever come to the Empire, you can always call for me. Ill come to no matter the place or time, ” he replied.

”You are a kind person, thank you so much, ”I said.

”You are kind too. Im sure youll be a wonderful Child of Light so believe in you too, ” he replied.

I nodded. Then I also went my way. I put the pendant around my neck and then Lumière hid my body again.

”Well then, I believe this is enough for today. Lets head back now, ” he said.

”To the hut? ” I asked.

”Of course not. That hut is for research purposes only. We are going back to the mansion in Turwin, ” he said.

”Huh? Turwin? ” I asked.

”That mansion shall be your place of residence until you join a guild, ” he said.

And with that said, he took me back there. Little did I know that this place would later become important to me.

As we walked through the forest of Turwin, we soon reached the mansion. That was when I realised that the house was huge and right in front of it, the vampires were fighting each other. They were probably training themselves but the fight was intense.

Code, Wyatt and Keira were going all out with martial arts while Matt and Cian were practising their swordsmanship. They suddenly stopped as they noticed me.

Matt rushed over using his vampire speed and then scrutinised me before sighing in relief.

”Im glad to see you are not hurt anywhere. Did it go well with the Guardian? ” he asked.

I nodded slowly. Did he expect me to return all along? So did that mean that they did not mind me staying with them?

”Hmmm… I… I have… a few things to say, ” I said.

”Then we should go back inside. Its chilly and the snow is starting to fall again, ” he replied with a warm smile.

We all went back inside and Matt made hot chocolate and brought the cookies as well. While taking a sip of my hot chocolate, I noticed that everyone was watching me.

”Is…. there something weird on me? ” I asked.

”Not at all, we just wanted to see if you liked it, ” said Matt.

”Huh? I…. do…, ” I replied.

”Thats great then, ” he said.

”Hmmm… I… I should properly introduce myself. My name is Solar Van Croft, fifth daughter of the Van Croft household and I am officially dead in Nervenia, ” I replied.

”Huh? Dead? Eh??!!!!! ” they all exclaimed.

”Hmmm… Well… someone tried to kill me… and made though my family did not find my body… they still declared me dead… I don have anywhere to go for the moment… so hmmm.. if possible… is it okay for me to live here…? I can do the cleaning and cook too… But I don have money…., ” I said.

”You… You must have gone through a lot, ” said Wyatt.

They all looked at me with a sad gaze, ”you don have to do anything, just stay here. We are the only ones who live in this house and we are protected by the Emperor so no one will hurt you here, ” added Matt.

They all nodded in agreement.

”Thank you so much! I promise to repay you once I get back on my feet, ” I said.

”No need to thank us, its a given that we help those in need. Especially when so many things happened to you, ” replied Code.

They were kind people.

”But how…..could your family declare you dead without properly doing the research? ” asked Cian.

”That… I guessed you would not know but… Im known as the accursed child of the Van Croft… It would benefit them if I were… to disappear, ” I said with a sad smile.

”Ah! Im sorry, I did not know, ” replied Cian.

”Its fine… I want to move on from all this anyways. I was granted another opportunity at life so Im going to do my best this time, ” I said.

They all looked at me with bright eyes, ”you are strong, not many can say such things in your situation, ” replied Matt.

”I just had enough of everything. These past few years were quite tiring. I tried my best to please everyone and forgone my own life. But now I want to do things for myself, and follow the path that I want, ” I said.

”Thats the spirit! ” replied Wyatt and Code.

”With that said, this girl is going to be training together with you. She wants to join a guild but as you must have realised she is a wimp. I will need your assistance on that. The guild selection is at the end of January and by then, I will make sure that you all reach a level that I approve of. Also, from now on my name is Lumière, lets get along kids, ” said Lumière.

We all nodded. Then Keira showed me around the house and gave me some of her clothes. I took a bath and went straight to bed. Those were Matts orders. To grow stronger, I needed a healthy body, so I had to get proper rest. And so I slept once again.

In my dream, I followed a path of light and reached a garden. All the faes and fairies floating around called it the Garden of Ulysse. As I followed them around, I saw a tall man with short curly golden hair wearing white and golden clothes and who had the purest and most warm smile ever. His eyes were of beautiful green and he had such a holy aura around him that I thought that he was an angel.

”Welcome to the Garden of Ulysse, Solar Van Croft, ” he said in a soothing voice.

”How… do you know my name? ” I asked.

”Ive been wanting to meet you for a long time. But first, there is something I must do, ” he said then hurriedly walked towards me before hugging me warmly.

He then put a crown of flowers on me while crying, ”it must have been tough for you, ” he said.

This man was truly strange however I knew that he only had pure intentions. It was just based on my gut feelings but I somehow felt like he was not someone I should fear or be wary of. There was this warm and bright aura that came from him that made me feel secure. So I wanted to trust him.

”Well then, shall we have some tea, precious Child of Light? ” he asked.

I nodded and then followed him to a table that appeared out of nowhere. There were tea and a variety of biscuits on it. I sat down opposite him and took a sip of tea. It had a light and sweet fragrance that transported me through various universes. And that was when I remembered Lilis mothers life advice, he tea of someone reflects that persons soul so if the tea tastes good then the person is likely good as well. Therefore, that man was not evil.

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