0. Proposal

For several days, he felt sick to his stomach, so he made an appointment with the omega internal medicine clinic he used to attend. It was a hospital that knew him well. However, the hospital director recommended that he go to Hansako University Hospital. He was terrified to know what the problem was.

What ’s more, the hospital that even made reservations for him was a difficult place to go. The foreshadowing was not good. The moment he met his alpha female doctor, he knew the reason for the move wasn ’t because he was seriously ill, but that someone had intervene.

”Executive Director Min contacted me. He will arrive around the time the inspection is over, so don ’t worry. Go ahead and lie down. ”

During the ultrasound, Junkyung ’s spine became cold. How did he know where he was? Does he have someone followed him? If so, when?

While the ominous imagination continued, the examination was over. The doctor took off the silicone gloves and nagged with the doctor ’s characteristic cynical voice.

”It was around the time when Executive Director Min ran up to the hospital while carrying Jun-Kyung Ho trembling. ”

There was no such thing of that cold man carrying Jun-Kyung and running since due to his cold personality, he is even more fussy.

”The fetus is fine. He looks healthy right now. ” Rather than the doctor ’s nonsensical talk, the word ”fetus ” struck Junkyung hard on the back of the head.

”But this is because Executive Director Min is an alpha out of grade. Did you have any sperm boosters? Jun-Kyung Ho ’s hormone level is close to infertility so having a child truly is a miracle. At this point, this can become the subject of research. ”

Unfamiliar sound did not even reach his ears. I knew it. I half thought it would be like this. But when I was confirmed to be killed, I was dazed. His brain was messed up. A fetus means pregnancy. The time is then? Actually it happened only once, so of course it was at that time.

The doctor monitored Jun-Kyung ’s abdomen with an ultrasound machine, and the nurse drew blood without any sound.

Meanwhile, Executive Director Min arrived. The doctor was more than happy to see a strong man walking through the curtains of the examination room.

”You are here. Just finished the test. Wait a minute. ”

While the nurse silently concentrates on post-medical treatment, the attending ignores the person involved and give a detailed explanation to the man who has no legal relationship nor is personally related to the patient.

”The fetus is healthy. Of course,that ’s only the case now. If his hormone level doesn ’t rise to a stable level, he ’s likely to have a miscarriage. I got the blood drawn, so I ’ll prescribe hormone injections as soon as the results come out. Of course, no crowds. Contrary to its appearance, the uterus is weak. Sexual intercourse is also prohibited. Do you understand? ”

To a man whom most people are wary and fearful due his huge body and terrifying aura, the attending physician uses a mixture of sarcasm and respect.

Executive Director Min doesn ’t look too bad either. The question of the relationship the two had disappeared from his head, since his situation right now is more difficult.

Executive Director Min waited patiently for Junkyung to change clothes and come out. After that, he led Junkyung to an empty VIP ward without saying hello.

”Does anyone know about this besides us? ”

Junkyung slowly shook his head. Except for doctors and nurses, there are only two people who know of the child ’s existence right now.

Will you give birth? I never thought about it. No, I didn ’t have time to think. I just found out I ’m pregnant.

Before giving birth or not, it was difficult to realize that there was a child in the womb. He couldn ’t answer right away. While he was hesitating without a specific answer, Executive Director Min waited patiently.

When the silence became awkward, Junkyung opened his mouth with a low sigh. ”I don ’t know, but…. ”

”But? ”

”I can ’t even give birth…….yeah, first of all, it ’s my bloodline and it ’s my responsibility, so I want to discuss it with my parents and make a decision. ” Yes, now that this has happened, it is right to discuss it with parents and make a decision. It was the most ideal and sane answer that Junkyung thought of.

”There is a high chance of giving birth. ”

”No what….I can ’t give you a definitive answer. ” He can ’t really say anything. It wasn ’t a crime, but Junkyung could not raise his head. He stood a little distance and looked down only at the feet of Executive Director Seon Min.It was embarrassing and sad and scary at the same time. How did he fall into a situation of being a ”single parent ” that he had never thought about in his life? He wish someone could offer a cool solution instead.

”Then, let ’s do this. If you give birth, that child will be raised as my child. Half of it is from my b

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