The general evaluation of Managing Director Hyun-Seung Min by Junkyung was that he was a man who was prudent and thorough, rather than difficult to understand. Junkyung understood him as someone thorough without understanding whats inside but there is a chance that if you are not careful,  you will be run over like a runaway locomotive.

He said he would call slowly later, but now he had to make a phone call after being pushed by Executive Director Min, who was silently forcing him with his eyes.

ㅡuh, Junkyung-ah, have you had dinner?

“I just ate it. Mom and Dad, are you busy these days?” Junkyung asked, expecting a busy answer.

ㅡNot at all. Why, are you coming home? You can come right away today. Both are at home. Your dad sprained his back while lifting a box, so he cant do anything like an old man these days.

“You should be careful.”

ㅡI know. Junhee is taking care of everything, but he didnt have to. But why did you call? Do you need side dishes?

Around that time, he glanced at Executive Director Min. He stood tall with his hands in his trouser pockets, staring at Jun-kyung. Even though he was silent, Junkyung had the illusion of threatening to bury him if he didnt do what he was told.

“No, I have side dishes…… Im going to come and say hello soon.”

ㅡGreetings? What greetings? You?

“Yes. With someone.”


“Mom?” Since there was no answer, he was hopeful that there was a communication error.

ㅡOh, oh my, my, my, my! oh my! Person? Person? So youre saying hello with someone? Honey! Its a big deal! Wake up! Is it time to lie down? Junkyung is going to say hello with someone!

Junkyung quickly slammed the beep button on the phone and glanced at the executive director Min with his side eyes. Director Min was closer than before. His eyes were hard, but there was a soft smile on his lips. It was creepy like an artificial humans unnatural laugh.

“Mom, Ill call you back later.”

ㅡ No, wait a minute, Junkyung! When are you coming?

“I will tell you that later.”

ㅡThis weekend? No, I have a meeting this weekend. Next week is too late, so the day after tomorrow?

“No, I mean….”

ㅡThe day after tomorrow is perfect. The restaurant… No, you are here to say hello, so please come home. Just give me a day to prep. The day after tomorrow. In the evening. Say that to that person too. Dont be too nervous and come comfortably.

I think my parents were more nervous. Just as he was about to say that next week would be good, Executive Director Min approached him.

“The evening after tomorrow is good.”

How sensitive are his ears?

“No, you dont have to…”

ㅡWhat? Why? Do you hate the day after tomorrow? How about tomorrow to say hello then, lets just eat lightly.

“No, no, not tomorrow.”

ㅡokay. Tomorrow is too fast, dear.

“Im busy the day after tomorrow, too. Mom.”

ㅡ No, its worth taking the time off the day after tomorrow. Youre bringing home someone.

From afar, Jun-Kyungs father said,Ask what the other person do for a living.

―Oh, how is the lady? Younger than you? What kind of person is she? An office worker? Or a blind date?

“From work.”

ㅡOh. If you are from the same Taewon group, they must be good at studying. You dont like  introductions. How did you make a girlfriend?

While his mother was laughing, he pondered for a moment whether to talk for a while or not. Rather than having his parents collapse at the same time on that day, it would be better to give a moderate hint in advance. In particular, he was convinced when he saw the vast appearance of a huge man talking on the phone with his secretary to adjust his tight schedule thats busy than most top idols.

“Its not a lady.” His mom never imagined that that person was a man. If hes an alpha, its probably because of him that she was out of her mind. .

“…Hes an Alpha.”

ㅡAlpha? Can women be alphas too?

“It is rare, but they can and….the person I am bringing is not a woman.”

ㅡWhat? Its not a woman?

The conversation was interrupted for a moment with a sullen question. Jun-kyung took advantage of that gap.

“Thats it for now. Im busy right now, so Ill get going, Ill call you later.”

Junkyung hurriedly hit the end button. After a while, the phone vibrated. It was his mom but he didnt have anything to say, so he immediately pressed the lock button.

“The evening after tomorrow is fine. They will have time to clean up the house.”

Jun-kyung was on the phone, but somehow, it feels like his parents and Executive Director Min were talking on the phone. Perhaps Executive Director Min had finished contacting the secretary, he placed the phone on the table. Maybe because things were going the way he wanted, the big man sat comfortably as if hes satisfied

After saying that he was going to say hello to his parents, a sense of reality suddenly hit him, and he was terrified.

Can I do this? Marry him? Hes no ordinary person. He is the heir of a conglomerate that the media followed even if he stays still.

Above all else, he was an alpha, an alpha that Junkyung was so reluctant to be with because of his identity before. He will be living in the same house with that man as early as next week.

Someone said marriage is a reality. Jun-kyung was too naive to blame for his lack of experience. Aside from dating, marriage cant be a joke just by looking at the way family and relatives, or even parents, living together.

He stupidly poked his head in the tigers jaws because he was too afraid to take care of his own pregnancy.

Pregnancy is an accident. Accidents must be rectified. However, this is not a rectification, but somehow it feels like sprinting towards another major accident. No, its not a feeling, its a fact.

As Executive Director Min was concerned, Junkyung was unstable as an Omega. Therefore, he had a great chance of miscarriage. Even if he doesnt take matters into his hands, it can just naturally disappear. Is this really necessary right now?

“Well, the Executive Director.”

“You said you call me Hyun-seung.”

“Hyun-seung.” The name is not an issue right now. His heart beats faster with tension and fear. He also had a little cold sweat. Rubbing his forehead slightly with his palm, Jun-Kyung rested a beat.

“I think it would be better to say hello in a relaxed manner. Because there is a possibility of miscarriage.”

“We will prepare the best medical staff to prevent that from happening with resident nurses and even a nutritionist.”

At the end of the sentence, Executive Director Min picked up the phone and sent a message. He never imagined a resident nurse and nutritionists. Looking at Jun-kyung, who was absentminded throughout the message, Executive Director Min lowered his phone.

The two eyes met. To be honest, he didnt have the confidence to meet face to face. Jun-kyung tried to give his eyes strength and straighten his shoulders but failed. The shaky gaze slid diagonally to a mobile phone sliding on vibration. His shoulders drooped.

“Do you want to back up now? If so, tell me now.”

Junkyoung thought Director Min had some kind of CT scan. How can he see the inside of a person accurately?

Junkyung shook his head. The words he wanted to come up to his mouth, when he tried to utter those words, his tongue hardened.

What if he did it alone and had a real baby? And what if he starts to look pregnant? What will he say to his parents, how will he survive the lawsuit with Director Min, and above all else, whether he has a miscarriage or have a child, can he handle the situation alone?

No matter how much he thought about it, even if he realizes that his marriage is real, there is only one way that Jun-kyung can choose in the end.

He closed his eyes tightly. Executive Director Min clearly gave him a chance to withdraw. His chance of turning back will never come again.

“No back up.” He cant turn back now.

The director asked, “Are you sure you wont regret it?”

“I think I should ask the managing director. No matter how you look at it, its a marriage that the managing director loses. Besides, its not even your own child.”

“Its unimportant. I dont regret it.”

“Then I dont either.”

He made his own choice. If he regrets, he will end up resenting himself. It is better to adapt to reality and find a slightly better way within a given situation.

“Thats great.” A proper smile finally appeared  on the mans face, which had been hard all the time. His sharp eyes were slightly folded and his smiling face was full of humanity. Did Executive Director Min have this side as well? Astonished, Junkyung held out a hand.

Jun-kyung, who thought the good negotiation ended with a good handshake, held his hand out politely. He reached out to support his wrist with his other hand and remembered that Hyun-seung Min said one hand was better. Even if the one-handed handshake is awkward, it is better to keep conscious and practice.

He felt proud of himself, who had become used to shaking hands, that he pulled his hand.


Jun-kyung, who was out of balance, was leaning forward. Immediately after, Executive Director Min lightly hugged Junkyungs back with a large hand. He opened his eyes in surprise. Director Mins silk tie came into view. At the same time, the luxurious scent of colon wafted in.

3. Past

It has been about a year and a half since Junkyung lived alone in a new studio in his second year as a bodyguard. In the evening when work ended early, he would often visit his parents which was about twice a month. The domestic SUV, whose installment payment has not yet been completed, headed southeast of the capital.

There was a five-story commercial building that was the pride of his parents, and also their job, near the downtown area that splits into the capital and non-capital areas with one main street.

On the first floor, a decent-sized domestic franchise cafe has been in business for over 5 years. He parked his car in the small parking lot of the building and went into the cafe.

The young store manager, who had been looking outside since Jun-kyungs car arrived, greeted him warmly. “What are you doing at this hour? Without contact.”

“I left work early. Where is mom?”

“She went to the golf course with dad. Theyve been gone, so theyll be back soon. Have you eaten?”

“Not yet. What about brother?” At Jun-kyungs question, the store manager and older brother, Jun-hee, shook his head. “I was going to eat a sandwich from the store later.”

“Just a sandwich? You need to eat properly to gain weight.”

“The store sandwiches are so nice. I cant even eat it in one bite because they are so big”

“Yeah, but its all lettuce. When Mom and Dad come, lets go eat together.” Looking at the display case with sandwiches, Jun-kyung frowned.

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