r>looked with strange eyes.

“Why? Whos on TV?”

“Just someone. He looks like a third generation chaebol who jumped out of TV.”

“What kind of person is he?”

Junkyung frowned . Thats his habit when hes contemplating. Jun-hee, who is well acquainted, placed the cooked meat on his brothers plate in front of him and waited patiently for an answer.

“His skin is like a human, but the inside is like a machine? It looks like an alien with a human skin on it, but for a moment, he feels like a normal human again, so Im confused.”


No matter how old you are, you shouldnt bring out personal details from work. If you accidentally leak it to another person, you will be fired faster than being caught drunk driving. Additionally, defamation lawsuits may arise. Jun-hee, who knew this well too, stop inquiring.

“Its  creepy to even make eye contact. I dont think its a poker face made by training. I can tell due to my natural instinct.”

Heir to a conglomerate with psychopathic tendencies. Its plausible. In fact, there were many crazy people among the descendants of the chaebol.

When he meets and drinks with people from the security department, he often hears cases that make him insane enough to wonder if he is a human being. Such characters often appear in the news for the abuse of power, and in recent dramas, a psychopath conglomerate has appeared as a villain character.

What if Min Hyun-seung is a psychopath, even though its a rumor that has no basis and is similar to bullshit? The evidence would be the visual and gloomy voice that makes people creepy for no reason?

“Is your boss really that bad? Thats not good.” As soon as Junkyung think seriously, Junhee smiled.

“I didnt say he was a chaebol.”

“If its the people you meet on errands for your employer, anyway, hes not an ordinary person. As the saying goes, dont think too hard and just have a drink.”

The soju glass was full again. Junhee seems to let go and adds more meat and soju. Its been a long time since Junkyung had a good time with his brother so even Jun-kyung didnt stop him. He go to work tomorrow, so three or four bottles of soju are enough.

After eating meat with soju as an accompaniment, they parted ways and enjoyed using their mothers card. Jun-hee immediately went back to the cafe, and Jun-kyung called the assistant manager and headed home. On the way, he got a call. It was his mom.

“Yes, Mom.”

– Are you going right away?

“Yeah, Im going to work early tomorrow.”

– You shouldve call ahead and come. Then, Mom would make something delicious for you.

“Even so, I enjoyed the meat with moms card.”

– Thats good, always take care. And you know what? Since you are working for a conglomerate, find out if there are good people around you.  There are many alphas among the chaebols, so your partner…”

Junkyung felt a sudden intoxication at the sudden hook. He took a deep breath as he straightened his body.

“Mom, at what age am I that I need to already be looking for someone? And as I said before I…..”

-I know, I know.

His mother hastily cut him off. But Junkyung didnt stop.

“I dont care about that and you know that.” There was annoyance in his voice.

– No, you might change your mind in life.

“There is nothing else to change!” The assistant manager driving the car was startled when he screamed.

– Okay. Okay, Mom was wrong.

Only after screaming did his mother back off.

“Find brother a good person then. Hes all right, and hes the cafe manager, and hell inherit the property in the future, but how come theres no woman at all.”

– Thats what Im saying. Ugh.

Junkyung turned the arrow pointing at him to Junhee, but he didnt feel guilty at all. This is because Jun-hee, who lives with his parents, used Jun-kyung more often.

She quickly said farewell and hung up her phone. When Junkyung looked outside, he glanced at the assistant manager, wondering if he was curious. Still, he didnt bother talking.

The damn gender problem will haunt Jun-kyung for the rest of his life.

Instead of coming into estrus on a regular basis, alphas and omegas have a long lifespan, is resistant to various diseases, and have good brains. Alphas mostly male and omega mostly female.

Jun-kyung had been living his whole life as a beta male, but suddenly appeared as an Omega in the spring of his sophomore year in high school. It was an extremely rare case where the latent omega organ developed as the omega hormone was released late.

Rather, like other Omegas, if it appeared when he was in elementary school, even if he was surprised, he would have adapted in its own way. Puberty happened long after he was in high school.

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