disappointment for Junkyung and misunderstood. He couldnt afford to throw away the infertility clinic brochure that the friendly nurse kindly handed him, so he threw it somewhere in the car.

As his resistance to hormones was low, the effect was minimal. When he wake up from a good nights sleep, he return to his normal condition.

Jun-kyung, who was lying on the bed without drying his wet hair, pulled up a thin blanket with a frown on his face. He was fortunate enough to drink. Before the dog-like feeling caused insomnia, Jun-kyung fell into a good nights sleep.

Onec during his career as an athlete, he often stays in camps. To that extent, he sees all kinds of primitive things among the same players. In particular, during judo competitions in which the body collides with the another body, there are many cases where the body bumps violently and touches the bare skin or vital points. A person who is shy about such things can be said to be rather bizarre.

It was the same when he was learning various martial arts when he was a bodyguard. Isnt it impossible to suppress dangerous people from approaching the bodyguards? In other words, Jun-kyung was used to physical contact regardless of gender.

But this was different. He twisted his body away and at the same time pressed his hands and forearms against Director Mins thick chest. He gave it quite a bit of strength, but the other person didnt move. It was like pushing against a wall of a large building.

“Director Min?”

“Hyun-seung.” Even in this situation, the other person stubbornly corrected the name.


“Yes, Jun-kyung.” Taking the lessons from previous failures, Junkyung thought he could match Director Min this time. Unfortunately, Managing Director Min went on his own.

Seeing Jun-kyung, who cant hide his embarrassment, Executive Director Min raised an eyebrow brazenly. “If the negotiation goes well, I gently pat the back of the other party. Havent you see it on television?”

Athletes usually use this gesture of slightly patting the back after a match, but do the rich people of the upper classes who wear three-piece suits do it? I thought it was all about shaking hands with a hypocritical welcome while exchanging external documents signed with a high-quality fountain pen.

“Oh, yes.” Well, the trend these days seems to be different. Even the upper classes often have parties with athletes and celebrities, mainly in their 20s and 30s, so they may have naturally learned such a gesture.

It was difficult to imagine Executive Director Min Hyun-seung enjoying a party full of celebrities.

He has to manage to imitate being a lover in the short time, so he decided to stay together at a hotel. The presidential suite has a room among rooms, boasting a larger square footage than the place where Junkyung live. There were even other bedrooms besides the main bedroom.

Executive Director Min took out a briefcase from somewhere and start working. Meanwhile, Jun-kyung washed and changed clothes. His luxurious pajamas were already stocked. It looked like a service attached to the room, as it was neatly tied with a hotel ribbon.

It was a gray silk nightgown and it was a good size. It felt strange when the smooth cloth touched his bare skin. A t-shirt and a large trunk are more comfortable, but he doesnt have them right now.

He went to Executive Director Min to say that he would rest first. There seems to be a study as well, but Director Min was concentrating on his laptop and pad spread out on a small table in the living room where he was talking with Jun-kyung earlier.

Now that he see, the back of the vest and the back of Executive Director Min were similar in color to the hotel pajamas. As his body is unique, the vest, which is clearly tailored to his body, showed off his wide back and waist rather than hiding it. A white dress shirt contrasting with a dark vest further emphasized the broad shoulders.

‘If I had a body like that, winning an Olympic gold medal wouldnt be my dream. Junkyung was envious. If it wasnt for the manifestation of Omega, would he have grown that much? Nope, I dont think so.



Executive Director Min raised his head and looked at Jun-kyung and paused a bit. Is it just my imagination that the machine-like gaze quickly scans me from head to toe? It happened so quickly that it was difficult to react. Jun-kyung touched his half-wet hair with his hand.

“Can I rest first? Im a little tired.”

“Okay. Use that big bed over there.”

“All right.”

His back stung going back. He thought it was just an illusion, but when he glanced back from the door, it was no illusion at all. Executive Director Min was looking at him the whole time. Due to the eye contact, Jun-kyung blinked slightly and closed the door tightly.

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