e Director Min.

“Hello.” The person who greeted him with a perfect posture like a first-class attendant was none other than the secretary in the executive office.

“Hello.” Even though it was early in the morning, he was embarrassed to stand in front of a woman he did not know well in pajamas. He said goodbye quickly and went to the bedroom, when the secretary followed him.

“I brought a change of clothes here.” The bag that secretary brought was different from the one the secretary brought out in a hospital before, but the logo of a luxury brand with the same price range was in it. Director Mins suit color was also different from the one yesterday. The secretary seemed to have brought Junkyungs clothes along with her boss.

“Thank you.”

“Dont mention it. Here are the shoes.” The smiling secretary even held out a small bag.

Apart from clothes, are shoes also bought together? It wasnt just that. Inside, there was a comfy knitted shirt, cotton pants, new socks, and underwear. It fits perfectly. A moment of condolences to the secretary who has to know the measurement of her bosss lover underwear and shoes.

“Mr. Junkyung?” Director Min called from outside. Junkyung hurriedly got his pajama removed, put them on the bed and went out.

Yes, Direct…Hyun-seung.” As soon as he let it slip, Junkyung quickly sensed the wrinkled forehead of Executive Director Min and changed name. In his sleep, it was getting better, but now he was embarrassed to call himHyun-seung in the presence of other people.

“Do you have any plans for today?” Well, strictly speaking, Junkyung was unemployed. He didnt talk informally as he did last night and also Director Min was half asleep.

“No, I dont.”

“Then, take a day off. Yesterday, you must be very tired because I bothered a sleeping person.” Its true that he woke me up, but do people say this in such as husky and languid way?Doesnt he sound like he work me up for something? Please refrain from using expressions that can be interpreted weirdly by other people. He must tell Director Min when they are alone.

Executive Director Min held out the envelope to Junkyung, whose hands are fisted. When he opened the envelope, a card came out. It belonged to the top grade card of the company with Director Min on it.

“Buy plenty of clothes that you need right away. You can buy underwear, indoor clothes, whatever else you want. I will respect your taste, but its best to use the highest quality product as much as possible. Dont worry about the price and act confidently.”

“I cant accept it.”

“Take it. Get used to spending my money in the future as well.”

Get used to spending your own money. Is there a greater favor in modern society than this?

Junkyung nodded, conscious of the secretary who was standing quietly with a small smile.

“Long distances are a bit burdensome, so please refrain from going far. Please take special care in contacting me.” Junkyung slightly admired the skill of telling him to not go far and answer the phone in an elegant way.


“Have a safe trip.”

When Junkyung bowed his head slightly and greeted, Director Min smiled strangely again. Director Min was seen off to the front door of the hotel. the black supersized sedan waiting on the main driveway was owned by the company.

“Ill call you if we can have lunch together.”

“All right. See you later” After a huge car disappeared, Junkyung headed to the luxury hotel. After seeing a couple of brands, he understood why Director Min told him to practice spending money. Luxury goods were not the luxury goods that he knew. Even for the displayed product, it was very expensive. For Junkyung, it was burdensome.

Growing up as the son of a building owner, Junkyung bought department stores when he wanted to. However, what Junkyung loved was the goddess of victory brands and other similar sports brands. Except for sneakers, T-shirts with state of the art techniques won by Olympic gold medalists were also priced at around $100 at most.

I need something comfortable to wear. While looking around the luxury hall, he finally found a plain T-shirt.

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