are a lot of alphas in the hotel gym….anyway avoid excessive exercise.

Jun-kyung is a person who used to exercise. Thats why a new gym always makes his heart pound. Its like a child going to a new amusement park. Its a luxury hotel gym, not anywhere else but he felt like he was banned from entering Disneyland in the United States.

He gave up trying to ask if he could even run or lift some light dumbbells. The other party was too serious for that.

Junkyung doesnt understand what having more or less alphas have to do with the gym. Even though he was called an Omega, Jun-kyung was a seemingly normal Beta man. He is extremely seldom consciously aware of a second gender or perceived by another person of a second gender while exercising.

Nevertheless, Managing Director Min was sensitive to it perhaps because he was the alpha himself. When his plan to exercise was thwarted, he felt frustrated. Will it continue to be like this in the future? If its because hes pregnant, he wondered if he should find a personal trainer. It adjusts the intensity of exercise according to the condition.

It was also a problem that his body felt limp right now. He also bought sports-wears and even swimsuits.

“Can I swim? There was a swimming pool in the room.”

– I will let you know after asking your doctor.

After hanging up, Jun-kyung took off the sweatshirt he was wearing. He put his sneakers back into the box, and then grabbed a little swimsuit and waited. After 10 minutes, the message arrived.

[Light water play is possible.]

Light water play. He meant the butterfly was said to not even dream of doing. At the same time, it also means he was allowed to go into the water.

“What is this?” The little triangular swimsuit was so awkward. I am gonna play alone. Who cares? Junkyung put on a thick towel-made bathrobe and went out to the pool. The swimming pool right in front of the room was located on a high place, and the view was quite nice. The water temperature was slightly lower than body temperature, so it was safe to enter without warming up.


Clear water without the smell of disinfectant surrounded his body. It was a micro-size swimsuit, so it felt like he was swimming naked.He dived to the bottom of the pool a couple of times. Naturally, the water reached the depths of the scalp. After enjoying the cozy feeling of closure brought by the water, he came up to the surface.

After swiping the water flowing over his face with both hands, he immediately crossed the pool. After returning to backstroke, he swam again in freestyle.


It wasnt the size of the stadium, but it was easy going from one end to another end at once. With each stroke, except for the butterfly, he kept breaking the current until he ran out of breath.

When he moves his body, his thoughts disappear. Like everyone else, living in the world leaves many byproducts in form and existence. Lactic acid accumulated in the muscles is pumped out by sleep and rest, and hardened muscle cells work hard to give elasticity.

The strong activity of the body shakes the bones and bone marrow and conventionally reaches the brain. Like an ultrasonic cleaner, the vibrations of the body, large and small, shake off the debris that has accumulated in the consciousness. Further out there, you reach a residue stuck in a small bundles of nerves called the center of soul.

‘I like you, hyung.

While he was staying in the space and time where he was completely alone, the unorganized baggage that he had stuffed in the closet of emotions poured out.

‘What do you want me to do?

The water temperature dropped by 5°C.

If he hadnt answered that way, would things turn out different? If only he were a little more gentle. If he hadnt focused on the embarrassment and anger that rose within him and if he had seen his despair and loss wandering around him.

The water temperature dropped even further. Is his body sinking? Suddenly, the water wave pattern on the surface faded away.At that moment, he sank to the bottom. It felt like something was tangled in his leg. He shook his limbs in surprise. The more he did, the more the water, like a wet cloth, cling him more.

Was it about 2 seconds? In an instant, the fear of death flashed at a glance. His eyes widened in surprise and he looked down. The tiles on the pool floor suddenly turned into a black whirlpool. A gray hand with black veins rose from the center.

Hyung, I am lonely.

‘Ahh! The screams became white bubbles and rose up. The more Junkyung stirred his arms and legs, the more the hands crawled his ankles to the calves and beyond the knees to the thighs. At some point, the two arms suddenly grabbed Junkyungs waist.

Come with me.

No! No! I cant go!

Hyung, Hyung!

Let it go! This bastard! Let it go!

He choked his breath while he struggled. He drank too much water. The struggle gradually subsided. The gray arm that touched his waist paralyzed his spine, and his legs became weak.

Junkyungs body sank down, down, to the bottom of the deep eastern sea.

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