“Lets go in together. Mom is not here, so I need someone to stop them if anything happens.”

“You can stop them.”

“I can stop an old father, but its difficult to stop Hyung.”

“How can I, as an assistant, stop the Executive Director when even his younger brother cant stop him?”

“Junkyung hyung is a former judo athlete.”

With a grin, Hyun-Woo dragged the helpless Junkyung. Whatever it was, it was hard for him to argue that he wont go if they insist since he works for the family.

Upon entering the front door, the kitchen aunt was already wondering what was going on in the room.

The meeting between the president and executive director Min took place in the presidents study room. When the kitchen auntie, who had brought the tea, couldnt bear to knock on the door, Hyun-Woo with his fishy smell delivered the tea instead.

It looks like Hyun-Woo was trying to sit down in the study while watching the atmosphere, but the president asked him to leave right away.

“I dont know what they are talking about at all.”

Hyun-Woo, who was now awake from his nap earlier, sent a message to his mom on his cell phone with many bomb emoticons one after another saying something was going on in the house. His mom called.

“Hyun-Seung hyung is in the fathers study now. Its quiet. Junkyung hyung is with me. If something really bad is going to happen, Ill call you right away.”

Junkyung told madam that he would stay with Hyun-Woo. He sat on a sofa and turned his ears to the study. Meanwhile, the kitchen aunt served cold green tea.

Its a good house built with good materials, so the soundproofing was very good. There was no sign of anything beyond the heavy study door.

Hyun-Woo, unable to bear his frustration, tried to put his ear to the door, but Junkyung stopped him because he was afraid that the president would know that he was eavesdropping from outside.

It feels like 10 hours have passed even though its been an hour only?

“Thats why you cant!”

A thunderous scream erupted from within. The moment Jun-kyung and Hyun-woo took their butts off the sofa at the same time, the door burst open. It was the president who came out with a puffy face and a thud of feet. Jun-kyung bowed his head as if he were a sergeant who saw the commander.

“Father, why are you so angry this morning?”

“When did you come?” The president, who spotted Hyun-woo, quickly relaxed his expression.

“I came here a while ago.”

“Have you not eaten yet? Auntie, make dinner. He and I, two seats are enough.”

The aunt, who was standing anxiously at the end of the living room, quickly disappeared into the kitchen. Since madam is not here,  three set-ups should be prepared.

However, Hyun-Woo, who could not bring up that he had already eaten a lot of rice at the hermitage, did not dare to add that there should be another set-up for Executive Director Min.

Instead, to relieve the remaining anger of Chairman Chang-Heon Min, who openly discriminated against his two sons, Hyun-Woo followed him around like a pet dog.

After becoming the bodyguard, Jun-Kyung has been watching madam as well as the family situation, but this is his first time seeing a president get so angry.

It was known that the president was particularly fond of the deceased eldest son, but seeing that he is on good terms with his daughters and is also generous to the youngest who plays without doing anything in particular, it seems that he is just displeased with the second son.

As Hyun-Woo said earlier, is Executive Director Min Hyun-Seung playing the role of the ugly duckling?

After that, everything passed without any major issues. As the tension eased, Jun-kyung became sleepy. He had been at the hermitage since dawn, so he couldnt sleep well. Just when he got up to take a quick nap in the staff room, someone called,  “Mr. Jun-kyung Ho?”

It was the same for the two brothers to come out of nowhere like a ghost. While Jun-Kyung, who was startled, lost his balance and panicked, Hyun-Seung Min, who was standing behind, grabbed his arm. It was a hard grip unlike Hyun-Woo who has a soft fist.



Like father, like son. Executive Director Hyun-seung Min also had the talent to freeze people. As soon as Junkyung got his balance, he unconditionally bowed his head toward the Executive Director Min. Thanks to that, the forehead struck the executive directors chest.

“Oh! Im sorry. Im sorry.”

He quickly stepped back. Embarrassment colored his face while also worrying about being rude. He distanced himself from Executive Director Min. Directors Min two hands were stuck in the pockets of his trousers looking like he was angry.

“Are you busy?”

Sure enough, Director Min asked. Jun-Kyung wasnt actually busy, and he wasnt stupid enough to say he was busy at a moment like this.


“Then go somewhere with me.”

The owner of a cold and gloomy voice stepped towards the front door. Jun-Kyung moved his head down in the direction of Director Min.

‘Im dead.

That was the only thought in Junkyungs mind at this moment.

Bzzt. Bzzt. Bzzt.

The cell phone in his pocket rang briefly in succession. The nameHyun-Woo kept appearing on the screen.

Without checking the message, he quickly followed Executive Director Min.

After that, the cell phone vibrated from time to time, so he ended up turning it on silent.

Executive Director Min went out the gate and headed towards the car he had brought, so Junkyung naturally headed towards the drivers seat. While waiting for the car to be unlocked in response to the smart key, Executive Director Min beckoned, “Mr. Jun-kyung Ho, this way.”

Passenger seat. It meant that Director Min was going to drive. Jun-Kyung, who quickly changed his direction to the passenger side, went there at a pace that was in line with Director Mins movement toward the drivers seat.

As soon as he fastened his seat-belt, Executive Director Min drove back out like that of a veteran driver.

Heavy silence hung in the soundproof luxury sedan. Unlike Hyunwoo, Junkyung was unable to start chatting on his own.

No, at least I can ask where were going and what were going to do. 

While he was thinking about how to get it out while rolling a simple question inside, Executive Director Min opened his mouth first.

“Have you been with Hyun-Woo all night?”

“Oh, we met at the hermitage at dawn. After night fishing, he came to the hermitage to see his mom, then madam told me to take Hyun-woo to her home, so thats what happened.”

It was very strange to speak Hyun-Woo informally and all of a sudden speak formally to Director Min. However, he cant speak without honorifics to Director Min.

“I see.”

Silence ensued again. It was a good time to ask where we were going. It was getting harder and harder to open his mouth as time passed by.

A car came to a stop at the signal. Seeing the commuters rushing through the crosswalk, Jun-Kyung said with difficulty, “Its already time to go to work.” He naturally wanted to ask where and what he would be doing instead of working.

“The managing director will be returning to the headquarters soon…”

All of a sudden, Executive Director Min leaned his upper body toward Junkyung. Jun-kyung hurriedly stepped back and slammed the back of his head against the window. thud. As the thud rang loudly, Executive Director Min looked at Jun-kyung.

Director Hyun-seungs face was too close. After eating bibimbap at the temple, Junkyung thought that his mouth would smell bad because he didnt brush his teeth.

Director Mins body moved closer instead of moving away. Suddenly, the fact that he was an alpha male came to his mind.  He wondered if he should use his fist and stopped caring if the other person was a chaebol or not.

“Im sorry, but could you open the glove box please?”


Then he noticed that a large hand was trying to reach the edge of the glove box. Perhaps because of the seat belt or because Jun-kyung was waiting in the passenger seat, the glove box seemed a little difficult to open.

He quickly loosened his fist that had been clenched due to a misunderstanding and opened the glove box as instructed. He thought there would be sunglasses, but what was inside was surprisingly a disposable cold pack. He recognized it the moment he saw the packaging because it was used by athletes.

Just then the signal turned green. Executive Director Min quickly looked ahead and stepped on the accelerator.

“I am driving, so Id like you to open the pack for me.”

“Yes, here.”

Junkyung even tore off the protective film of the pale pink jelly pack and held it out. After a while, when there was another stop light, Executive Director Min took the pack with his left hand and applied it directly to his left cheek. No matter how hard Junkyung tried to ignore it, he couldnt stop his gaze from wandering towards it.

The president was a typical right-handed person. Golf and tennis also build strength on the right side. There was a 99.99% chance that he would hit the opponents left cheek if he swiped his hand.

In fact, whenever there is a signal, Junkyung secretly observed Executive Director Mins left cheek that was slightly reflected on the side mirror and was convinced that he had been beaten in the study.

He didnt notice it earlier. Had he known, he would have rushed to the kitchen and got him an ice pack.

How does it feel to be slapped in the face by his own father enough to cause swelling? Jun-kyung had never been beaten by anyone other than by his sports coach or senior. Even more so on the cheek.  As an outsider, it was difficult for Jun-kyung to guess the feelings of Executive Director Min.

Do you have to go to work with a face like that?

Itd be more understandable if Director Mins face was bruised after punching a sand bag. The only problem was that Junkyung himself might become a sandbag.

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