yung was in the same room with Executive Director Min, he was very nervous. Most other people do, though.

“It must have been because Executive Director Min is considerate of others. Thank you for looking after me.” Jun-Kyung also returned the compliment and thanked the other person.

Executive Director Min smiled softly and asked, “Is that so?”

“I know you get indigestion after eating with me, but when I eat with Jun-Kyung, I feel comfortable. Im sorry for being selfish.”

“Apology is not needed. It was madams instructions in the first place, and thanks to Executive Director Min, I can eat delicious food that madam made herself.”

“I see.”

Strangely, Executive Director Min kept apologizing, and Jun-kyung continued to make excuses. What kind of uncomfortable conversation is this?

And it was embarrassing that Director Min knew he had an upset stomach after eating. He had to make a reasonable excuse that it wasnt because he was uncomfortable, but he wasnt confident in his ability to lie fluently.

“Mr. Junkyung.”


“If its okay, can we meet more often like this in the future? A place other than a company?”

“Of course. Anytime as long as madam doesnt have any tasks for me to do.”

Because Director Min is the son of his employer and a successor of the company, Jun-Kyung reflexively answered flatteringly. As soon as he finished speaking, he felt regret but it was too late to retract his words.

“Thank you for your willingness to accept me.” A man with the impression of knowing that Jun-Kyung has accepted the request unwillingly expressed his gratitude.

Jun-Kyung repeatedIm ruined inwardly. Executive Director Min, whether he knew his thoughts or not, gave a polite, cool smile.

It was a turbulent day in many ways since morning.

After meeting at the hermitage, Jun-Kyung quickly became close with Hyun-woo Min. He had never given out his phone number, but the other person called or sent messages from time to time and asked to hang out.

Hyun-Woo often makes appointments unilaterally by finding interesting restaurants theyve never heard of or seen before and send links.

Jun-Kyung had just stopped by a nearby franchise cafe after driving madam to the hotel. A message alert popped up from Hyun-Woo no doubt with the link to the famous restaurant.

[They say this place is good. Lets go to dinner later.]

After sipping the freshly made iced Americano, Jun-Kyung responded quickly.

[I am out with madam.]

[Then, can I ask mom to play with hyung?]

“This bastard calls his mom every now and then.” Jun-Kyung laughed while swearing. It was not unusual for the son to contact his mother especially if its a son whose mom tells him to call more often.

Every time he left work early because of Hyun-Woo, he felt apologetic. It was hard not to pay attention because he gets calls twice a week even if its just once in a while.

[Hey, what will I become if you keep doing this? I dont want to be fired.]

[You wont be. Youre so diligent.]


[Okay then.]

Jun-Kyung takes another sip of cool coffee. Bzzt. Bzzt. A vibration sounded. It was his mom.

“You punk!”

A sigh came out. Jun-Kyung couldnt not answer, so he pushed the receive button while covering the area around the microphone with his other hand.

“Yes, madam.”

―The secretary is going to pick me up later. Jun-kyung can leave work early.

The secretary was the head office secretary. Madam intentionally hired Jun-Kyung as a personal assistant sayingI dont want to be a bother to the company.

Such a person contacted the secretary?Jun-Kyung raised his voice without realizing it due to his regret, “I can come pick you up.”

―Its okay. Go eat something delicious with Hyun-Woo and tell me how he is these days. Its frustrating because he doesnt say anything to me.

“Ah…all right.”

Jun-Kyung was ready to follow madams instructions to find out what her son was doing. Its more likely that Hyun-Woo will just blurt out.

Still, madam seemed to be relieved that her son who usually disappeared without contact now is acquainted with her personal assistant.

“I will see madam tomorrow.”

Now that he got madams permission, he went straight to the hotel cafe and left the car keys with the staff there. Madam, who was chatting with other people, smiled when she saw Jun-Kyung. Jun-Kyung nodded his head without a word and turned around.

[Hyung, where are you? Im on my way to pick you up.]

Jun-Kyung sent a link to the hotel address and waited at the entrance.

While watching when a domestic SUV with dirty mud would come in, Italian sport-car came in with a loud engine noise.

The passenger window of the car was tinted so heavily that Jun-Kyung wondered if it was legal. The window rolled down.

“Junkyung hyung.”

“Uh?” Jun-Kyung was surprised.

“Theres a car waiting behind me, so get on quickly.” The hotel valet staff opened the car door on behalf of Jun-Kyung. The car even had wings that opened upwards.

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