nts liked, a senior with a bad drinking habit got drunk and quarreled with Jun-kyung.

“Hey, does Omega feel that way even for men?”

Jun-Kyung answered with his fist. The senior cracked his jaw and had to take a semester off. Since then, Jun-kyung has refrained from drinking comfortably with male friends.

Of course, other people didnt bother to call Jun-Kyung unless it was for an event. He doesnt have a lover, nor does he have any special feelings for them. It was only recently that he start having fun while exploring restaurants thanks to Hyun-woo Min.

“Know that it is an honor to come to your house.”

“I know.” Hyun-Woo, who was very flattering, really treated Junkyung like a VIP. It felt good to be in the position of being served since he was always in the position of serving.

Hyun-Woo, wearing a comfortable white T-shirt and cotton pants, bought beer, soju, vodka, and cranberry juice, and greeted the convenience store owner.

“Why did you buy so much?”

“The only thing I drink at home is purified water.”

Judging from how he is, Jun-Kyung thought he was the type to drink at the house, but surprisingly, that was not the case.

Hyun-Woos familiar but awkward apartment complex was similar to Junkyungs studio except for the size. The tidying up was not done by the person himself, but by a housekeeper who visited regularly.

He placed the bag he had brought on a marble island table, which was much more expensive than it appeared. Hyun-Woo, who volunteered to bring a heavy bottle of wine, took out a glass and ice. It was funny to see him ready to drink even though he usually doesnt drink.

When someone laid a plate, Jun-Kyung couldnt sit still. That was how he grew up in family and what he had learned from the unfair rebuke he had as an athlete. While the landlord was preparing to open a bottle, Jun-kyung took off the plastic wraps naturally.

“Hyung is a guest. Just sit still.”

“What guests? We are eating together.”


Hyun-Woo stopped him from using his hand and eventually took the bag of giblets to the sink. Jun-Kyung tried to help by taking out a plate but was pushed away.

“Ill take care of it, so wash your hands and come.”

Jun-Kyung went to the bathroom as instructed. He couldnt find any hand wash, so he just squeezed something and soaped it. The pale yellow transparent gel gave off a mellow odor. It was a very luxurious scent.

After he wiped his hands and came out, the table was set up nicely.

Did I say that clothes are wings? The wings of food were plates.

When the stir-fried giblets and grilled meat from a shabby restaurant was placed on a white porcelain plate, it looked like a great dish.

Silicone place mats and simple tableware were set up. Each one was as sophisticated as seen on an interior magazine set.

Without delay, Hyun-Woo immediately clapped the glass and drank it in one breath.


“This is the taste.” Jun-Kyung chewed a piece of giblets while admiring the taste of cold beer that was chilled to the bone. Spicy and salty, the taste was palpable.

“It tastes better than it looks.”

“Right? Its really delicious. The meat has no odor and is chewy.”

“Fill your glass a little more.” As he held out an empty glass, Hyun-woo picked up a bottle of soju and suddenly sniffed his nose.


“Hey, give me your hand.”

Hyun-Woo caught Jun-Kyungs hand and his nose brushed the knuckles of the fingers holding the glass. For a moment, an eerie displeasure crossed his spine. He pulled his hand back and set the empty glass firmly on the table.

“What are you doing?”

“Did you use what was in the bathroom?”

“Uh, why? Cant I use it?”

Are you trying to accuse me of using expensive things? Jun-Kyung was about to say something about not being petty as a kid who drives hundreds of millions of a sport car.

“No, you can use it. It smells a bit…”

“Whats wrong with the scent? It smells good.”

“Its kind of…never mind.”

“If you dont like it, should I go back and wash?”

“No, no. Its okay.”

Hyun-woo, who smiled awkwardly, poured soju into his glass instead of Jun-kyungs.

“Hey, drink slowly.”

“I am at home anyway.” There is no need to drive since he can just fall asleep on the floor. Of course, Jun-Kyung was planning to leave at the right time.

Hyun-Woo who finished drinking half the glass looked up at Jun-Kyung.

Jun-kyung put down his glass and asked slowly, “What?”

“You know, whats going on between Hyun-Seung hyung and you?”

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