“What do you mean?”

“Like what do you do when you meet?”

Hyun-Woo, who glanced sideways, muttered, “When we met at the main house before, you two suddenly disappeared and didnt answer my call.”

“Thats why you are pissed off?”

“Im not upset. Come to think of it, Hyunseung hyung and you are not even friends. Why are you going out together?”

Jun-Kyung snorted at his whiny tone.

“Then why dont you follow me when I tell you to come out? And you were the one who left me in charge of Executive Director Min. Dont you remember what you said first?”

As he pointed out, Hyun-Woo twisted his lips as if displeased. Even though hes not that huge, his action contrasts sharply with his body build that Jun-Kyung bursts into laughter. Why is he acting cute?

“Executive Director Min said he hadnt eaten, so I followed him to the restaurant. You ate with the chairman too.”

“Then why didnt you reply?”

“I dont have the guts to check my phone in front of Executive Director Min.”

“I guess you are the only one whos scared. I dont care.”

“So? If youre going to abuse your power, we can forget about you calling me hyung. Shall we, Hyun-woo Min?” Instead of sitting comfortably, Jun-Kyung angles his posture to show respect.

The opponents expression became even more distorted. “No, thats not what I meant.”

“Dont expect too much from a poor office worker. If its unfair, you can climb up higher than Director Min. If you become the vice-president, dont you know that I will listen to you first?”

It was 100% a joke. If Min Hyun-woo becomes vice-chairman, Hyun-seung Min will be the chairman among the chairman, so the situation of having to grovel more to Hyun-Seung Min will not change.

“But why does Hyunseung hyung suddenly eat with Jun-Kyung hyung? You used to eat well alone. Hyun-Seung hyung is a grown-up, why does he need someone to eat with him?”

“Arent you the one who whined to eat with you when we first met? At least the Executive Director eats the lunch box that his mother brought for him. You let it rot every day.” Hyun-Woo bit the inside of his cheek after being criticized.

As the glass was empty, Junkyung poured the beer again.

Anyway, it was a problem that Hyun-seung Mins presence was so clear even in his absence. Jun-Kyung was about to lose the taste of alcohol. “Lets just have a drink.”


Soju, beer, and various spirits were mixed in each others glasses. Its been a long time since hes been drinking comfortably, so he went in really drunk. They laughed and chatted all night together, arguing nonsense with just the two of them.


Bzzt. Bzzt. Bzzt.

The vibration continued. Jun-kyung, who had fallen into a sticky sleep, immediately woke up like the best bodyguard. The world reflected in the hazy vision was still dark.

He fumbled for his phone, which was ringing non-stop, but found it difficult to lift. He barely tilted his head and held the small screen close to his swollen eyes. The light from the liquid crystal pierced his eyes. “Ah.”

He closed his stinging eyes tightly and then opened them again, barely focusing on the blurred focus.


“Uh… hum?”

Mother? Jun-Kyung doesnt save his moms contact asMother. He noticed that the phone wallpaper was unfamiliar. After thinking for a moment, he realized it was someone elses cell phone.


He turned the screen over to block the light, then closed his eyes and went back to sleep. His half-awake head rolled over, thinking of who the owner of the cell phone was. At the same time, he realized the presence of the guy lying next to him while the phone rang non-stop.

“Hey, hey, hey, pick up the phone.”


Instead of calling him to answer the person, Jun-kyung pulled the blanket off the person.

“Hey… Min Hyun-woo, pick up the phone.” Maybe because he just woke up, his throat felt very sore that it felt like he swallowed some sand.

“Hey!” He couldnt stand it, so he threw the phone on the guys back. The guy who didnt move after being hit on the back of his bare back jumped up, swearing.


“Phone…answer the phone.”

“You can take it instead.”

“Today is a holiday. I dont work on holidays.”


The vibration started coming again. Every time Hyun-Woo moved, the floor shook. He drank a lot of alcohol and passed out without even remembering how and when he fell asleep. After all, it was a bed that was worth the money.

Hyun-Woo, who quickly rolled up the blanket, turned around the bed and headed towards the auxiliary bathroom. No matter how much of a holiday it was, Jun-Kyung couldnt help but worry about it because it was a call from madam. His gaze naturally turned in that direction.

The strong body boasting fine muscles in spite of blurred vision was amazingly nude without a single panty on.

‘Crazy bastard, who sleeps naked.

“Uh, why?”

The husky voice that answered the phone was full of irritation. How dare you talk like that to a nice mom? If it wasnt because he was her son, Jun-Kyung wanted to hit him. Of course, after sleeping more.

There was a sound of water for a while, but then it stopped. Soon after, the owner of the house in underwear appeared through the open dressing room.

Dressed in beige slacks over his underwear, he hoisted his feet on the vanity chair and folded his hem a couple of times. The phone rang again.

“Oh, I am dressed now. Junkyung hyung? He went home last evening.”

‘Wow, you little bastard, lying to your mother without blinking an eye.

The guy who disappeared into the dressing room and came out threw his striped shirt on the dressing table. As he continued to look into the mirror while talking on the phone, something strange caught Jun-Kyungs eye.

There were several red stripes on the back of his upper forearm, on his shoulders, and on his back wing bones. It looked like a scratch from sleeping naked, or a violent act if you looked at it wrongly. Considering the comfort of the bed, wouldnt the latter be more credible?

‘You are really showing me everything in just one night, Min Hyun-woo. But when did he call the woman? I thought he was a good guy, even if he was a little weird. Thats the case with a chaebol family. Dirty bastard.

While complaining inside, Min Hyun-woo, dressed in clothes, came closer. He was already too lazy to wake up. What if I sleep a little longer in a house without an owner? Ive seen everything, and its not like I am going to steal. 

“Hyung, sleeping?”

“Ugh.” He answered lying face down.

“Im really sorry, but something happened at my house, so Ill go back for a while. All of a sudden, my father is looking for me. Why are you making an important announcement on a holiday when everyone is off?”

Hes talking about weekends and holidays considering hes not even employed.

“It wont take long, so dont go anywhere. Hyung, are you listening?”


Jun-Kyung cant even bother to check thoroughly. Even if you come back right away, it takes more than an hour going back and forth. He was about to get up after 30 minutes of idling.

“Okay? Ill call you later. Be sure to take it.”

Min hyun-woo found the phone he didnt know where and put it on his palm. Silence came along as the front door opened and closed.

Why do you tell me to answer your own phone calls when you dont answer your moms calls? Selfish bastard.

Even though it was someone elses house, about 50% of the discomfort evaporated when he was left alone. The spacious new apartment, which housekeepers visit regularly, was very comfortable compared to Jun-Kyungs small studio. The unfamiliar freshness of someone elses house subtly encouraged laziness.

‘Should I really wait until he comes?

Its a holiday anyway, so theres nothing special to do. He can eat together and play, then go home slowly. The comfort of the luxurious bed seduced Jun-kyung. Im sick. Do I have to get up?

In an instant, Min Hyun-woos back, which was full of red nail marks, came to mind.

You really didnt do it next to me, did you? Why does my back hurt?

How many times did he get bean up while sleeping next to them? As soon as he thought about it, he got angry.

‘Ah, really, I cant lie down because its dirty.

What is the most comfortable place for an alpha chick to crotch? As soon as he thought about it, he jumped up.


He was about to get up. However, the moment he lifted his upper body, his lower back and lower body were suddenly about to split. It hurt so much that his eyes went dark. He couldnt even scream and fell forward. The head, bowed in pain, was slammed into the pillow.


He remembered the moment when one of his seniors suddenly ruptured while exercising. The gentle senior man cried while moaning like a child.

“Hey, toes! Do you have any sensation in your toes?”

Even as he was sick to death, Jun-kyung tried to move his toes. Fortunately, his two big toes moved pretty well. He bent all his other toes as well, concentrating on the sensation of scratching on the soft duvet. Fortunately, it was easy to move. It was a little dull, but it had a sense of touch.

As he moved slowly, his legs began to listen. Although it was very painful, there was no problem in moving. It wasnt a ruptured disc, it was more like muscle pain.

“Oh my God.”

What happened while I was sleeping that my muscles are screaming like this? Ive never felt so much pain while exercising.

Apparently someone hit him while he was sleeping. He was certain.

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