Before drinking, his actions suddenly flashed before his eyes like a silent movie. Even though he was merely a bodyguard, he dared to treat the son of the head of a large conglomerate without honorifics. Maybe it was okay when Hyun-Woo is in a good mood, but he may suddenly have a temper when hes drinking.

No matter how close they were, Hyun-Woo is a bastard who drives a domestic SUV and goes fishing all over the country with strangers. It is highly probable that he has learned some dirty habit.

Whether his muscles were torn or not, Jun-Kyung stood up. He crawled out of bed with his creaking limbs. Cheap swear words popped out. It was time to shake off the blanket that was wrapped around him and stand up.


The whole body was numb, especially the lower back. His gaze automatically turned downward. It was in a natural state. In other words, there were no panties.


Unknowingly, he groped his body with his hand, like someone who had been hit with a knife. His sluggish arms moved quickly to other parts of the body.

Both hands touched the chest, went up to the shoulder, then the side, down to the thigh, and finally gathered in the crotch. It was the instinct of a person who suddenly realized that he was naked and tried to hide it even when no one was watching.

His face flushed. At someones house who he was in a working relationship with, no matter how drunk I was, he shouldnt act like this. Maybe hes on drugs? Otherwise, its crazy!

As he stood up, the pain spread to the inside of his thigh. He wanted to get out of this house right away. He slowly moved his tangled head in search of clothes, but there was nothing near the bed. Maybe its in the living room.

He moved slowly like a patient. Every time his heel hit the floor, a tingling pain ran through his body, down his spine. How do you get hit like this?

After a few seconds, the pain that hit him like a raging wave subsided slightly. He let out a breath he had been holding back. His head was spinning as his vision flickered.

His experience and instinct as an athlete told him that theres definitely something more to it than just muscle pain. If he ignores this, he will surely regret it later.He needs to go to the hospital right away and get a diagnosis.

He grit his teeth and moves with all his might.

A scorching bitterness pain as if hes been slashed by a knife came again. Before he could hold his breath, a strange sensation followed. The horrifying sensation of hot water rushing out of his body.

Its similar to the feeling you feel in the bath house and often at the time Jun-kyung hates the most. His swaying gaze turned downward again. His thighs were visibly convulsing.

Soon after, blood mixed with fluid slowly drips around Jun-Kyungs heel.

The head, which had been creaking with a hangover, came to a sudden stop. All of his senses went numb as he got fed up.

Physical pain darkened his vision, but mental trauma was the opposite. Jun-kyungs vision burned white along with his brain.

As a result, he couldnt go to the hospital. No, he couldnt afford to go.

Instead, he went home and washed his body to get rid of the sensations on his body. He covered him with hot water enough to sting his flesh. The hot water, which had been pouring for a long time suddenly cut off, followed by cold water pouring out.

Jun-Kyung stood dazedly under the stream of water until his lips turned blue. His mind was in a mess.

‘What do I do? What should I do?

I dont know what to do.

What to do after coming home and washing up? If theres no problems, treat it as if nothing happened? I mean, uh….

“Oh!” For a moment, his mind flashed. In order to prevent the occurrence of a terrible, absolutely unacceptable situation, immediately…!


As he rushed out of the shower, his foot slipped and fell violently. The shock shook the bones all over his body. A light flashed in front of him, but the important thing right now was not that he was ill.


Like an injured person, he suffered both internal and external injuries. Jun-kyung crawled halfway to the place where he had put his medicine.

Ignoring the pain, he forcibly pulled out the medicine.


The white mug shattered along with the medicine bag. Roughly pushing out the sharp fragments, he picked up the medicine bag and tore it. The pills flew and fell through the shards of the mug.

Swallowing a curse, he quickly opened another bag. This time, the white pill stuck to the wet palm. He scraped the pills with his teeth and swallowed them, then opened the next packet of pills. He swallowed four pills. When he opened the fifth one, he remembered the doctors voice.

‘Some people eat it how many they want, but thats trouble. It is not for daily use, but an emergency medicine, so you have to keep the right dosage. If symptoms do not improve after taking one…

The doctor, who continued to speak in a mechanical and somewhat lazy tone, made the final statement as strong and clear as possible.

But not the hospital, never. He never wants to go.

He doesnt want to go through the eerie sensation of having his legs spread out in a disgusting chair and a gel-coated ultrasound device entering his intestines. Furthermore…

A doctor will immediately know the purpose of his visit to the hospital.

Before being the doctor, the nurse will ask a questionnaire.

ㅡWhen was your last sexual experience?

ㅡDo you have any experience when it comes to Omega?

(Please indicate the date of the most recent note.)

The question that he always skips every time he went to the clinic stood out in his mind.

He opened the fifth and sixth bags with trembling hands, Now he was cold enough from various shocks along with excessive excitement. The water-soaked medicine adhered to the mouth and melted, giving it a bitter bitter taste.

He couldnt remember whether or not he had opened the seventh bag and put it in his mouth. Befitting of emergency, the senses of the whole body became dull due to the rapid effect.

Like a haze rising through the dizzying field of vision, he hurriedly walked over to the bed. There was something stinging in the middle of the sole of the foot. The last thing he remembered was the ceiling as he stumbled.

The sound of running water continued through the open bathroom door. Enough water to fill the ten large tubs went straight into the sewers.

Bzzt. Bzzt.

The vibration of the phone was added to the sound of water flowing.

As soon as the owner, who was psychologically shaken due to the physical upheaval, entered the house, the cell phone was thrown onto the bed because it was new and expensive unlike the clothes that were left haphazardly in front of the bathroom.

Of course, the half-psychedelic owner didnt save the phone with such a purpose. It was more because of his instinct. The thin cell phone was pouring all the remaining battery into the vibration function. Someone continues to send signals to the lost owner.

Even if he revives his senses, the pain felt is still the same. The owner, who enjoys the soft fabric, crushed the cell phone with his bare body. The silicone case that fits snugly against the sleek body frame sticks to the owners body temperature.

The owner tossed and turned. His stiff movements performed a surprising miracle by pushing the accept button on the cell phone.


“Heh, heh, heh, heh.”

The owners painful breathing flowed into the small, sensitive microphone.

—Mr. Jun-Kyung? Can you hear me?

The voice coming through the speaker wasnt the one that usually called. Subtle emotions were carried in the cold and strong voice that was received.

—Mr. Jun-kyung Ho?Jun-kyung? Is it a communication error? Is the signal twisted?

Its hard for a cell phone with a body without limbs to do the miracle of reconnecting calls twice. The owner would have to respond.

“Heh…heh, heh.”

—Mr. Jun-kyung Ho? Why is your breathing like that? What happened? Where are you? I dont know whats going on, but Im going to Ho Jun-kyungs house right now!

That was all the voice the cell phone received. Under the heavy weight of the owners body, the cell phone plunged into death silence.

In the meantime, the head office communication in charge of the signal give the following announcementThe person you are trying to call cant answer the phone right now.


It felt like his head was going to explode. Its probably broken. Thats why it hurts. He wanted to put his mind back. But damn it, it didnt work out the way he wanted it to.

It felt like a fire was stuck in the top of his head and stirred inside his skull. Contrary to the sharp headache, the whole body was infinitely drowsy. The presence of the limbs was faint.

It was said that hearing is the last sense of living before death. Likewise, hearing was the first sense to come to life at the moment of awakening. Even though the other sensory organs were dull, the ears gradually opened.

Two people, a man and a woman to be exact, were talking in low voices. His head hurt too much to understand the contents.

The pain became clearer as the mind slowly awakened. A low groan escaped his lips. At the same time, the conversation between the man and woman ended.

“Mr. Junkyung?”

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