after an extensive search with the maritime police for a week. Three days later, a mortuary without the body was established.

1. Present

Director Mins strange requests continued one after another, but Junkyung stopped thinking and decided to just follow.

Allen showed up with an employee dragging four hangers. The 2-meter wide wheeled hanger that is commonly seen in stores is full of casual tops and bottoms, jackets and vests that cover all materials and designs.

The fashion expert, who dealt only with VIPs, didnt have enough four heavy tanks, so he brought an ammunition bag large enough to fit a person, and it was full of mens bags and accessories.

While spreading the equipment he brought with him in the middle of the living room, Executive Director Min continued to sit at the table and focus on his laptop.

Director Min thoroughly ignored the man who was dressed all in black, with a celebrity-like haircut, and wearing unique glasses that makes you wonder why you are wearing them.

Allen ignorantly put two big albums on the table and finished the preparations. An employee no more visible than Allen stood by between the hangers.

Allen stood respectfully in front of Executive Director Min.

Director Min said, “Dont look at me, look at Junkyung because that person is the one wearing it. Dont worry about the price.”

Allen turned around with no sign of displeasure at the command he gave without even giving a glance, but rather, smiling broadly, he looked like a musical actor.

“Hello, my name is Allen Choi. Please call me Allen”.

“My name is Junkyung Ho.”

“It is an honor to meet you, Jun-kyung.”

Without a moment of awkwardness, Allen asked questions with his rhythmic movements and tone.

“You need clothes to wear right now? What do you usually wear?”

Jun-Kyung answered honestly. Allen blinked with a smile of hospitality the whole time. He had a lot to say and seemed to be patient. He closely watched what Jun-Kyung had shopped.

“You seem to have only sporty items. Then Id like to recommend comfortable material with a basic design.”

The opinion of the experts was different. The first thing Alan brought out was dense and soft blue knit and cream cotton pants.

Its okay to change the top, but it was difficult to change the bottom right away. Allens staff was a woman. Even if there were only men, it was not good to be naked among people who were not  close.

As Jun-Kyung was about to go to the nearby bedroom with his clothes on, Executive Director Min, who had been working all the time, suddenly lifted his head.

“Where are you going?”

“Im going to change clothes.”

“I cant see you there”.

“Yes? But I need to change”.

Jun-Kyung paused, pointing his thumb over his shoulder to the bedroom. At the same time, his gaze turned to Allen.  Allen looked a little flustered.

“You can change your clothes here.”


What kind of bullshit? Unbeknownst to him, Jun-Kyung looked at Executive Director Min without realizing it. And he quickly turned his eyes away. The eye laser has 20% left before its maximum output. It wasnt to the point of being burned to death right away, but it was scary enough to be frightening.

The quick-witted employee turned his back. Conscious of Director Min, Allen drew a hanger and set it up like a screen. It was manageable to change.

“Oh, your shoulders are wider than I thought. It should be one size bigger than this. How about the pants?”

“Its fine. Its easy to move around.”

“Hmm. It would be nice if it fit a little more. You have straight legs, so if the pants were one size smaller, it would be prettier.”

What fashion expert. Jun-Kyung doesnt know why hes asking if hes going to do his way anyway.

“What about you, Executive Director Min? Is this the right style?”

“Not bad.” Executive Director Min answered without looking. Allens expression brightened a little perhaps because it was a good answer.

After that, Jun-kyung tried on almost all the clothes Allan brought while measuring the fit. Whenever Allen commented on the dimensions, the staff quickly recorded it on the pad.

In the process, Jun-kyungs role was to answer like a live mannequin to the question “How are you?” that Allen asks in a dry voice, “Its good.”

He got tired of putting on and taking off his clothes for about two hours. At the end, whether the female employee saw it or not, he sat down on the sofa wearing only black underwear and was half engrossed.

You told me to not work out, does this not count as exercise?

All the way through the fitting, Jun-Kyung answered “good” like a machine and Jun-Kyung was secretly angry with Director Min who kept repeating “Its okay” whatever the outfit.

Finally, he received tops and bottoms that Allen gave put them on without sincerity. He was in dark blue slacks and an off-white shirt. He just buttoned one in the middle of the shirt, and Allen did the rest. He tucked his hem into his trousers, rolled up his sleeves slightly and unbuttoned two of his neck buttons. The answer to the question “How are you?” was “Its good.”

After Allen said something cryptic, the staff pulled out a bright leather belt from the prop carrier. The shoes were comfortable sneakers.

“Junkyung, how about changing your hairstyle a little?”

“My hair?”

“Yeah, its too formal now, so your impression is hard. Dont flip it over. If you put it down like this…”

Allen scattered his front hair. Jun-Kyung was surprised. An expert was an expert. Allen seemed to have just touched it with his fingers, but Jun-Kyungs impression changed drastically.

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