y best to make sure you dont have to try so hard. Was there a misunderstanding somewhere in our agreement?”

Thanks to Allens way of speaking, Jun-Kyung came up with a grammatically-breaking honorific that is rarely used. Director Mins expressionless face, which was the default value, shifted slightly to the negative side.

“I didnt say anything about being inconvenienced,” Director Min replied.

“It is my own judgment.”

“Ho Jun-Kyung.”


Its been a long time since he was called by the three names straight, so the answer was automatically engraved working as a bodyguard. After calling him in a stern tone, Executive Director Min gave no special rebuke or other instructions.

Jun-kyung, who looked down politely, didnt know what kind of expression he was making, but it was clear that it couldnt be good.

Director Mins thick chest wrapped in a silk vest swelled slightly. Are you going to take a breath and shout something out? There was tension.

“… Thats it”.

Contrary to expectations, it ended very bland. Before Jun-kyung could even raise his head, Executive Director Min returned to the table. The phone rang just in time, so he answered the call and concentrated on the pad at the same time.

Various sensitive topics such as projects, new product development, research institutes, and supplier selection came out through the mouth of Executive Vice President Min. Even from a former bodyguard, it seemed like a top-secret matter such as information that could be a disaster if it leaked into a competitor.

‘Can I listen to these trade secrets?

He didnt want to sit still on the sofa. He quietly lifts his ass and walks into the bedroom so that no footsteps are heard.

“Where are you going?”

Jun-Kyung thought there was an invisible wall between them.

“I thought it would interfere with your work. I will wait in the bedroom.”

“It doesnt bother me at all.”

Directors Min eyes were cold, noting what he didnt like.


He glued his butt back to the sofa and watched Director Min work. From morning shopping and swimming to getting cramps and trying on different outfits, his eyelids slowly started to close.

He tried to sit well, but couldnt keep his head up. His eyelids were too heavy. Hes not short of stamina. Could it be because of swimming? Or for some other reason?

‘Oh, Im pregnant.

The doctor had warned him that he would sleep a lot. He fully understands why exercising was not ideal. Compared to usual, todays activities are not activities, but he feels so sleepy.

The shaky body leaned sideways on its own. He dozed off in earnest with his chin on the sofa armrest.

Director Mins low voice on the phone sounded like a lullaby. From the finger tapping the pad to the sound of the keyboard keyboard,there was no way he could be fully asleep, but contrary to his will, Jun-kyung fell into a deep sleep.

When he woke up in the middle of the night, he was on the bed. Is this his human consciousness that allows him to find bed even when asleep?

Director Mins presence was felt with the light through the slightly opened door. Jun-Kyung checked the time on a small digital clock next to the bed. It was past 2 am. Even though hes a director of a large corporation, does he work overtime until this hour? Obviously, it must be because of the forced schedule adjustment.

‘I knew the date felt rushed.

Even if he bites his cheek inside, there is no other way for Jun-kyung. He can call his parents to reschedule, but its hard to reschedule with Director Min. Above all, he felt very sleepy.

Jun-kyung fell into a honey-like sleep again.

Jun-Kyung woke up after a good nights sleep.  Unlike yesterday, the space next to the bed was empty. After taking a shower, Jun-Kyung found Executive Director Min was still working, sitting at the table in the same outfit as yesterday. The greeting for work came out naturally.

“Hello, good morning.”

“Did you sleep well?” The voice that came back was a little dry and harsh. It seems because he stayed up all night.

“Did you stay up all night?” Jun-Kyung asked.

“No, I slept on the sofa for an hour at dawn”.

Thats what you call staying up late.

“Im going to get some bottled water from the fridge, do you want one?”

“Thanks.” He thought Director Min would call a staff like yesterday, so his natural answer was a relief.

He found the espresso machine while taking out two bottles of water. The lifestyle of Koreans. Excited, he held up his glass and took a shot.


The warm-up button began to sparkle as the silver espresso machine turned. Come out quickly, black and white. He filled up an ice cup to drink an iced Americano.

“Jun-kyung is on a caffeine ban for the time being.”

A warning flew in from afar. At the same time as he reflexively turned back, the ice clattered into the crystal cup.

“Caffeine is not good for mothers. There is a high risk of miscarriages”.

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