“Since Jun-kyung joined the company, I have always had a crush on him. Weve been dating for about half a year.”

It was a question his parents asked Jun-kyung, but the answer was given by Executive Director Min who was sitting next to Junkyung.

Jun-Kyung just nodded along. Its not quite a lie since he started delivering lunch boxes in earnest around that time.

“The elders in the family know about this?” His father wandered between speaking with and without honorifics and eventually chose honorifics.

The Director looked down politely and listened.

“I havent been able to tell them yet because there have been hard times at home recently. Also, as a courtesy, I decided it was right for me to greet the two of you first before talking to them.”

“Maybe they are against it. As for us, we wouldnt oppose if the two of you really like each other.”

“I dont think so. They are waiting for their grandchildren more than anyone else”.


Jun-Kyungs parents were visibly flustered. Even his mother who told him to seduce Alpha stretched her philtrum while looking at Jun-Kyung.

Jun-kyung bowed his head and only teased tomatoes with a fork. He was in a much more difficult position than expected. He would have watched with interest if they were talking about someone else, but sadly he was the party.

“You are alpha, right?”

“Yes, because Junkyung is an Omega.”

His father nodded a beat late as if realizing that his son was an Omega again. Seeing that his complexion had turned pale, it looks like the time he was desperate to quit smoking. He closed his eyes tightly and then opened it. Then, he drank the bottled water that Junkyung had left.

Bzzt. Bzzt.

At the sound of the vibrating cell phone, everyone sitting on the sofa looked for Jun-Kyungs phone at once. This time, the opportunity to escape from the sofa went to none other than Executive Director Min.

“Im sorry. Ill take a call for a moment.”

Director Min, who stood up from his seat, was told by his parents to take as much time as he wanted.

Executive Director Min walked out the front door. When the mother saw that the front door was completely closed, she screamed in shock.

“How did this happen? Dont you work at the company?”

“I am an employee there.”

“No, youre not just an employee there!” Jun-Kyungs father, who had been quiet the whole time, stood up and walked around the living room.

Jun-hee, who had taken refuge in the kitchen, ran to the sofa, “Is that person that bastard?”

What the hell are you talking about all of a sudden? 

Jun-kyung looked at Jun-hee as though looking at someone who was sick.

“No, we talked about it while eating at a meat restaurant near the cafe. The person who is like from a drama.”

Then Jun-Kyungs memory came to mind. “Yeah”.

Junhee spit out words, “Wealthy people are ridiculous, arent they? How did you two get to know each other? Did you get slapped? Youre the first person Ive ever met. Have you ever heard of something like this?” (T/N: Basically Jun-Hee is in disbelief at this novelty.)

“It just happened. As an assistant to his mom, I have a lot of chances to bump into him.”

“Who asked who to date first?” His mother asked a predictable question.

“Of course, the executive director asked first.”

“Really? What do you like about him?”

“I dont know that.”

“Why dont you know when youre dating?”

“I dont know. I just think hes good.”

His mother doesnt seem to believe him and scowled at Jun-Kyung. “He doesnt have any ulterior motives? Like playing with you?”

“No, not like that! Really!”

Jun-kyung, who was stabbed on his tail, jumped out of his seat to show his determination.

“And if hes playing, am I the one that gets played? Me, a former judo athlete and a professional bodyguard?”

When the tallest and most manly person in the family made a loud noise, there was no further objection.

“Junkyung-ah, your mothers heart is beating too fast.”

His mother complained of shortness of breath. Usually, when something too surprising happens, Jun-Kyung also feels the same way.  He doesnt worry too much about it since it gets better after a short break, but this situation was surprising enough to make his heart race.

Well, that makes sense.

“Let me know in advance. How can you bring someone like the Executive Director of a large conglomerate?”

“Sorry. I didnt want to talk on the phone.”

“From now on, dont suddenly notify me like this, and if you cant do it over the phone, send it by text. Mom is really out of breath.”


Her mothers impatience who asked to set the date as soon as possible also played a part, but Jun-Kyung was not a sleazy child enough to point them out one by one.

Ring. Ring.

The intercom rang, showing the underground parking lot screen. His father, who was in the closest position, looked at the intercom for a long time and then pressed the door open button.

It was Jun-kyung who went to meet Executive Director Min at the front door. The rest of the family forced him with their eyes.

A pink Styrofoam cup was held in the hand of Executive Director Min entering the house. He handed it to Junkyung with his usual expressionless face. It seems that the call he received earlier was from the secretary who bought ice cream.


“Oh, thank you.”

“Before dinner, what kind of ice cream is it?” Jun-Kyungs father used a rather rude tone as if he had suddenly caught a case.

“Junkyung wanted to eat on the way, so I prepared it separately.”

“What will happen to that strong boy just because he doesnt eat some ice cream? You, no matter how close you are, why do you make him do that?”

A spark splash off Jun-Kyungs direction. In this situation, it was impossible to say that Executive Director Min overreacted to his words.

“Jun-Kyung is at a time where he should eat what he wants to eat, so Im paying attention. I prepared it, so dont be too harsh on him.”

It was the first time that Jun-Kyung felt thankful for Executive Director Mins unique manner. Despite a polite apology, his fathers grumbling continued.

“Is there a time when you have to eat whatever you want? Its not like hes pregnant”.

“He is now 4 months pregnant.”

A heavy silence came.

In terms of what hes feeling, Jun-Kyung might be able to throw himself out of the veranda with an ice cream cup in his arms. It would be nice if he could escape this world like that.

Seeing Jun-Kyungs body flinching, Executive Director Min boldly wrapped around Junkyungs waist in front of his parents who are watching.

“Pregnant? Who?”Junhee opened his mouth.

“Jun-kyung. Its been a little over 4 months though. As you know, Junkyungs hormone levels are not good, so its time to be careful.”

Jun-Kyung turned around like a person who has rust in his joints. Jun-Kyung was convinced that his face had turned white even without looking in the mirror. Even his parents looked at Jun-Kyung with their mouth wide open.

While the silent alarm continued like a siren, only Executive Director Min acted as if nothing had happened.

“Im telling you just in case, but this is my child.”


Her son is pregnant. After two months of dating. The opponent is the same man. Even if the person is an omega, the possibility of happening and the actual occurrence are two different things.

Jun-Kyungs mother, who was unable to cope with her reality, eventually drove to the brink of coma. Dinner, of course, was a no-go. Jun-Kyungs father, who was speechless because of a series of shocks, stuttered and asked to talk again later.

Director Min, who grasped the atmosphere in the house, went out first with an apology. Jun-hee hastily caught Jun-kyung who was about to follow with an ice cream cup.

“Where are you going? We need to talk more.”

“Uh? Im waiting for the Executive Director.”

“Tell him to go on his own. Should I take you home?”

From Jun-hees actions, Jun-kyung remembered one more fact that he hadnt been able to tell.

“We live together.”

“Hey! Are you crazy?!”

At Jun-hees thunderous shout, Jun-Kyungs father popped out. The sound of his mothers sickness was heard in the bedroom.

“What else are you talking about?”

“They live together.”

His fathers face, which was the color of a dark cloud, completely changed to the color of briquettes. The father quickly stroked his chest and hips with his rough hands. It was a gesture looking for a cigarette. Its been years since he quit. No way.

His father smacked his lips and finally took a deep breath.

“Jun-kyung Ho, you seem so unfamiliar. I dont think its my son.” (T/N: Dad is surprised because Jun-Kyung doesnt seem like the son he knows.)

“Im sorry, Dad.”

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