As soon as Executive Director Min received the smart key from the secretary, he unlocked the door and opened the passenger seat door.

Now that this situation has become familiar, Jun-kyung naturally rose to his seat. Director Min got into the drivers seat while Jun-Kyung fastened his seat belt and put the ice cream box cup on his lap.

Before starting the engine and leaving, Executive Director Min checked Jun-Kyungs seat belt. It was a small gesture that the general public would hardly notice because it was a quick glance. For Jun-kyung, who received professional training, he noticed.

The VVIP opens the car door by himself, checks the seat belt, and drives the car to the house by hand. He even ordered someone to buy an ice-cream even though that was casually mentioned.

The British luxury sedan quickly made its way onto the motorway. While running coolly, Junkyung said something he couldnt say earlier.

“Thank you.”

“For what?”

“From ice-cream to everything.”

“Ice cream is a given, but I dont know what else to be grateful for.”

Director Mins answer was 100% pure and sincere. He didnt know what to be grateful for, so he frowned slightly and looked at Junkyung.

“Thank you for visiting my parents today, and thank you for talking about various difficult things first. If I were alone, I wouldnt have said anything.”

“Dont need to be grateful for that. You can do anything you want. Its something that we have to get out of the way anyway.”

The road curved sharply. Executive Director Min paused and gently turned the wheel.

We? Because were dating?

Its just a set-up, so its okay for him to tell Jun-kyung to do it on his own. It was really a great consideration for a VIP  of a large corporation to spare time from his busy work and visit  in person.

If he put that much effort into it, its easy to honestly say that they are dating. Jun-Kyung was thankful and slightly moved.

As the car entered the straight line, Executive Director Min continued the conversation he had cut off. “Its because we are in the same boat.”


It was a little against Jun-Kyungs expectations. He thought the keyword in the resolution between the two was privacy and boundaries. All of a sudden, its a team.

It is clearly an expression of trust and friendship. But something felt odd. It wasnt bad, but it wasnt particularly good either. He feels an unexplainable sadness? Sadness?

‘Are you crazy?Jun-kyung Ho

He was seriously immersed in dating for a short time. What are you going to do if he feels sad for the Executive Director Min? The kindness and consideration he showed was just because he was a perfectionist.

Since they are dating, they have agreed to get married and raise children as their own, so it is natural to visit and greet the parents. In fact, it was also Executive Director Min who decided not to change the date and adjusted his busy schedule.

Director Min is absolutely right. There is no particular reason to be grateful. There is no need to interpret the word “team on the same boat” for nothing and feel sad.

Director Min is not a real lover. He just wants his own family blood, so dont be moved by trivial favors. Calm down, Jun-kyung Ho.


Director Mins house, which seems to live in a skyscraper overlooking the city like a ruler, was located in a traditional wealthy village at the foot of a mountain in Gangbuk. It is a neighborhood with many diplomatic missions, and there are no skyscrapers anywhere, and most of the buildings are five stories or less.

The redevelopment in Dama Chig looks like it is going to be hard to see. However, recently the redevelopment has been almost completed, and the exterior of each building in sight has been refined enough to be used as a cover for an architecture magazine.

The concrete building just below the mountain was Director Mins house. The yard is not large, but the rear window facing the mountain provided clean air and a quiet view.

“We use everything from the basement of the three-story building to the rooftop. The bedroom is on the second floor. The elevator and stairs are here. The clothes will be in the dressing room.”

While being briefly on the houses interior, the secretary brought a hotel lunch.

When did you prepare something like this again?

He didnt talk on the phone. It was well past dinner time, so as soon as Jun-Kyung saw the lunch box, his stomach churned.

“Eat it right away.”

“What about Hyunseung Min?”

“I will eat at work.”

The lunch box was for two people. Why does he think of eating at work?

As expected, Director Min is a grown-up. He is much more mature than Jun-kyung and is thorough in self-management. It wont be a big deal if he skips one meal in the evening.

“Have a safe and sound trip.”

Jun-Kyung walked him out of the hall in a polite manner. Executive Director Min, who was just about to leave, looked at Jun-kyung for a moment as if he had forgotten something. But instead of giving instructions, he smiled softly. His eyes werent smiling. It was a cold, creepy smile.

Director Min and the secretary left, so Jun-kyung was the only person in the three-story, spacious building. He sat down on the sofa in the living room and ate his lunch box first. He was focused on appeasing hunger rather than taste.

He went to the kitchen after finishing it well. He opened up a built-in refrigerator that matches the kitchen, which is mostly white and has a sensuous tile finish.


Jun-kyung opened the refrigerator and paused.

“I thought there would be an endless supply of expensive bottled water.”

Isnt that an image you expect from a chaebol? Lacking humanity, neurotic, etc?

He implicitly expected a space like bottled water, cold beer, or cheese and lemon. However, Executive Director Mins refrigerator was far from that.

Of course, the inside was well organized. There were a couple of bottles of water.

In addition, there are various vegetables, seasonings and fruits. Glass containers with side dishes were also neat. Ham, eggs, and various butters and cheeses are also available. The best part was the half tofu soaked in water.

Executive Director Min uses half of the tofu and puts it in a container with water? There was only one conclusion.

“The kitchen aunt comes regularly.”

Nodding his head, Jun-Kyung shoved the leftover lunch box into the refrigerator shelf.

Yesterday, Executive Director Min just stared at him without saying a word, frightening the three people, including Jun-Kyung. It was inconvenient to eat and rest comfortably.

He needs a change of clothes, where are they? The clothes Allen sent must be somewhere in this house.

Jun-Kyung went up to the second floor. The main bedroom was quickly found. As soon as he walked in, he was greeted with a refreshing, slightly woodsy, luxurious scent. It smells like Executive Director Min.

Of course, his clothes must be in the dressing room of another room, so he looked elsewhere, but all the other rooms were empty.

Just in case, Jun-Kyung went to the 3rd floor and there was a heavy door decorated with leather upholstery that could only be used in a theatre. He looked inside, but it looks nothing like the wardrobe.

‘Is the dressing room there?

With suspicion in his heart, Jun-kyung came back into Executive Director Mins bedroom. After finding the powder room, he found a dressing room and opened it. In addition to the clothes Allan had unilaterally picked out, the clothes that Junkyung bought themselves were hung neatly on one side.

“There is no other VIP who doesnt act as expected, really.”

Combining the dressing room means sharing the bedroom as well, right? Jun-kyung took a deep breath. He wondered if it was necessary to pretend to be dating even inside the house, but Director Min can do so if he wanted to.

There are no beds in the other rooms. And it would be a bit funny to continue living on the sofa.

There was nothing comfortable to wear. All of the clothes Allan brought were for going out, and the clothes Junkyung bought were a terrifying luxury T-shirt thats scary to wear at home.

‘I shouldve bought some sportswear.

He regretted it later. Even so, it seems impossible to roll around wearing a t-shirt worth hundreds of thousands of won. Considering the price, design, and material of other clothes, Jun-Kyung did not dare to try. Naturally, his eyes turned to other places.

“You cant just wear a suit at home, can you?”

Hes still human. At home, he would wear a comfortable jersey or sportswear. The chairman and madam both wear comfortable cotton t-shirts and cotton pants at home. The chairman of the chaebol, as well as the son of the chairman of the chaebol, will be equipped with such clothes.

There were only belts and wallets, or ties and pins, in the watch cabinet drawer in the middle of the dressing room.

There was another chest of drawers under the folds of a luxury suit hanging on a built-in hanger. One compartment was underwear, and the other compartment was pajamas.

There were no T-shirts with stretched necks or sweatpants with slightly stretched knees. Jun-Kyung didnt see any sneakers or golf equipment that anyone with a bit of money would have.

Did he put it somewhere else? Or does he not exercise?

“No way. Is that a body you can get without exercising?”

He threw away his stupid thoughts.

“I cant help it.”

He wore a luxury T-shirt worth hundreds of thousands of won on top, and below he borrowed a pair of dark gray pajama pants from Executive Director Min. He was glad it wasnt silk.

He roamed the house in earnest. Even when you are employed, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the office structure, where to store equipment, and learn how to use various devices.

In order to respond to an unexpected situation, he needed to figure it out in advance, and if possible, he wanted to do it comfortably while Executive Director Min was away.

Jun-Kyung decided to start from the basement and go up. The moment he got on the elevator and went down to the basement, Junkyung sighed.

The lights came on automatically as soon as the elevator opened, but there were no missing appliances in the industrial-style space. It was as if the entire athlete-level professional necessity had been moved.

“Wow, thats cool.”

The latest gadgets seduced Jun-kyung. He felt like he was in an exhibition hall dedicated to equipments. He opened his eyes and looked at them one by one. He swept a heavy bar and a strong rope with his fingertips.

The floor was lined with top-quality mats. One wall was a clean mirror. On the other side, there was a water purifier and a glass cup on a shelf where various props were arranged. Towels arranged like a hotel were piled up next to it. When he opened the door in one corner, a simple dressing room appeared.

“The sportswears are here.”

Various jerseys, T-shirts made from cutting-edge materials, and sneakers were also plentiful by type. Inside the dressing room, there were two doors, one for the bathroom and one for the shower.

From the dressing room to the bathroom and shower, there are built-in black cabinets, and the white tiles finished with black joints were very nice. “Awesome.”

As much as the Black Card, or maybe more, Jun-Kyung was very impressed. Its a facility that almost any man would like, but for Jun-kyung, who is especially fond of sports, couldnt be more envious of Hyun-Seung Mins wealth than now.

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