The warm touch did not stop on his back. Director Min gently patted him on the back, then came up on his shoulder and up his neck. As if that wasnt enough, Executive Director Mins hands wrapped around Junkyungs cheeks. Naturally, Jun-Kyungs head turned upward.

The blurred vision was filled with only Executive Director Min. He was on the verge of crying. He closed his eyes slowly and swallowed the warm energy that was rising up. He relaxed his tight chin and let out a soft sigh between his lips.

“Junkyung, I apologize in advance.” A husky low sound was heard nearby.

An early apology. Is he trying to do something that hasnt happened?

Judging from the work performance Jun-kyung has shown so far, it doesnt seem reasonable. Jun-Kyung should just let the steam off Director Min.

If VIP gets angry, he has to persevere and ask for one more chance. It is the proper attitude of a commoner living in a competitive capitalist society to actively express that he has committed a mortal sin.

But the feeling of nervousness paralyzed his tongue. As he struggled to catch his breath, he closed his trembling lips, then opened his eyes hoping that the water wouldnt go beyond tears. He internally straightened out the sentences.

“I am…..”

Jun-Kyung couldnt even say the simple words “Executive Director”. But this time, it wasnt because of Junkyungs patheticness.

Something elastic touched his lips. A slightly rough surface quickly pressed down on Junkyungs lips. Moisture filled the part he touched, and the suffocating sensation soon turned into intense heat.

A sense of remorse and sense of shame for not fully fulfilling the instructions evaporated at the same time. Now, that was just a very minor issue.

His wet eyes dried up in an instant.  A large fire broke out in the face at the same time as the light ray hit the top of the head.

“Ho Jun-kyung, do you understand now?”

What does he know? Hes not the executive director right. What has he done? Is this sexual harassment?

Should I report it? Will he accept that I report to the police?

No wait, is Executive Director Min crazy? Why all of a sudden?

“I have no intention of doing it in moderation.”

“Ah, uh, oh…. yes?”

Jun-Kyung let out a strange sound, half out of his mind. Director Min didnt even laugh. He looked at Jun-kyung with a very serious and frightening look.

“Whatever the reason we started, we are getting married. Spouse, husband, couple. I dont know which wives bow their head apologizing for taking out some of their husbands clothes?”

He knows, but his mine is not working well.

Hes not an acting genius. How can he change the behavior pattern he has had throughout his life? Does he have to act even when the two of us are alone?

This is labor exploitation. No matter how willingly Director Min gives him a black card, he has to guarantee work hours. But why the hell is he kissing all of a sudden? It was difficult for Jun-Kyung to keep up with the situation.

“Thats… I…”

“The look in your eyes says you still dont understand.”

As if that wasnt enough, Executive Director Min, who was already close, came closer. At the same time, his large hand, which had wrapped around Jun-Kyungs cheek moved.

His long, straight thumb pressed the soft flesh under his chin, and Junkyungs head turned even higher. Their lips overlapped again.

Junkyung reflexively closed his mouth and held his breath. This time, it didnt end as short as before. Executive Director Min pulled Jun-kyungs waist tightly and grabbed his head tightly so that he could not pull out his head.

Jun-Kyungs whole body was on fire, and he was short of breath. He finally burst his tight lips.  Executive Director Min did not miss the opportunity. His smooth tongue slid into Jun-Kyungs mouth with his musk scent. .

It was one of the many acts that Jun-Kyung had never done in his life. As he had never done it before, he was not impressed by any movie or hearing someones vivid story. Hes heard different things like its hot, its sweet, sometimes its bitter, its good. The reality was very different from what he expected with dryness.

It was more intense than before, and hotter than the frictional heat off skin. It was more dizzying than when he was fasting for weight control, and more short of breath than when he was sprinting for oxygen saturation.


Background music is usually used during kissing scenes in movies and TV shows. He knew for the first time that the sound of kissing was similar to the sound of eating candy. It was far more naked and erotic than his faint imagination.

Both inside and outside of the mouth, which were occupied by others, were immersed in unfamiliar sensations for a long time. He was so nervous that there was ringing in his ears. His chin was numb and his neck was stiff.

The first kiss of his life was a super typhoon. Not only Jun-Kyungs rationality, but also the instinct of masculinity also plunged into an irresistible state. In the meantime, there is no way that the feeling of guilt that accompanies crying will remain.

The kiss that seemed to last forever was over. Executive Director Min supported Jun-kyung, who staggered like a marathon runner who barely crossed the finish line. Jun-Kyung rested his forehead against the tight chest wrapped in the finest shirt, trying to somehow sweep away the rags of hair.

“Now do you understand?”

He doesnt know what it is, but he said okay for now. It was because he thought I would faint if Director Min kissed him one more time.

“I will do my best in my marriage to Jun-kyung. Its a separate story from the childs agreement. I want to get along well as a husband and wife, so I hope Jun-kyung will consider me as a spouse even if it is difficult.”

After a brief pause, Executive Director Min added with a light sigh.

“I dont want to be a boss or an employer for Jun-kyung.”

Jun-Kyung seemed to have a vague idea of what his intentions were. A kiss is unnecessary if the premise is for a simple agreement or custody. In short, its no joke. In other words, sincerity. Marriage is real. Not a rehearsal like a real one, but reality itself.

A powerful earthquake with a magnitude of 8 occurred at the feet of Junkyung who was hit by a large fire and typhoon. His knees loosened and his jaw muscles relaxed at the same time. It was purely thanks to Executive Director Min that he did not collapse.

“Uh… so… are you and I married? Really? Married couple? Like cutting water with a knife?”

“I think youve finally figured it out now.”

While forcibly moving his brain, which was not working properly, Jun-Kyung focused his attention on the features of Executive Director Min with his eyes. Where might it be wrong? Did he take any medicine? Or is this another trap?

Even with careful observation, there were no hints.

After a moment of blanking out, Jun-Kyung asked a sincere question.

“Why are you doing this?”

“Is there any reason not to do this?”

There were so many reasons that he was confused about what to start with. While he hesitated, Executive Director Min came in first.

“Dont talk about background differences, financial differences, abilities or appearance differences, or gender-related issues. Its a minor issue for me.”

“If you tell me to leave out all important things…”

Jun-Kyung was a little curious about what he meant by appearances. Although Executive Director Min is very handsome, he is not the type thats likable. Jun-kyung is also confident in his appearance, but its a bit…. it is.

“There seems to be a difference of interpretation on the proposal, but it is an agreement already signed. There will be no change or cancellation of the contract under any circumstances.”

Are you the person who said you didnt want to be a boss? Why are you in the executive mode of a large company all of a sudden? 

When Jun-Kyung was in school, he neglected his studies and only played sports, and his career was basically a physical job. Of course, he cant keep up with his opponent with brain rotation.

No, it is difficult to guarantee victory against Director Min even with martial arts thanks to the disadvantages of innate physical condition. Either way, Jun-Kyung stayed silent with his mouth open like an idiot.

“Is there anything you dont understand?”

If I dont understand, what are you going to do? Want to kiss again?

It is only scary to find out more at this point.

He just has to say that he understands it well and just has to cover it up with a clumsy smile. He cant use the usual smile at work at all. The truth is terrifying when a person who met all of the danger signs comes out like this.

If the executive director wasnt a man, would it be less awkward if Director Min was a female even if hes Alpha? At that moment, a very terrifying thought came to Jun-kyungs mind.

“Oh, by the way, if we become a real couple.”

“Not if. It is a matter of procedure and time before we make it a reality.”

Jun-Kyungs mouth became parched and swallowed saliva for no reason.

“…you want a relationship like a married couple?”

“When Junkyung is ready.”

“When I am ready.” Jun-Kyung repeated the words.

There is a fire under his neck, but a blizzard blows at the top of the head. He feels dizzy and his head is about to break. Do it when youre ready. The impact of hugs and kisses had already faded with the new information.

Its not like pretending, but real. He doesnt know what the preparation is. Jun-Kyung was at a loss for words. The vocal cords were burned by the roaring heat or frozen by the scorching cold.


The company he joined with an innocent heart turned out to be a business under the guise of a human trafficker. The expectation that they will divorce soon after having a child after acting for a while was merely Jun-Kyungs illusion.

‘No, why are you serious?

What is the reason for wanting a real marriage rather than a simple fake marriage? At this point, Jun-Kyung was genuinely curious about what Executive Director Min was up to. He doesnt just want the child of his dead brother. Anyway….

‘I am doomed.

He really messed up. Dont know how but hes already fallen into a trap. If he say he cant do it here, Jun-Kyung has no idea what Executive Director Min will say or do.

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