ink from the other side.
They were in line with the door.

If the bathroom was small, he could immediately see it, but it was not a structure that could be seen directly from the door because it was large and there was a sink wall that was placed in the middle.
Jun-Kyung put his head further and tilted his upper body slightly inward.

“Do you have anything to say?” All of a sudden, Executive Director Min spoke up.


Jun-Kyung thought Director Min wouldn’t be able to notice because Jun-Kyung held his breath.
Did he feel the cold wind? It’s not even the entrance to the public bath.
It’s not easy to feel the cold wind in the shower room at home.

How did he know? Since Jun-Kyung can’t see him from here, of course he can’t see here either from the other side.

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Executive Director Min, who caught his heart like a ghost, gave the answer.
At that moment, Junkyung found the mirror installed above the sink.
Director Min, who was wet with water, was looking straight at Jun-kyung through the mirror.

‘You pathetic idiot! How can you not notice a mirror that big.’

“If it’s not urgent, we can talk after shower.”


Jun-Kyung quietly retreated.
The stick he was holding was placed in the dressing room on the way.
A new problem arose.
He has to come up with an excuse for entering the bathroom.

Before the idea came to mind, Executive Director Min came out of the bathroom first.
Fortunately, this time, there was a towel wrapped around his waist.
Director Min’s sharp eyes, which were rubbing his eyes with a small towel, caught Jun-Kyung’s gaze, and then headed towards the dressing room.
Although it was only for a moment, he felt cold.

Director Min came out in pajamas, approached the bed rubbing his dry hair with a towel.

“Put clothes and towels that need washing in the bathroom clothes basket.
The housekeeper will come and take care of it on Monday and Thursday.”


“The hospital is going to recommend nutritionists and nurses, but they said it would take some time.
The driver and bodyguard will come here tomorrow.”

“No, you don’t have to.
I was a little clumsy, but I won’t be in the future.
You don’t have to bother with it.”

Jun-Kyung is still flustered being here and now there’s going to be a nurse, nutritionists, and guards.
It’s like having a watchman around.

“There must be a better reason.”

As expected, it’s not easy.

“Since I have exercise experience, I tend to control my diet well.
Even if a nutritionist does not come, the hospital can make a meal plan and implement it as it is.
It’s not because of old age or disability, so there’s no need for a nurse to come.
If you make an appointment at a designated hospital, I will visit them regularly for check-ups.”

“I don’t really believe it.”

Director Min’s wet hair or pajamas with shorter arms and legs length, did not dilute his menacing charisma in the slightest.
On the contrary, it was even more terrifying by adding bizarreness.
He looks like a killer with short hair, famous for his unusual appearance.

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Jun-Kyung rolled his brain as much as he could, feeling like he was really dealing with a killer.
Shall he appeal for another chance? No.
It would backfire because he said he hated being the boss at work…..
ah! There is a way.

“Didn’t you say you want an equal marital relationship?”

Director Min’s eyes looking at Jun-Kyung became sharp.

“I am not a well-known person, nor am I doing anything important.
Originally, I specialized in bodyguards and attendants.
I am confident that I can take care of myself.”

“Is that so? Not as far as I know.”

It seemed like there would be a voice saying that he nearly drowned in the swimming pool, so Jun-Kyung quickly spoke before Executive Director Min stopped him.

“I’ve been messing around with a lot of things, but I don’t usually do it.
In fact, for an ordinary person like me, it would be a bit frustrating rather than comfortable if bodyguards or other employees follow me one after another.

Jun-Kyung carefully chose his words.
“Oh, I don’t know.
It’s like surveillance”.

The opponent had the same expressionless face throughout.

“It’s too much to keep an eye on each other between husbands and wives.
Just being with Hyun-Seung makes me nervous, but honestly, I’m worried about what I’ll do if someone I don’t know follows me when I make mistakes I don’t usually make.
There is a lot of stress while preparing for the wedding… and the hospital emphasized psychological stability.”

Jun-Kyung continues to add, “If you attach surveillance, more accidents will happen in the future, and if you attach people like that, something may happen under stress”.

In response to a subtle protest, Executive Director Min eventually withdrew.

“All right.
Let the bodyguards quit.
A nutritionist changes to regular counseling.
But after consulting with the nurse at the hospital, we will discuss again.”

Jun-Kyung, who was heading to hell, felt as if he were flying into the sky in an instant.
Suddenly, the corners of his lips rose upwards.
While he was relieved, he couldn’t hide his joy and said to Executive Director Min.

“Thank you!” he said loudly.
Jun-Kyung tried to bow his head but barely stopped halfway.

Unlike Jun-kyung, who was smirking, Executive Director Min frowned slightly.

“If you are so grateful, how about repaying it?”

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