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Is it a new kind of thirst? Executive Director Min held out his hand toward Jun-kyung, who remained vigilant.

‘It means to hold it, right?’

Holding hands when he just got out of taking a shower doesn’t bode well.
However, if he didn’t hold it, he would say something about not being able to hold hands between a couple.

Jun-kyung stretched out his hand as slowly as possible.
Executive Director Min interlaced his long fingers through Junkyung’s fingers.
It was on a different level than a handshake.
It had a strong erotic feel rather than innocence.
Jun-Kyung’s face flushed up again.

“Can you do it?”

Can’t he just do it instead of asking all these questions? Is there a law that says the male protagonist in a drama has to pause like an apostrophe before doing the deed? Before Jun-Kyung ask ‘what?’ with a slight irritation, the other party’s counter flew in.


Unlike his insensitive expression and voice, his gaze at Jun-kyung was fierce.
Jun-Kyung’s heart was pounding.
On the one hand, he also wondered if he was sane.
Let’s call it shock therapy.

But now, why does Director Min want to kiss me? Just to annoy him? 

No, doesn’t the Executive Director Min have any tastes? Are any Omegas good?

Contrary to the prevailing prejudice that alpha omega pairs are in heat like a beast, there is also a personal preference among alpha and omega.
Because he’s a person with a head.

Like a common misconception, they don’t turn their eyes upside down and rush into pheromones.
In the first place, there is no way humans can detect pheromones.
Being an Alpha and Omega doesn’t give you a dog’s nose.


As an omega, Jun-Kyung was well aware of scientific facts, but after all, he’s a person who lives in society…sensitive to visual information.

The large man who is now looking at Jun-kyung is showing off the so-called alpha quality without a doubt.
There was even the illusion of a red haze rising along the edge of the dark-colored iris.
Jun-Kyung didn’t dare say that he couldn’t.

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“Aren’t you going to do it, Junkyung-ah?” Even the honorifics was dropped with a name suggesting closeness.

The start was definitely shamble.
Heir to a conglomerate who threatens a person who has a dead brother’s child and demands marriage by force.
It’s a great story, so why does he keep asking for romance? Thanks to that, Jun-Kyung now has a lot of new experiences.

After taking a deep breath, Jun-kyung boldly leaned in.

Before he knew it, a large hand wrapped around his back and reached the nape of his neck.
Their breaths mingled as the lips pressed against each other.

Jun-Kyung started it, but Director Min took the initiative.
Executive Director Min was a temperamental character who had to do everything thoroughly.
Everything is done flawlessly, even if it’s a kiss.


Recently, Jun-Kyung fell asleep to the level of fainting the moment he laid his head down.
He wouldn’t know no matter who picks him up.

The issue of sharing a bed with Executive Director Min, who emphasizes the couple’s relationship, was easily resolved without any time to think.
Jun-Kyung was a little concerned that there might be something wrong, but from what he heard at the hospital, everything was perfectly normal.

“You are making another person inside.
You must be tired.
Of course, sleep would increase.”


“The child is healthy.
Come back in 15 days.”

The doctor, who had a dry mouth, prescribed hormones and nutritional supplements.
As a result of the blood test, the doctor said that medicine would be tried first and then prescribe an injection if it was not enough.
When Executive Director Min, who accompanied him, asked about Jun-Kyung’s diet, the attending physician replied sarcastically.

“Eat whatever you want.
Don’t feed him too much.
Psychological stability is more important than eating, so please don’t annoy people by saying nurse or nutritionist.
At home, let him do what he wants.”

The moment the doctor said that, Jun-kyung almost hugged the doctor without realizing it.
How can they understand people’s minds so well? That’s why despite the doctor’s very bad words and deeds, she was considered the best in the university hospital.

Even the doctor raised his hand to Jun-kyung’s will, so Executive Director Min did not complain.
In addition, the case of nurses and nutritionists was canceled.

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Instead, Director Min decided to check the hospital appointment, examination schedule, and medication schedule from time to time.
In a timely manner, Jun-kyung can report what he has done by phone or message.
That’s good enough.

Jun-Kyung received a fetal ultrasound picture at the hospital.
It’s only 4 months old, but the baby looks quite human.
Although it still looks more like an alien with a bigger head.

All the way back from the hospital, Jun-Kyung looked at the ultrasound picture.
The Executive Director glanced at Jun-Kyung while driving.

“Is it that amazing?”

“…I can’t believe it’s inside of me.” It wasn’t a huge shock.  Just more surprising and a bit ridiculous.

“Son or daughter.
Which one do you like?”

Jun-Kyung didn’t think much of it.
Gender will be clearly revealed at the next checkup.

“What about Hyun-Seung?”

“Both are good.”

A formal answer came back.
Executive Director Min was a bit like a machine.
All words and answers felt as if they were made up of 0’s and 1’s.
There is very little fade-out or blurring.
But the answer he just gave now was very subtly blurry.

The chaebol families, where the patriarchal tradition is still alive, were highly likely to have a preference for males.
Director Min was obsessed with bloodlines that he did not hesitate to threaten Jun-Kyung.

Somehow, Jun-Kyung’s heart went toward the daughter rather than the son.
What if a son is born? There is a high probability that life will be more difficult than he can handle.
Jun-Kyung checked just in case.

“Isn’t it good if it’s a son?”

If I have to choose, I prefer a daughter.”

The reaction was surprising, so Jun-kyung glanced at Executive Director Min.
Don’t tell me he’s making a job he’s never done before this time?

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No sign of laughter was found in the profile, which looked more dangerous than a coastal cliff somewhere in Northern Europe.

It feels something like a common daughter fool.
Has he ever thought about how two men would raise a girl?

‘Do you dream of a marriage that doesn’t suit you? Like from the time when he asked for an actual marriage.’

The more Jun-Kyung looked, the more difficult it was to understand.
How great would it be if he can ask , ‘Do you like it because it’s complicated?’

Jun-Kyung was gonna go home, rest for a while, and return to visit Hyun-Seung’s house in the afternoon.
He didn’t know if he would be able to properly eat, so he filled his stomach with a sandwich he bought on the way home.

Executive Director Min, who came to the hospital after going to work, had nothing to prepare for, but Jun-Kyung, who had undergone various tests at the hospital and applied gel to his stomach, washed and changed clothes lightly.

Before leaving, Jun-Kyung carefully examined himself in the full-length mirror to see if there was anything out of place.
He was as neat as he was for a job interview.
The bangs were trimmed down slightly as Allan’s advice was given.
He picked out one of the new shoes from the dressing room and went downstairs.

Executive Director Min was standing in front of the living room window and talking on the phone.
No matter where he was, he was always contacted for urgent matters, so it wasn’t unusual.

It wasn’t the call itself that caught Junkyung’s attention.
It was a comfortable tone that he had never heard of from Executive Director Min before.

“I am going to my parents’ house now.” It is a light conversation anyone can have with close friends or family, but it was unfamiliar to Executive Director Min.

Jun-Kyung wondered who he was talking to.

Executive Director Min, who felt his presence, looked back.
Jun-kyung, who stood at a suitable distance, smiled out of politeness.

“I’ll call you back later tonight.” After finishing the call right away, Executive Director Min put his cell phone in the inside pocket of his jacket and glanced at Junkyung.

“It suits you.”

It was a handmade luxury gift from Executive Director Min.
It wasn’t a product that can be produced in a day or two, but it arrived this morning.
They fit perfectly as if they had measured them with a ruler on Jun-Kyung even though they didn’t.

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Executive Director Min had a very good eye.
Or maybe he got a whole body mold while Jun-Kyung was restlessly sleeping.
Considering the recent sleep patterns, it was a funny story, but it was possible.

From what Jun-Kyung has learned so far, Executive Director Min enjoys driving himself unless he has to go to work or has a company-related schedule.
Although Director Min was in close contact with his secretary, it was surprising that he did not have a separate assistant or driver in charge of security and driving.

Seeing that he rarely has a secretary in the house, he was the heir of a conglomerate who was very reluctant to reveal his private life.

In the quiet car, Jun-kyung sometimes fell into thought.
Director Min had so many sides that it was impossible for him to live face to face with in the future, so Jun-Kyung had no choice but to guess and judge by himself.
It’s not as good as asking openly.

Even though Hyun-Seung Min was right next to him, it was difficult to even say that the weather was good today.
The day Jun-Kyung could ask complicated questions in his head was still far away.
Or it may never come.

Executive Director Min was not the type to make unnecessary comments.
The chattering navigation was also a meaningless decoration with a black screen when Executive Director Min took the wheel.

“Are you sure I don’t need to bring anything with me?”

Previously, when Director Min went to his parents’ house, he prepared a huge number of gifts as if it was the Lunar New Year and Mid-Autumn Festival.
Jun-Kyung, on the contrary, was literally empty-handed.
He doesn’t even do the slightest preparation.

“The present has already been prepared.”

Jun-Kyung didn’t see anything in the back seat.

“Is it in the trunk?”

“What do you mean? I’m talking about ultrasound pictures.”

Unconsciously, he looked at Executive Director Min.
How on earth does he come up with such ideas and lines with the impression of a psychopath drawn from a picture?

Even if the face is thick, it is too thick-skinned.
One of the group affiliates invests in a steel mill.
It could be that they secretly developed a special alloy and put it on the face of Executive Director Min.

“Why, you think this is a joke?”

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