Junkyung got up and buttoned his suit and smooth his wrinkled pants. Because he ’s been sitting for a long time, his lower body felt numb. Holding the side dishes, he glanced at the staff and entered the door the staff opened.

The front facing the front was all glass. The outside scenery was seen through the window that was pulled up carelessly and exposed under blinds of different lengths. The window has a light blue tine due to UV protection coating. Thanks to that, there was a particularly cool atmosphere in the office even though it wasn ’t especially cold.

To one side stood a stylish wooden hanger with a dark suit jacket hanged.

The owner of the jacket has his back to the window with his head turned downwards.

Tock. Tock. The fingers that pressed the screen was unusually long. Perhaps that ’s why his finger movements appear lazy and sluggish. It looks like this, but it was clear the strength of the angle was great.

Director ’s Min gaze went up and down, tapping the keyboard of the laptop for a moment, quickly scanning the monitor, and then the tablet in front. Shortly after he did, he tapped something on the table, then closed the folder, and placed it on top of the other folders stacked on one side. Now was his chance.

Junkyung ’s body felt like it was getting stronger. ”Hello, Director Min. You mother send me on an errand… ”

”Wait. ”

The voice was lower than expected. It was more like chasing after annoying flies rather than being upset by getting disturbed by them. There was no irritation or cynicism in the tone, so it was cooler. Junkyung felt something cold ran down his throat.

Picking up the extension phone, Director Min let the secretary come in, who went straight to the bass without pretending to see Junkyung standing right next to the entrance. Hyun-seung Min gave a low order to the secretary who took the documents that had been approved.

”Yes, Director. ”

The secretary turned around and blinked a little at Junkyung. Junkyung also lowered his head slightly at his smile. It was difficult to understand what the smile meant, but at least it didn ’t look like a mockery of him standing still.

Hyun-seung Min stood up from his seat. Although the office was large and had a great distance between the two, Junkyung had to raise his gaze slightly upward.

As Hyun-seung Min stepped out of the desk and approached the sofa set in the middle of the office, Junkyung was perplexed in his heart. The height that Junkyung analyzed from the pictures were pretty accurate. It was also taken after he became an adult and selected as a successor. Even then, the picture could not contain all of his height and size.

Did he get bigger coming back from the military?

Hyun-seung Min was probably born with the scent of men ’s cologne from his mother ’s womb. He must have drank whiskey instead of milk. Siberian tiger or black jaguar? In any case, the man who seemed to personify a wild beast was elegant and quiet even in his gait.

Instead of sitting at the top of the sofa set, he stood next to Junkyung and finally threw his gaze at him. It was understandable why the employees who previously entered the office look the way they did. The fiver senses are human, but only the sixth sense is not human. The man in front radiated an overwhelming energy that made people tired just by being there.

The Valley of the Unpleasant. Junkyung remembered the expression he once heard. Humans have a human-like form, but there was something non-human about him. He can feel that from Executive Director Hyun-seung Min, who is clearly human.

”Come here and sit down. ” A being with a different sense kindly suggested a seat. Jun-Kyung reflexively tried to stop his steps, but then his senses came back.

”Jun-Kyung Ho. ” As soon as his name came out of his mouth, the goosebumps that had grown all over his body turned into a light shiver. Junkyung immediately straightened his head, which had been bowed for a while, and held out a package of furoshiki.

”Your mother told me to deliver it personally. She said you can eat it right away. ”

Hyun-seung Min sat on a long sofa instead of the top seat where presidents often sit. Junkyung carefully placed the side dishes and utensils in front of Hyun-seung. The other ’s gaze was fixed on the hand. It feels like a laser point from a weapon. Junkyung withdrew his hand hastily. A pair of black eyes turned toward Junkyung. The tension was too much.

Don ’t be nervous from the start because it looks weak. Take a deep breath. Look into the eyes of the other person. Be proud, great.

Every time he went to a judo match, he could hear the coach ’s voice encouraging him by tapping on his shoulder and back. Hyun-seung Min is not even his match opponent. He is just the son of the employer. Junkyung has absolutely no reason to be nervous.

Junkyung wore a professional smile. Then, he recalled the customer service manual he had learned during his security studies. He lowered himself and walked closer to the coffee table. He unwrapped the spicy beef kimbap and cabbage rolls, tofu wrapped in parsley, various fruits, etc.

The food was simple but it was neatly contained. Two sets of chopsticks made of colored copper were also included. As soon as Junkyung offered utensils, Executive Director Min accepted it naturally.

”Madam carefully prepared food that is good for digestion using nutritious organic ingredients. ”

He didn ’t know if it ’s true, but the finest ingredients were brought in through the staff of a specialized company and the person who worked in the kitchen with madam was not seen all afternoon, so he aptly added the introduction.

”It ’s a little cold, but it should be fine. ” Unlike Hyun-woo Min, Hyun-seung Min was the child of the first wife, who divorced the chairman along with his deceased eldest son.

This kind of food was prepared for the stepson who isn ’t related by blood. You are not human if you don ’t even take a bite in front of such delicious food. If it ’s Junkyung, he can inhale the whole thing by himself.

Is it because he ’s the heir of the conglomerate that he doesn ’t eat just any food or is he a human being that swallows irons instead of rice?

Hyun-seung Min looked at Junkyung while holding his chopsticks. In order to become a VIP only bodyguard, he has learned not only martial skills and weapons usuage, but also hospitality skills for upper-class customers. Since he has a lot of experiences, he normally have a calm attitude. Still, Hyun-seung Min ’s unfeeling gaze made him quite uncomfortable.

”I will come get the bowl later. ”

”Sit down. ”

”Sorry to interrupt. Have a nice meal. ” He bowed his head neither subservient nor frivolous and tried to step back. It was then a distinctive look drifted in Director Min ’s smooth carbon alloy-like eyes.

”Mr. Jun-Kyung Ho. ” There was a faint emotion in the voice calling his name. It may be inquisitive but it could also have been distasteful. Neither was very pleasant to him.

”Yes, Executive Director Min. ”

”Have you ever been instructed to do anything after that? Except for going home. ”

”No, but why are you… ” As he blurted out the end of his words, a faint smile appeared on the manly mask of Director Min. I thought he was non-human, but Hyun-seung min with a light smile was surprisingly human. No, it could also have been because it was in sharp contrast in his appearance. Whatever it was, it was enough to capture Junkyung ’s whole attention.

”Then it must be because of personal revenge. ”

”Yes? ”

Personal revenge. That was random, but not to be taken lightly. The man in front of him was a leader in both personal and social terms.

”What do you mean….if I have done anything wrong, I apologize. ”

”No, it looks like the it was my fault. I made you wait a long time. That ’s why you ignored my three invitations. ”

Then, Junkyung remembered the invitation to sit down.

”Ah…I don ’t mean that. I thought you were saying it out of courtesy. ”

”You said courtesy. I didn ’t know I needed to be courteous even to the person running my mother ’s errands. ” Junkyung realized his mistake. He bit his words for a moment. A cold sweat ran down his back.

”Sorry, that was not the intention. ”

”Then, will you accept the fourth invitation? ”

Hyun-seung Min pointed to the seat opposite to him, and Junkyung had to sit down. He didn ’t even have to pull his pants a little before sitting down, so his bent knees under his tailored slacks stood out.

”Here. ” Hyun-seung Min quickly received the chopsticks he was offering. As Junkyung had done earlier, Hyun-seung Min pushed forward the container that was full of food as a signal to eat together.

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