and mentally was like that. He can ’t imagine what it was like for an ordinary office worker.

Junkyung shook his head. The only person who can be compared to such a person, wouldn ’t it be the president? According to his seniors, the president has an overwhelming aura that is qualitatively different from others. But he can ’t be sure as he ’s never personally escorted the president up close. 

The president wouldn ’t be as creepy as that. 

Talking to himself, Junkyung pressed the start button on the car. The heavy and mellow engine sound of high-end foreign sedan was similar to Hyun-seung Min ’s voice. Ignoring the creeping feeling, Jun-Kyung went straight to the house. 

The wife who received the empty box directly looked as if she was not expecting it. 

”Executive Director Min told me to tell madam that it was delicious. ”

”Really? ” The mother ’s complexion brightened. Unlike other middle-age female VIPs who seem to exude energy, Gyu-Jin Jung was a beautiful woman with a mild impression. 

”This is the first time Executive Director Min emptied my food so neatly. I guess he liked it. ”

”Yes, he ate very well. ” There was no need to tell the story of having him taste it first because the food might have been poisoned. 

”Good work. ” The wife, who smiled, handed the box to the kitchen staff and asked abruptly. ”But what about you? If you haven ’t eaten yet, go to the kitchen. I made ribs today. Ajumma, please bring some rice for Jun-KYung. ”

”Yes, madam. ”

”No, you don ’t have to ”. Junkyung hurriedly stopped the kitchen staff. He didn ’t eat enough but felt bloated due to his nervousness. The madam inquired, ”Why? Did you eat on the way? ”

He didn ’t expect to be ask that question. The assistant ’s basic job was to return immediately after running an errand to report. It was difficult to say that he stopped by somewhere and ate. Plus, it would be a lie also. 

”That is….I, the executive director, suggested that we eat together….This is the food that ’s prepared by madam for the director…..sorry, he asked four times and I couldn ’t refuse. ” Junkyung explained in an apologetic manner. 

The mother ’s expression changed drastically. Junkyung hurriedly added fearing that he might be mistaken as eating all of it ”I ate only a little. Most of it was eaten by the Managing Director. ”

”I see. You two ate together, didn ’t you? How did it happen? ” In an instant, the mother looked at Jun-kyung carefully from head to toe. She tilted her head slightly and after that, there was also a strange smile. ”You don ’t know how many years it took. ”

”Yes? ”

”The Executive Director Min, I ’ve sent lunch boxes several times up to this point, but nothing like this has ever happened ”.

It was difficult to tell whether this was a good or a bad thing. 

The mother smiled gracefully. ”It is hard to digest when you eat with Executive Director Min. Ajumma, please bring some digestive medicine for Junkyung. They are from a good oriental clinic. ”

Even if there is no blood relationship, is it because they are mother and son? It was as though she saw through her son accurately. After the kitchen staff went to look for a medicine, the mother opened her mouth, ”There is nothing special to do, so go early and rest. ”

”Thank you. ” After a while, Junkyung left work immediately after eating the herbal digestive medicine and drinks provided by the kitchen staff.

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