Hyun-woo Min ’s craftsmanship was not noteworthy. Junkyung glanced around while he delivered the packed lunch. The space between the main gate and the main entrance was very wide, just like the royal floor of a residential and commercial complex. There were objects that Junkyung has never seen before decorated in simply white and gray. 

At first glance, it looks like a small golf bag. Next to it was an icebox. 

The person who noticed Junkyung ’s gaze spoke up. ”Do you like fishing? ”

”No ”.

”Sea-fishing is more fun that you think. You can ’t stop once you get the taste of it ”.

”Sure ”.

”How about we go together? We have a small fishing boat. I can teach you ”.

Hyun-woo Min gradually stopped talking as the other party seemed to want to leave. 

”Please invite me next time. ”

”You say you will go next time every day and you don ’t go. We don ’t even eat together. ”

”As an employee, I can ’t help it. ” It was a very final answer for an assistant. Even Hyun-Woo MIn, who was relentless, doesn ’t say anymore. Only after seeing him take the prepared lunch box, Jun-Kyung finally turns around. 

”Tell my mother thank you. ” 

Junkyung pushed the front door without answering. 

”Goodbye, Junkyung hyung. See you later. ”

Surprised, while looking back at Hyun-Woo Min, the gate slammed shut. Even with the door shut, Junkyung stood briefly for a moment. Did he just call me hyung? Leaving formality and calling him hyung? He has met and trained quite a few people so far, but no one has ever called him that way. Sometimes, a very young child of a customer would call him uncle, but never hyung.

It was so absurd. He couldn ’t stand still. As the elevator sank towards the underground parking lot, some laughter broke out. The corner of his lips slowly moved upwards. 

2. Present

Marriage? marriage?

Junkyung who was left alone got into the car dazed. He entered the car without starting the engine and sat there for a while. The dark underground parking lot of the university hospital was frequented by car. 

That was a threat, wasn ’t it?

Is there anyone in the world who dares to reject Hyun-seung Min ’s proposal? There may be, but one thing was certain, it wouldn ’t be Junkyung. 

Does anyone know about this besides us?

That was the problem.

Hyun-woo Min, Hyun-seung ’s half brother. The moment he learned about pregnancy, guilt surged like a tidal wave. 

Even if it wasn ’t for Hyun-woo Min.

He bit his lower lips softly. If it ’s Executive Director Min ’s child…..maybe that would be less difficult. He has a great chance of miscarriage, but as long as he last for a year, Director Min take care of him. It ’s not bad to become the owner of the building by extorting money from Hyun-seung Min. Executive Director Min wants a child. He also has the option to withdraw if he decided to forsake his moral responsibilities and conscience to the fullest, such as getting an abortion if he doesn ’t like it. 

For sure!

Jun-kyung hit the steering wheel one after another. He gathered his tingling palms together and struck them down with his fist. The horn sounded briefly. Two passersby looking for a parked car were startled. They looked at Junkyung with strange eyes and passed by with their tongues clicked. It is the underground parking lot of the university hospital, so it ’s not uncommon for people the struggle in anguish in a car. 

Let ’s think about it again objectively.

In fact, abortion was no longer an option. As far as Executive Director Min knew, it was obvious that every hospital would refuse him. It would be up to him to find out just how far the Taewon group ’s power will reach. Who will compensate for the physical and mental pain that Junkyung has to endure in the process?

Bzzt. Bzzt.

The phone rang in his pocket. His body, accustomed to the training of a bodyguard for a long time, took out the vibrating phone before his brain could react. The grip was unfamiliar. It was only when he looked at the screen that he saw it was a phone call from Director Min. Why think about abortion in front of someone who prepare a phone that has his fingerprints registered without knowing

He pressed the receiver button after looking at the screen with only three syllables displayed ”Hyun-seung Min. ”

”Hello? ”

”Are you okay now? ” Director Min asked in a heavy voice. ”If you are not feeling well, you can rest for a while in the hospital. As mentioned earlier, there is a room that you can use whenever you want. ”

Ah…there was such a thing in the conversation earlier. When he was first admitted to the hospital 4 months ago, there was a VIP room booked by Director Min. Ordinary people had to wait for two or three months, no matter how urgent the illness is, and sometimes nearly a year. 

”I am okay. I will be home soon. I can rest at home. ”

”It will take about 40 minutes to get home from here. ”

”What? ” For a moment, Junkyung raised his head and looked around. He seemed to be watching closely. 

”The 7 o ’clock position ”

He turned his body and looked behind him. Then, two rows behind, the car on the other side blinked its headlights twice. 

”Ah… ”

”If it ’s hard to drive, come to my car. ”

”No, that ’s fine. ” Idiot. Can ’t you think that Executive Director Mi will be watching you? He is a man who is thorough enough to take precautions in advance to the hospital he attended. He was not a person to leave Jun-kyung who was early in his pregnancy to go back alone. 

”Are you okay by yourself? ”

”I am fine. I am good at driving. ” 

”All right. Go back carefully. ”

”Yes, the managing director too, please  be careful. ” After finishing his usual formal greeting, Jun-kyung threw the phone aside and started the car. Whatever he says, he will definitely check it until the moment Jun-Kyung enters the house. Director Min himself or perhaps someone else would probably be waiting outside. 

Anyway, the answer is fixed. Objectively, the proposal made by Director Min was quite generous. It was great support for Jun-Kyung, who is destined to become an unmarried couple. It ’s not just support but can be considered as a steel tower with a high level of financial strength and stability. 

Such a person was willing to take full responsibility for the child. He suggested a way for Junkyung to solve without embarrassment, who lacks the role of a father. If this happens to any omega, they would wonder what a lottery this is. 

Junkyung ’s concerns were more personal rather than practical issues. 

The child would be born out of an unintended relationship. Even if Hyun-seung Min ’s intentions are excluded, it is not easy to break up with a child due to personal guilt and suffering. Then, the only option is to give birth and raise it. But was Jun-Kyung himself ready and prepared for that?

Will I be able to live as an omega in the future? As someone ’s biological father and as the spouse of an alpha male. 

Unlike the car that ran coolly, Junkyung ’s heart was not like that. 

The late manifestation completely shook his identity as a beta male. Thanks to that, Junkyung stopped exercising, which he ’s been doing all his life. He hoped he ’d get a spot while living as a bodyguard. The relationship created by one night ’s carelessness caught him off guard. 

It was frustrating. It was hard to breathe, as if all four sides were blocking him. 

Director Min gave him time to think and show no presence at all, but Junkyung felt like he was facing him just by looking at the unfamiliar cell phone. In addition, a hotel lunch box, which he didn ’t ordered, was delivered through the hotel staff for two weeks. Director Min wasn ’t the kind of person who contact you daily but showed ”this is what coercision is ” by acting with financial resources.

The mild nausea subsided only when the stomach was filled. Food was a big help. He would hate his reality even more if he had to exhaust himself to cook. It can be quite annoying to have someone who watches you closely and carefully. Oddly enough, it was also comforting to know that he didn ’t have to deal with this situation on his own.

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