not good at lying, just imagining it give him a headache.

What if by mistake the parents even know about the child ’s biological father? His mother will slap him on the spot. He has to fine-tune the details with Executive Director Min in advance. Of course even deceiving the strict president and the attentive wife, guilt pressed against his heart.

”Let ’s meet and discuss the matter of greeting both families in detail. ”

”Yes. ”

Although Junkyung accepted Director Min ’s proposal, he was still puzzled by unfamiliar concepts because he wasn ’t mentally prepared yet.

”Do you have any plans this evening? ”

Of course not.

”I will send you a car on time. ”

Like an idiot, he shook his head without realizing it.The difficult call with Executive Director Min ended relatively easy. He wasn ’t aware, but the arm that put the phone down was numb as he was nervous throughout the conversation. He slowly got up from the seat and relaxed his body. He started cleaning his house. After showering and drying his hair, it was almost dinner time.

”I sent the car. It will arrive in 30 minutes. ” The message arrived 30 minutes ago, so it was perfect to get dressed now.

Director Min was not the driver. Like Jun-Kyung, the driver was an assistant who worked for Taewon. Even though they weren ’t close, they ate lunch and chatted occasionally, so he called him Hyung. Junkyung was happy to see him after a long time.

”Hi, hyung. ”

He bowed his head politely at Junkyung ’s light greeting. ”It ’s an honor to drive you to the appointed location. ” With a polite greeting according to the textbook, the driver opened the back seat door. Confused, Junkyung quickly grabbed the door of the passenger seat and declined. ”Here, I can do it myself. You don ’t have to be so rigid. ”

”The Executive Director told me to treat with you with respect and not to be rude. ” The driver recommended the backseat with a gentle yet stubborn attitude.

”Then excuse me ” They were originally working together but now that their position switched, the atmosphere was tense. Junkyung looked at the back of the head of the man holding the steering wheel, hoping that he would say something, but the driver only focused on driving.

”There aren ’t as many cars as I thought. ” Junkyung broke the silence.

”That ’s because it ’s just before rush hour. ”

”Hyung, you can talk to me comfortably. ”

”Yes, I understand. ” The answer that came back was still in respectful language. Their eyes met through the rearview mirror. The staff smiled at Junkyung who was uncomfortable and didn ’t know what to do. The silence resumed until they reached the destination.

Junkyung has been to this hotel before. A high-end hotel located close to the university and a large gymnasium. He thought it would just be a restaurant.

”Mr. Jun-Kyung. ” As  soon as he entered the lobby, Executive Director Min appeared. The eyes of the people in the lobby naturally turned to him. Tall with wide shoulders and a handsome but cold impression. In addition, the luxurious suit was recognized at a glance by anyone. Some even seemed to recognize who he was. He was seen frequently in the news as the successor of a famous group.

Junkyung arrived 5 minutes earlier than the promised time, but since he made Executive Director Min wait, of course, he has to apologize.

”I apologize for being late. ”

”It was I who was early. No need to apologize. ” Executive Director Min reached out his hand to Junkyung who was about to bow his head to prevent him from doing so. A large hand quickly touched Junkyung ’s lower back. Junkyung looked at him slightly startle and turned his gaze to the front. His temples were hot.

”This is it. ” The successor of the famous group, famous for being a single alpha, not only comes out to the hotel lobby to wait but personally escorts the young man. They might wonder who the person is. Even a person with a poor imagination can speculate what type of relationship they have. The heat in his temples spread to his ears.

Executive Director Min probably doesn ’t even notice. Maybe he ’s doing it on purpose? It ’s better to spread a rumor like this than suddenly announcing the appearance of a pregnant Omega. Even rationalizing it doesn ’t alleviate his embarrassment. He felt a slight sense of shame by how the public might view the omega in question.

Fortunately, it was easy to get to the elevator. The elevator was for VIPs only and not for general guests. Executive Director Min led Jun-Kyung to the highest-class room in the hotel.

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