While they were eating, the chef continued to place food on the table, and the table soon filled with beef broth and hot pot bowls. After putting solid fuel under the hot pot and igniting it, the butler placed the notification button next to him. ”If you need anything more, please ring this bell. ”

After that, only Executive Director Min and Junkyung remained in the spacious room. When Jun-Kyung, who had just emptied the bowl of porridge, set the spoon on the side, Executive Director Min stood up. As soon as Junkyung tried to stand up, he gently pressed Junkyung ’s shoulder and sat him down. Then, he took Junkyung ’s bowl of porridge and scooped up more porridge directly from the trolley the chef had left. 

”Oh, you don ’t have to. ” Junkyung got up and took the bowl of porridge. 

”Mr. Jun-Kyung Ho. ” 

”Yes, Director. ” Executive Director Min, who called Jun-Kyung with a firm voice, stiffened his expression slightly at the prompt answer. 

”Mr. Hyun-seung. ”

”What? ”

”It will be Mr. Hyun-seung from now on, not Director Min. ”

Junkyung ’s mouth wide open. ”How would I do that? ”

”We already have a child. And we are thinking of getting married soon. Did you forget? ”

”Ah. ” It wasn ’t forgotten but more like he can ’t keep up. Even if the title is changed, words and actions can ’t be changed abruptly. This inanimate man in front of me wouldn ’t understand. 

”During the deep-seated premarital pregnancy, the name ”Executive Director ” is inappropriate. It is also unnatural to repeatedly show respect and make concessions with frequent apologies. ” 

”I am sorry. I am just not used to it. ” Junkyung reflexively apologized again, but when he saw Executive Director Min ’s grimacing eyes, he shut his mouth. Managing Director Min sat down with a short sign. 

”I understand the awkwardness. It ’s not with anyone, you are doing it with me. We don ’t have much time, so starting today, we should meet often and practice getting used to it. ”

”It ’s not like that, it ’s because you are the managing director. ”

”Mr. Hyun-Seung. ”

”……… ”

As Junkyung called him, he shut his mouth again. He clenched his fist as he lowered his hand on the table. He doesn ’t know what to do with the embarrassment. 

”If you don ’t like Hyun-Seung, how about Hyun-seung Hyung? I am fine with that as well. ”

Just that wasn ’t enough, you want me to call you hyung? Terrified, Jun-Kyung moved his mouth and tongue with all his might. 

”It ’s not that I don ’t like it, it ’s that it ’s still awkward. So I… Hyun….seung..shi. ”

It was like he was practicing a simple pronunciation rather than saying a name as he spoke each word at an interval. A faint smile spread across the expressionless Executive Director Min ’s face. 

”It ’s nice to hear you call it that way. ” The slightly softened response was very kind. Thanks to that, his fingers and toes shivered. 

”Let ’s just call each other like that from now on, Jun-Kyung-ah. ” [Ah is like a form of endearment in Korea. Since this is manhwa, I am gonna assume that the readers have somewhat of a korean background knowledge.]

”Ahhhhhhh ” Unable to bear it any longer, Junkyung jumped up from his seat. Unlike the other person who is composed, Junkyung repeatedly stretched out both hands and clenched them tightly. 

”Junkyung, why are you doing this? ”

He didn ’t know that Executive Director Min had a talent for acting. Director Min, who had entered the friendly lover mode, approached Junkyung with a tougher expression on his face. 

Just before his outstretched hand touched his body, Junkyung unknowingly grabbed his arms and at the same time turned his back and carried the Executive Director Min on his back. No, more like he was trying to carry him.

For some reason, the judo technique that comes naturally to him as breathing, the technique he always practiced to not lose his senses even after becoming a bodyguard wasn ’t working on Director Min. 

Why isn ’t it working!?

When he reflexively turned his head, Executive Director Min, who pressed his upper body on Junkyung ’s back, said seriously, ”It ’s because I have long legs. ”

His gaze then turned to the floor. Jun-Kyung flipped his back as hard as he could, but Hyun-seung Min ’s legs were so long that both of his feet were still on the floor. 

Can ’t I have long legs? I can ’t believe it. Junkyung subconsciously tried the technique one more time. Then, Executive Director Min took a step forward. The stability was now doubled. 

”Because of the difference in physique, you can ’t use this technique. Junkyung-shi, if you want to knock me down, you have to push me from the front. 

”……….Yes. ”

”Also, I tried not to nag like this, but… ” Executive Director Min approached Jun-Kyung, who dropped his gaze without raising his face, stood close at a distance that ’s hard to ignore, ”Jun-Kyung, your uterus is weak, so you are currently in an unstable state. It ’s best to not do anything too strenuous. ”

”………………. ”

I am going crazy about the natural banter that it ’s making me want to vomit. But he was worried about the baby too. Jun-kyung closed his eyes tightly. He closed his mouth tightly fearing that swear words will come out of his mouth. 

”Are you okay? ”

I forgot how many times I ’ve been asked that just today. He reflexively tried to say it was okay, but he gave up. Nothing is okay. The truth is that it was a mistake to come here and he wanted to shout that I will take care of the child himself whether he filed a lawsuit or not. 

The reason he didn ’t act evil like a madman was thanks to his athletic career and the patience that he ’s cultivated as a bodyguard. Additionally, it was due to the survival instinct of an employee. 

After barely suppressing the intense rejection, Jun-kyung managed to leave behind the many violent words  stuck on the tip of his tongue and came up with the best words. 

”Excuse me. ” Molars and jaws were tightened ”I am sorry, but I ’ve said it many times already, but I ’m not used to this kind of thing. I am sorry, but can ’t you speak normally? ”

”What do you mean? ”

”The lover talk. ” [There are formal and informal korean languages and Hyun-seung speaks as though they are very close. Don ’t know how to translate it in English]

The other person stopped. Maybe it ’s because he ’s gotten used to the subtle changes in facial expressions after meeting him several times, but Junkyung was able to detect embarrassment in the expressionless face. 

Junkyung wasn ’t expecting that at all, so he quickly added, ”It ’s because I ’ve never done something like this with Director Min and I…..ha, something sweet or something like that. ”

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