time. It is better to set it according to the Directors schedule…..”

Executive Director Min shook his head, “I am asking for their son and hands in marriage, so that is not polite. The date and time will be completely determined by Junkyungs parents.”

Please give me your son… Jun-Kyung becomes thirsty without any reason. The managing director poured the water into crystal glass. In embarrassment, without realizing it, he reached out two of his hands.

“One hand is fine.”

He quickly released one hand. The empty hand was anxious and awkward. As for why Executive Director Min said this, he fully understood in his head. Who holds a glass of water with both hands while holding, let alone drinking?

When it came down to it, there were a lot of small things that need to be set up. Was it because of this that the hotel staff was sent out? Since Director is thorough, there is a high possibility that he did. No, obviously he did.

“I think thats a good time, right?”

“You mean the wedding date?” It is better to spit out whats scary first. The other person slowed it down by one beat to match his pace, so it makes sense for Jun-kyung to speed up a little more this time.

“No, the day we had the child.”

The water he drank went back to the wrong pipe. He forgot the concept of speed was different for the two of them in the first place. Cough. Cough. 

“Are you okay?” Executive Director Min got up from his seat and brought a tissue. Junkyung shook his head in shock as Director Min was about to pat his back as well.

“I choked up… I am sorry no… I am fine.” He quickly wiped the clear water flowing through his nose with a tissue.  After a couple of breaths, he finally came to his senses.

After seeing that Jun-kyungs complexion was returning back to normal, Executive Director Min was relieved but had a complicated expression as if he was dissatisfied with something.

After returning to his breath, Jun-kyung thought of the question he had asked earlier.

“Are you talking about what was said when I was hospitalized before?”


At that time, he suddenly remembered what the doctor had when Junkyung was urgently sent to the hospital. The attending physician, who misunderstood the situation, severely cursed Director Min for putting Jun-Kyung in that predicament. Junkyung wondered if Director Min clarify the misunderstanding.

“Lets say that I first liked Jun-kyung.”

“Yes, thank you.”

It was a shameful thing to say that Jun-Kyung chased Director Min first. There was no such thing as that, but the topic of the relationship between the successor of a large corporation and the bodyguard was so hot that just thinking about the rumors that he was aiming to turn his life around gives him a headache.

Despite Junkyungs long legs, the overall body of Director Min was larger than Junkyung, so the sitting height was quite different. Saying that such a guy fell in love first and chased after him would be a great romance story, but theres no such thing as cuteness or fondness when the lead actor looks like that. At face value, minimum is stalking and the maximum is hunting for humans.

“Then all thats left is marriage and a ring?”

“I think we should say hello to your parents first and prepare.” Before Executive Director Min stepped on the speed pedal, Junkyung quickly applied the brake.

“Then when will you move?”

” Moving?”

“Because you decided to live in my house. There are plenty of rooms, so today is all right. Jun-kyungs things will be moved by someone later today.”

“Now? Arent you in a hurry?”

“I dont think so.” Brake doesnt work against Executive Director Min. Executive Director Min firmly drew a line.

“I dont know about anything else, but I want to check the well-being of Junkyung and the child myself. Especially since it is an unstable time, you need someone to be by your side.”

If the person next to him was Executive Director Min, wouldnt the stress cause the child to drop? Come to think of it, that wouldnt be too bad either.

“If moving is difficult, should I move next door to Junkyung? Or Junkyungs hospitalization is not bad.”

Moving next door. The complex where Joon-kyung lives is very popular, so vacancies are rare. Of course, there are people in the house next door to Jun-kyung as well. Junkyung wonders how he would get rid of the existing occupants but now hospitalization was also offered. It was a skill to be able to calmly talk about whether to choose between surveillance or confinement.

Living next door with Executive Director Min is something that will spread even in complexes where there is no communication between neighbors. And hospital is not a good place to die. Ive never been that close to an outsider in my life. Ever since I got to know Executive Director Min, I always felt like I am walking into a dead end. Is Executive Director Min itself a wall?

“I think it would be better if I told my parents about moving in first.”

Junkyung tried to delay it as much as possible. Itll be a week later for the earliest to say hello to his parents.

“I think we should set the date properly.” Executive Director Min took out his cell phone from the jacket pocket. “Would you rather I contact them first?”

“Now? Oh no! Never do that! I, I will go first!”

Jun-kyung freaked out when Director Min tried to contact his parents right away. Director Mins brake must have broken.

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