Nicholas, even though he is indeed a person who does not really know what will happen in his life, but he is always trying to keep himself as the leader of the vampires who have always followed him. Again and again, but Nicholas himself tried to remain a good role model. It was Nicholas, he knew that neither Claire nor Thomas were actually two people who didn care about him.

But because he really didn want to stay by Claires side, because later he would definitely feel hurt. therefore Nicholas chose to travel to distant places. And he also actually has a desire to expand his vampire empire. But indeed sometimes the obstacles from the evil vampires always seem to get in the way of him, and get in the way of him. Nicholas knew that he himself was actually a vampire who had to make decisions, no matter what the circumstances.

Nicholas, and he also actually knew that in the future he was trying to make himself a vampire who could live tough in all situations. Even though sometimes unexpected things happen in front of his eyes. And Nicholas was actually also trying if he himself to stay focused in any and all circumstances. And he also actually knows that doing what he wants on his own is also not the right thing.

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