That Beautiful Vampire Is Me

Chapter 1 ( Claire\'s POV )

ame room. Indeed, on that night, I was very thirsty, and also when I saw her neck, I was really very interested in sucking her blood.

And suddenly it just happened. I suck the blood from that bad girl, Kimberly. Then after that, I was unconscious again, until the next day arrived. That morning suddenly everyone was so shocked. Because at the next day they found Kimberly lying dead, she was there with bad condition. And everyone was asking me about what happened to Kimberly.

”Oh hi Claire, do you know what happened to Kimberly?. I think I remember that she was fine yesterday. And why suddenly Kimberly died like this? ” Asked from one of my friends who shared a different room with Kimberly, as well as me Im getting shock, in the early morning of the next morning.

Actually we were in one room containing 4 girls. But my other two friends, they were not in the bedroom. At that time they had to do some schoolwork in one of the study rooms, at our foundation. Because indeed the rooms that connect one another in our foundation are really big and spacious, and our foundation can be said to be an old building.

However, it still looks sturdy, and is still used by Mom Claudia from a long time to care for the abandoned children, who have no parents. And in that morning, suddenly Mom Claudia was really shocked, because something that she didn want happened to the child she had taken care of.

”Oh no Kimberly. Why did you die horribly like this, my girl? Who could do something vile like this to you, girl? ” Said Mom Claudia who was sobbing, while she found out the corpse of Kimberly.

But everyone just stood still, they also looked at Mom Claudia who was really crying for Kimberly at that time who was lying stiff. They really don know what happened to Kimberly.

Everyone at the foundation on that morning had absolutely no idea who would do that to Kimberly. Because they found no sign of any thieves, or robbers, trying to disrupt our foundation. And also they all really don know why such a terrible thing could happen, at the previous night at that time.

When they were all fast asleep. And somehow, they didn accuse me either. They thought, maybe there really was a bad person who came. Even if there is a bad person, maybe that person intends to take revenge against Kimberly. Because Kimberly is a girl who can be said to be stubborn and naughty.

But they found no sign of violence on Kimberlys corpse. And they
e just guessing, if its possible that the bad guy brought a venomous snake here last night. Because they saw that there were bite marks on Kimberlys neck, like the bite of a venomous snake.

”Look at her Mom Claudia. On Kimberlys body there are bite marks like the bite marks from a venomous snake and that could have been the cause of Kimberlys death, ” Said one of us, an orphan too, and Mom Claudia realized that if this matter didn need to be exaggerated, they should cover up the incident.

”Come on, all of the children here, don talk too much about things that aren all of you know. And its better for you all, to just keep your mouth shut. ” Said Mom Claudia, shortly after the children said that to her.

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