That Beautiful Vampire Is Me

Chapter 3 (Nicholas is now Claire\'s brother)

olas had put books on science, and all sorts of other things, neatly arranged, in one corner of the room.

In the house there are also a lot of antiques, as well as things that Claire had never encountered before. And that made Nicholas smile a little. Because he knew that Claire would be amazed to see what he had there.

Indeed, Nicholas wanted to invite Claire to become his co-worker, as well as his best friend. Because all this time Nicholas was alone in the house. And because Claire was already nearby, and Nicholas he couldn just sit back, and didn take Claire through all the rooms of the house.

Nicholas, he was really happy when that Claire would stay with him there. Actually, Nicholas could have gone anywhere, and also met any vampire he liked. But it seems like there are a lot of vampires out there, who don think the same way as him.

Because Nicholas didn want to drink the blood of the humans around him. And he also does not want to disrupt the lives of humans, if for example the humans have almost disappeared from the face of this earth, then how will the earth be sustainable. And who will also manage everything that has been left by the human race, if the humans are already extinct, and no longer exist on this earth.

Actually, at that time, Nicholas had already thought that he wanted to create a vampire empire, which would not disturb the humans themselves. But indeed he was blocked by a number of other vampires, who did not think the same as him. And because of that, which made Nicholas the ostracized vampire.

Honestly, in his mind, Nicholas really wanted him to have a friend who could understand him the same way. And now there is a beautiful girl named Claire, whom he can really make as his comrade in arms, in building what he has dreamed of.

Actually, Claire is an innocent and a cute vampire. But because she is also less social, then that also prevents Claire from being able to grow into an intelligent vampire, and also a vampire who can conquer the world.

Actually Claire was confused and she didn know how she should return to the orphanage. Meanwhile, she is no longer the same as before. But now she had Nicholas by her side. So she doesn need to be afraid anymore to go through her days, which are now completely changed, when compared to how she used to be.

”Claire, if you want to drink blood, then you have to tell me about it. And don be silent. Because sometimes if you can control your thirst to drink the blood, it can be dangerous for you. Because maybe your common sense can work properly, and I don want you to become other cruel vampires, who blindly drink the blood of those humans, Claire. So if you feel thirsty, then quickly tell me, and I Ill teach you how to hunt good forest beasts! ” Nicholas said to Claire at that time.

Luckily Claire was nodding. Claire, she understood why Nicholas had said that to her.

”Ah, yes thank you very much, Nicholas. I already owe you a lot. And I don understand if I didn meet you, what fate would be like for me later. Hmmm, once again thank you very much Nicholas. Because you want to invite me to stay in your house! ” replied Claire, who never stopped thanking Nicholas back then.

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