That Beautiful Vampire Is Me

Chapter 3 (Nicholas is now Claire\'s brother)

Claire didn think that she would kill her roommate. In fact, she had no intention of doing that to her best friend. Even though she knows that Kimberly is a woman who is actually not a good friend to her.

But it should not be if she had to kill her own friend.

”Oh, no. Why Claire, why are you like this. And why do you have the heart to bite your friend, without you realizing that youve killed her, until she stiffens lifeless. What if you will hurt all your friends who are in this place?. All of your family here, Claire?. Would you have the heart to make them your food, huh?. You have to remember that they are also your mother as well as your siblings. Although maybe not all of them have a good attitude towards you, but you shouldn do that! ” Said Claire who felt anxious that morning, when Kimberly was found dead.

Claire realized that if she continued to stay at the Orphan Foundation, she was worried that she would put everyone in danger. Because she couldn contain her thirst. Then Claire decided to run away, at that night. She then immediately left, running away from the orphanage.

Claire also went to the middle of the forest, when she felt thirsty again. She is not thirsty for water, but she is thirsty to suck the blood, so she is afraid if she can control her urge, to drink human blood.

And even in the middle of the forest Claire was then weeping.

”Claire, whats wrong. What are you doing, huh?. Why are you like this?. Then why did you turn into a blood-sucking creature?. Why you put everyone in your house in danger? ” Said Claire in her heart, when she was in the middle of the forest.

Actually, Claire didn want to run away from the orphanage. Because at the orphanage, she has grown since her birth, so she is now able to grow up, becoming a beautiful girl, as she is today.

But for some reason, she didn realize that she would have fangs, which could bite people at any time. And thats what makes her so sad. And then Claire immediately ran again into the forest, even though she didn know where she was going.

Because she was so hungry, she almost fainted. And she then found a wild boar, Claire then she immediately ran to the wild boar, and sucked its blood. Although indeed the wild boars blood is not as delicious as human blood, but at least by sucking the wild boars blood, she can survive until then.

When Claire had recovered a bit of her strength, she then walked further and she go further into the forest. And she was contemplating in the forest. Then she sat down on the edge of the cliff. And she contemplated her fate like this.

”Why Claire, you can turn like a beast like now, huh?. How are you going to face your days that can be the same as before? Are you going to be able to live like this, Claire? ” Said Claire who was crying on the edge of the cliff.

On that night, she was just pensive on the edge of the cliff. And somehow suddenly Claire heard the faint footsteps of people walking towards her. She seemed to be getting scared. Is it human or not. She wasn afraid to face that person, but she was afraid of harming another human.

And suddenly the footsteps of that person was getting closer to her. Claire was suddenly more confused and scared. But luckily the man suddenly approached her and said, ”Hey, calm down first. Don be afraid, and don think bad of me. Introduce, my name is Nicholas Richard. Im a vampire like you. You
e confused right now, aren you. If youve done things beyond your head, its because you seem to have just killed a human! ” Nicholas said to the confused Claire, at the edge of the cliff in the forest at that time.

”Uh, uhmm. Yeah, how do you know when Im not okay. And how do you know Im right now confused? ” Claire answered, feeling a little surprised, because Nicholas could say that to her, on that night.

”Never mind, you don need to discuss that. What is clear, I am also a vampire like you. And I can survive until now, only because of relying on the animals in this forest. And I used to be like you too. my thirst for human blood. But over time, I have been able to control it. And I will teach you how you can survive, and can coexist with humans. Even if your desire to kill them is very strong. But if you want to survive in this human world, Don be rash in your decision to kill them. So, do you want to come with me? ” Nicholas asked Claire.

”Yeah fine, Nicholas. I accept your offer. So what steps should I take, if I want to be able to coexist with the humans? ” Claire asked Nicholas, who was feeling confused, as she couldn contain her urge to bite the humans.

At that moment Nicholas immediately invited Claire to live with him, in the middle of the forest. Nicholas asked Claire not to be afraid of him. Because Nicholas will not harm, or also have bad intentions towards her.

And Nicholas then told her that they should be able to find a wild animal that they could actually suck blood from. Even though the blood of the wild animals is not as delicious as the blood of humans, but at least they can avoid if they want to bite the humans.

Because if they were going to bite the humans, and they had bitten a lot of times, it was certain that their very existence would be threatened. And Nicholas didn want that to happen to Claire, and neither to him.

Even though there are lots of vampires out there who also want to drink the blood of humans, at least Nicholas didn do that. And that is what has allowed him to live side by side with humans to this day. And also his identity is not revealed as a vampire.

And now Nicholas slowly invites Claire to live with him, to conquer the world of humans, even though it is not an easy thing. And Claire did agree. She also did not want to trouble her entire family who were in the orphanage.

Because Claire really loves them. Claire knew that she was an isolated woman, who had no one, apart from her entire family, in the orphanage. But now that she has killed her own best friend, named Kimberly. And that was also the problem in Claires mind, so she was very afraid to return to the orphanage foundation at that time.

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