What would you do if you found yourself in a situation that could get you killed?

How would you react if you were in such a situation because of some Masked Two Face?

Whatever the case. I never chose to get involved with any of this. All I remember is living a life of luxury while my parents ran the kingdom.

If you haven guessed. Yes. I am a Prince. I am Zodiark! Prince of Astral.

I was just living my sweet life as a freshman in high school when the most beautiful girl transferred to our academy. Her name was Lulu. She was a couple of months younger than me and her family came visiting from a neighboring country down southwest. Which was known as Umbria. Surprisingly, both of our parents knew each other because they were allies during the Second Axion World War many years ago. It made me so happy once I figured it out. That I almost passed out when my parents told me. I was even more happy when my parents invited her family over for dinner. But that all went downhill when we were suddenly… Well… I forgot most of the details. So Ill quickly explain.

Me and Lulu were just outside alone to ourselves. Getting to know more about each other when we were suddenly kidnapped. Im not sure I remember all of it, but its been awhile since weve been away from home. Our captors were three of the dumbest thugs that Ive ever met. They
e Outworlders like my father and they are also triplets with different personalities. Phineas, the biggest out of the three, was the strongest. Although, he was quite dumb as a nail. Pho, the skinniest out of the three, was fast. However, he was deaf. As for Phil. He was the smartest but tiny as a child. Their Mistress on the otherhand was a different story. Mistress Pauline was a cranky lady, but clever. Whether she was also an Outworlder or not was still to be determined. Whatever the case, they were going to keep us as ransom till they got their money. If they didn get their money, then they were going to sell us to the highest bidder of whatever as slaves.

Honestly, If I could summon my powers like any other Outworlder. I would have been able to gallantly free us a long time ago. But regrettably, I am weak. Unlike my father, the world held high expectations for me. Because my fathers family line always had strong abilities. But I never got the chance to awaken my powers. So I just accepted my fate as a powerless half Outworlder.

Anyways, Lulu had the ability to call the storms. However, we were always tied up and kept in a closed cell. So we couldn do anything. But that didn stop me. I was a wild child when my parents took cared of me and I wasn gonna give these thugs the luxury of believing that I would just go any easier on them. So I always got the most beatings because of my attempts of escaping. Causing trouble left and right like the spoiled child I am. Which I shamelessly admit. There was even a point in time that I almost set the Mistresss hair on fire. It was quite the scandal and me and Lulu laughed all night talking about it. I really miss those days.

So back to the story. Sometimes, there would be times when we would almost get saved, but the Mistress was always one step ahead. They would somehow get a call ahead of time and suddenly pack up. Like there was no tomorrow. They were always in a rush to leave to the next destination. However, those days, were the days when me and Lulu would always put up a fight. Though, as the days passed by and the days turned into weeks. To about a month or two. Lulu eventually had given up… So I did too. Which made the Triplets happy, it really did. That it made moving easier. They would come, knock us out and we would wake up in a new imprisoned room. Restarting our new life as prisoners from one place to the next. It was becoming a little too much that I almost gave into insanity.

Fortunately on the third month. We had just moved into a mansion when Phineas forgot to tie us up. I knew that this was going to be our only chance. So after he locked the doors to our cell and by the time he turned his back on us. I quickly snatched the keys and kept it in my mouth. Thankfully Phineas was too stupid to notice. So we were lucky. Fate was on our side now.

Strangely enough, this move really did a number on everybody. The Triplets all seemed to be filled with fatigue that they didn make us lunch, but fell asleep. That was when I made my move.

Unlocking our cell. I grabbed Lulu and we quietly made our way through the mansion. It was abandoned, but we could hear our captors snores downstairs. As we went down, I noticed that all three of them were asleep. ”But where was Mistress Pauline? ” I wondered. Looking around the area, there was no sign of her. So I quietly led Lulu down the stairs and we headed out to the back door. Just in case anybody else was guarding at the front. The backyard held a large garden full of overgrown trees and bushes. Their finely balanced figures, replaced in disheveled structures.

We made our way through the garden when Lulu spotted the backyard gate. ”Lets go! ” She smiled. Pulling me along with her. It was the first time in a long while since I saw her smile. But our hopes were on the line as we heard a car pull up at the front. It was most likely Mistress Pauline. Everytime she returned from her errands she would always check our cell to make sure the Triplets didn screw up.

After we heard the front door open and close. I turned. Keeping my eyes towards the mansion. ”Hurry! ” I hissed.

Lulu immediately tried to open the gate, but soon found a lock around the door handle. ”Dang It! Its Locked! ” She growled in frustration. I in turn, began looking for another way out. The fence was tall, but there were warning signs displaying that it was an electrical fence. So I didn want to try my luck getting myself or Lulu electrocuted. It was only moments afterward that we heard Mistress Pauline shouting at her subordinates.

— Inside the Mansion —

”Where are they!? ” Mistress Pauline demanded. Waking the boys up while smacking their faces with her hand. ”My Mistress! I assure you that they were locked in their cell. ” Phil whimpered when the Mistress suddenly grabbed a bat. ”You fools! Theyve broken out! ” She screamed while destroying the piano that stood beside them. The three thugs whimpered in fear as they watched.

Once she regained her composure, Mistress Pauline glared at them. Grabbing the bottle of wine from Phos hand she poured herself a cup. ”My money and reputation is on the line! If you boys don return with those kids by the time I finish drinking the whole bottle. That piano won be the only thing that breaks! Now go! ” She warned.

The Triplets immediately rushed all over the mansion. Searching through every nook and cranny. Eventually they would meet up by the main hall. When Phil had a plan. While speaking to Phineas, he spoke to Pho in sign language ”Okay, Phineas. You and Pho go look outside while I scavenge through the mansion. Start at the backyard through the garden and make your way through the front. If any of you spots them. Sound the alarm. ” Phineas nodded as he and Pho went outside.

— Outside the Mansion —

Once those back doors opened. Lulu immediately grabbed my hands and pulled me under a bush. ”Stay down! ” She warned. Keeping quiet we stayed hidden underneath the bushes while Phineas and Pho searched through the garden. ”Oh children! Come out wherever you are! ” Phineas shouted. They searched through the trees. They went around the pond. They even went passed us. That I even thought that I was going to have a heart attack, but luckily we weren caught.

By the time they went to check the back gate. Lulu began to cause the skies to darken and drizzle with rain. It was there that I could see the spark of hope in her eyes. Yes. This was our chance. Our only chance! A chance that we weren gonna waste.

So while that Big Oaf and Deaf Skeleton, names that I adopted for Phineas and Pho, were busy checking the back gate. I immediately took Lulus hand and we both bolted for the front gate.

I was positive that it was still open. I didn know, but I could feel it. So we ran. Till we saw the front gates. All wide open for us.

Yes! There it was. Our chance.

We ran towards our only means of freedom. As if death was chasing behind our tails.

But our freedom wasn gonna come so easily than I thought. For it wasn a moment too soon that we heard Phil shouting at Phineas and Pho. Pointing at our direction. Warning them of our escape.

Our hearts were beating fast out of fear. We knew that Phineas was slow, but Pho was a different matter.

In my last attempt of escaping, I managed to make it out the front door when I was suddenly knocked to the ground because Pho tackled me. Giving Phineas and Phil a chance to pin me to the ground. If we couldn knock Pho out. I knew that it would be the end for one of us.

And though I would have left anyone behind because of my selfishness. I was reluctant to let Lulu get captured. So I came up with my own plan. One that I know would give us both the chance of escaping.

So as Pho got closer to us. I immediately turned and sent Pho a parting gift that Im sure he would never forget.


”Revenge! ” I shouted as I punched Phos batteries.

The poor guy immediately fell face first. Holding onto his batteries in agony.

Giving myself a fist bump and with no time to talk. Not that Pho could hear me anyways. I grabbed Lulu by the hand and ran. ”Now run Lulu! Run like theres no tomorrow! ” I shouted. Encouraging her to keep up with me as we made our great escape into the wilderness. We smiled and laughed as our thoughts of captivity disappeared and the dreams of freedom had become a reality. We didn know where we were, but there was no chance in hell that we were going to go back into captivity without a fight.

We were finally free… for now.

— Somewhere in the Wilderness —

A Masked Man walks calmly. Looking up at the sky ahead he chuckles. ”Rain? Hahah! Great! ” He happily laughs when his mood suddenly changed to a lower and more serious tone. ”[Sigh] Great! Another adventure begins… This should be interesting. ”

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