— Luminaria: Morning —

The morning was a lot more calm and peaceful. There were only a few people out and about. Farmers mostly. Luminaria was indeed an interesting little town.

As for me and Lulu. We were just having breakfast when we noticed that Koa was gone. It was probably for the best. There was no point for him to get involved with us anyways.

So after breakfast. We helped Zhou and Jia clean the kitchen, said our goodbyes and headed out.

Upon our departure. We were handed food and supplies by the townspeople who stood up for us yesterday. It had seemed that word had quickly spreaded about our journey. Which was to be expected! Because Luminaria is a small town. Everybody, of course, would know everyone in town. So with that in mind, as well as the gifts that were given. We were indebted to them. Yet, grateful for their kindness.

Before our departure out of town, Zhou had gifted me a Jian. Which was a chinese straight sword. A family heirloom of his. A blade said to glow with light whenever it got dark. It was meant to be passed down from generation to generation, so that their family could remember their family heritage. About their first ancestor who came to this world, but Zhou and Jia never had any children. They were both the second generation of their lineage to be born in Axion. Though with no children, meant that they would be the last of their family line. Which was why Zhou wanted me to have his blade. As a reminder of them. I humbly accepted.

As for Lulu, she was gifted Jias Long Bow and quiver. Which was also a family heirloom. The Long Bow was made out of silver wood. A type of sturdy wood that can only be found at the southern parts of Aurora. It cannot be broken so easily. Unless you had an Aether or an Abyssal sharded weapon. As for the quiver, it was a special type of quiver, gifted to Jias parents from a wizard long ago. Which had the power to provide unlimited arrows. No matter what you did. That quiver was always going to be fully loaded with arrows. It was then that we knew that both Zhou and Jia were Outworlders just like us.

Outworlders are a people who aren from this world. Or who are descendants from the first of their lineage that came into this world. It is said that Outworlders came from another world. The old world. A planet they call, Earth. Apparently in Axioss history. Outworlders were brought to this world, because of a hidden organization that kidnapped and child trafficked people from their world to our world. How were they able to accomplish such a shameful deed still remains a mystery. But it did open the peoples eyes. That they realized. That there were more mysteries to discover beyond our own world.

As for the Outworlders. They were human just like us, but different. Upon discovering about the Outworlders, scientists and mages learned that they each had certain abilities. Some had the ability to call upon the storms. Some could lead through a dark path, lighting the way with fire. There were even some who could heal the sick and weary. There were so many possibilities! However, what most people feared were the Outworlders who had outrageously strong abilities.

Apparently, while in captivity. A certain group of Outworlders, who had abilities unlike any other, banded together. They wrecked havoc to their oppressors and led their people to freedom. Out of the darkness of captivity.

Though they did received the freedom that they so rightly deserved. The Axions weren so forthcoming. By the time word had spreaded about the Outworlders. A lot of hate and envy spreaded like wildfire. And with that, violence ensued.

Which was the cause of the Second Axion World War. Though as it has been stated before. That all ended once Astral opened up to the world.

As to how the Outworlders obtained such powers. Also remains a mystery to this day. Whenever any would ask those of the first generation about how such a feat was done. They would always speak about a mysterious Black Door. Which in turn theyll tell the tragic tale of what history knows it to be, The Black Door Massacre. A time when their captors sent the Outworlders to their deaths. In hopes that they would find the Infinity. A powerful and mythical energy source. Said to be a star containing power unimaginable. Though to their dismay, they received nothing. Nothing but the Outworlders that survived. Outworlders who then were blessed with the power to free themselves from captivity. Because of whatever unknown source that was believed to still be hidden beyond the Black Door.

As to what lies beyond this Black Door. Nobody really knows. All I can say, from what my mother knows, is that it is a Gateway to the Abyss. A dark realm below this world. Said to be the land of the dead. A realm where demons and fowl creatures roam. Whatever the case, nobody will ever be able to understand.

And with that. We continued our journey north. Yet, before we ever had hopes of traveling to Aurora. We first needed to find a train station. So after we were given our gifts. Zhou had given us a map that showed that there was a train station just north from Luminaria. Called Luna Station. All we had to do was walk a few miles through the forest till we found the station. Then we would use the money that they gave us to order tickets. Which we would then take the train ride to the next town. Known as Synthensia. A peaceful town that was near from Luminaria. Out in the meadows of Northwestern Umbria.

Apparently, Lulu had a grandmother living in Synthensia. The one and only, who I understand to be known as, The Legendary Angelic Maiden. It was said that, back in the day, she was once apart of the Elite Three Generals serving under the Umbrian Empire. Till she was left for dead when she fell into the Abyss. They call her the Angelic Maiden, not only because of her immortal beauty, but because she was the only Axion ever to brave the Abyss and live to tell the tale. Which she also so happened to obtain super natural abilities like the Outworlders. However, her abilities were a bit more stronger. That some have even speculated that she holds the power of Infinity. Though that is still to be determined. All I understand is that the Angelic Maiden took care of Lulus parents when the persecutions took place against the Outworlders. Keeping them a secret while working under the Empire. Until she finally betrayed the Empire. Because of their abandonment of her and the innocent Umbrian lives that tragically died in the abyss. Which she would then join the Allied United Three Kingdoms. Where she would also find her faithful commander and Lulus parents. Lulus grandmother was a war hero. A Protector. An Immortal feared and respected by many. So that was where we decided to take our journey. First to find a train station and then off to Synthensia. So that we could seek shelter and protection from her grandmother.

The only thing we had to worry about… Was the Triplets who were out in the wilderness.

— Hidden Fortress —

In a smog swampy land, a hidden fortress laid barren. Yet, a hidden community secretly held a gathering once every six months to discuss plans on terrorizing the world. Some did it for the money. Some for vengeance. While the insane few only wanted to watch the world burn!

They were the mightiest of the underworld. A band of thieves, miscreants and murderers. Various figures of the world. Known by their fame and tyranny.

Upon their gathering while their followers celebrated. The greatest of them, who apparently were Outworlders, met in another room where seven thrones stood. It was a room meant for the Seven Rulers of the Underworld. Meaning that it was for the seven of the most deadliest mafia crime bosses in the world. Each ruled in their own specified underworld territory at their own country.

Starting with the least to the most powerful and deadliest mafia crime boss. Their was the Golden Pharaoh. Nebu, from the southwestern country of Sodumn. Ranked number seven. Nebu was the richest out of the bunch. Anything he touched could turn into gold. Which was why he always wore cotton gloves. Because it turns out that cotton was the only material that couldn be affected by his touch. Aside from water of course.

Next in line at rank six. Hailing from the northwestern country. The underworld ruler of Radium. Sora, the Cloud Thief. Not only is he the youngest out of the seven, but he is quick on his feet. Soras ability allows him to disappear and transform into a cloud. He could slip past guards and steal anything he can get his hands on. The only problem he has is getting out of anything with the loot he tries to steal. Because while his body can transform into a cloud, anything he tries to steal thats a solid material like gold and jewels can be carried by the wind.

Now the next deadliest ruler, hails from the frigid green lands of Kodiakus. Which is the western country that lies in between Sodumn and Radium. The fifth ranked ruler is Shiva. Commonly known by the mass media as the Ice Queen. Though her beauty and fame amongst the media is ever so sweet and generous. Behind those beautiful smiles lies a cold hearted woman who simply enjoys watching the weak and deserving suffer. Her ability obviously is ice. But its how she uses her power and statis, as a celebrity, that has brought her to be noticeable enough to earn a seat at the seven thrones. Her ice sculptures she displays to the public aren really hand made sculptures, but people or animals that have fallen victim to her icy wrath. Which is why a lot of the men and women fear and respect her.

These are the only three who reign in the underworld on the west continent. As for the last four who rule the east side of the world.

We have Munchy. The Puppet Master of Umbria. The fourth powerful ruler of the underworld. Though he may lack any courage to fight, he gains more respect because of his deceitful behavior. Munchy once, unintentionally, deceived the Tyrant Emperor back when the Empire was formed. When the Emperor demanded him to offer up his riches and treasure. Munchy surrendered to save his own life, but sacrificed his treasure. Now forced to lead the Emperor to his secret treasure trove. Munchy, unintentionally, led the Emperor and his troops marching straight to a trap. Right towards enemy lines where the Allied United Three Kingdoms were preparing their ambush for any passing troops. Which was specifically for another day. Luckily for Munchy, this fateful opportunity became the Emperors undoing. Which began the ending of the Second Axion World War. Some hailed Munchy as a hero, but those who know him best, understood that he only did it to save his own neck. Munchy was sadly always misunderstood by his followers. Which was another weakness of his. While He surrendered to save his own life, his followers believed that he intentionally led the Emperor straight to his enemies on purpose. Little did they know, that the stash he always kept secret, was hidden near the eastern borders of Umbria.

The Great Puppet Master wasn always weak. Though he may appear weak in stature. Munchy is actually strong enough to control others by the touch of his strings. He isn called the Puppet Master for nothing. And though he is recognized amongst the other rulers of the underworld. Munchy would have been able to climbed the ranks. Had it not been for the Warmonger. Azria. Ranked number three. One of the newest members to replace the recent underworld ruler of Aurora. Azria was the second youngest amongst the rulers. She won her place in a fair duel against each of the four lesser rulers. Her power is not only her super strength, but her ability to cause her body to become like molten magma. Her violent nature and pleasure for pain is also what motivates her to be the strongest. It is the very reason why she has earned her spot.

And though Azria was able to take on the lesser four. The only challenge she has been trying to overcome for the past two years. Is a duel against the Witch Slayer of Astral. Magnis, the second deadliest ruler of the underworld. People rarely get a chance to see what ability he wields. Though the other five only understand that he wields lightning. Because it only took one strike to take down Azria. Some speculate that he holds another ability. Claiming him to be a Dual Wielder.

In this world where Outworlders exist. There are times when an Outworlder, born with two Outworlder parents, will have the ability to wield two powers. Those kinds of Outworlders are normally known as Dual Wielders. Like Azria who has super strength and magma. The people believe that Magnis also may be a Dual Wielder.

As for the deadliest and the last. Nobody has ever really met him besides Magnis. Those others who have, already passed away, long before the other five were given a seat at the throne room. All they know is that the deadliest of them goes by the title. The Tainted King. He was the orginal predecessor who organized the laws of the Underworld. Some don know if he used to rule the land of Bountiful, because it was destroyed a couple of decades or so. Due to some some strange phenomenal disaster.

Anyways, Bountiful is just located south of Aurora. And though the Tainted King didn show up once again. The rest of the six rulers of the underworld sat down upon their thrones, while Mistress Pauline entered the room. The Mistress was ashamed to be standing before them. Because she was specifically assigned to her mission by Shiva to kidnap the prince of Astral. However, here she stood before the six. Empty handed. ”So… you have failed. ” Shiva sighed. Mistress Pauline bowed before them. ”My sincerest apologies! Lady Shiva! I had them until my insubordinate men left their- ” she whimpered when Azria interrupted with a loud yawned. ”[Yawn] Oh jeez! Just take responsibility plebeian! ” The Warmonger muttered when Shiva glared at her. ”Don mind her my loyal consigliere. Now that I realized what happened. I retract my words. So be at ease! Because the prince hasn returned home yet. You haven failed. ” Shiva reassured the Mistress. ”Sounds to me like she has though. ” Azria mumbled when Shiva froze Azrias seat with ice. ”How dare you! You pampered swine! ” Azria growled. ”You deserved it for bad mouthing my most faithful advisor! ” Shiva barked back. The two rulers were about to fight neck and neck when Magnis suddenly stood up. ”Enough! ” He boomed. The two women apologetically sat back down. Still glaring at each other. Magniss gaze then fell upon the Mistress.

”Though I can agree with Miss Azria that the prince is not in her care. I do also agree with Miss Shiva. She has not yet failed. ” Magnis said as the two ladies silently agreed. Now that peace was restored, Magnis could continue. ”As for you Mistress Pauline, when was the last time you saw the prince? ” He asked. Pauline stood up in gratitude. Magnis never calls anybody by their name unless he respects them. Which was quite an honor to receive. ”We were at Umbria, a couple of hundred miles west of Genesistopia. My men were out there tracking them down when they found them at a small town called Luminaria. When they attempted to take them back. The townspeople got angry and threatened them. My men also believe that the kids have someone protecting them. So they are laying low for now, while keeping an eye on them. Following wherever they go. ” Pauline explained. Magnis was pleased with this information, but there was something odd about what she said. ”So, when you were explaining. In my understanding, you didn just kidnap the prince, but somebody else along with him. Is that correct? ” Magnis asked. ”Correct your grace. It was just a girl. A friend of his perhaps. ” Pauline answered. Magnis nodded when the Puppet Master chuckled. ”So… I guess Ill be helping then. ” Munchy smiled when Shiva glared at him. ”No! I was assigned to this. Ill do it myself! ” Shiva said. ”But who can say that you won lose him? Your… advisor failed, which means you did too. ” Azria reminded Shiva. The Ice Queen held her tongue when Azria stood up. ”If youll allow it Magnis. I propose a deal. ” The Warmonger smiled. Magnis nodded as he took his seat. Beckoning her to continue on. Pleased by this, Azria happily continued.

”My friends and enemies. I propose a challenge. I know that you understand that our respected leader. The Nameless Tainted King is apart of our organization. He even has a throne that has been left empty for a long time. ” Azria said while the others agreed. ”What are you proposing? ” Magnis asked. Azria grinned while pointing at the empty throne. ”I propose that whoever brings the Prince, preferably alive, shall claim the title The Grand King of the Underworld! ”

Everybody was silent. This was a very preposterous proposal. There were so many possibilities that the Tainted King was still alive. But nobody has seen him for about a decade or two. He could be dead for all they know. ”Well? What do you all say? Ready to become the next King of the Underworld? ” Azria smiled. Everybodys eyes turned to Magnis as he stood up. The room beginning to darken as a thick cloud covered the ceiling. Magnis stood before Azria, looking down upon her. The Warmonger gazed back with a grin of defiance. The dark clouds disappeared and he nodded. ”A bold proposal to make… Very well… It is settled. ” Magnis smiled. The others in the room were baffled. Because Magnis agreed to Azrias proposal. It meant that anyone of them could have a chance to claim the title for themselves. Though some of them knew that this wasn just some proposal that Azria suggested… No… Far from it… This was a challenge.

”Well everybody. You heard her! First thing in the morning. Begins our battle for the throne. Whomever returns here with the captured prince shall have claim of the kings title. As for the girl… kill her. Leave no witnesses. ” Magnis announced. As he went out the door he turned to face Azria. ”Im going to enjoy this! So don you dare hold back… Azria. ” Magnis grinned. Everybody else in the room left afterwards while the Warmonger stayed. Looking up at the empty throne she smiles. ”I can wait to see how things will turn out… Game on! ”

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