That Masked Two Face Almost Gets Me Killed!!!

Detective Koa and His Assistants

— Luna Station: Late Afternoon. —

We had just made it to the train station when the train arrived. We ordered our tickets and were able to get on the train.

The train was just heading out when three figures suddenly hopped onto the train.

Meanwhile, Me and Lulu were shown to our roomette. A small mediocre train cabin with two fold out beds as well as a foldable table. It wasn luxurious, but it was comfortable enough to eat and rest in. It even had a bathroom with a decent shower room off on the side. So while Lulu took the liberty to shower. I decided to do a little adventuring around the train.

The train was a bit old fashioned, unlike the trains at Astral, but that was the reason why I wanted to go look around. Our cabin was a few passenger cars near the front of the train. While there were multiple other passenger cars till you made it to the backend of the train. So I casually made my way to the front. Greeting the passengers as I passed by. Upon meeting the conductor, I introduced myself. The conductor seemed weary of me at first because I was young until I told him who I was. After checking for my legitimate identity, confirming that it was true, his mood changed. So I happily explained my current situation and asked if I could see the engine room. He gladly guided me to the front.

Carefully guiding me, we went over a mound of coal before we made it to the front. I got to see what the engine room looked like and met the driver and engineers. The train was definitely old, but I was given the chance to pull the train whistle. Or what they called, the steam trumpet. It was all so new to me. Unlike Astral, the train was fueled with coal instead of aether and abyssal shards

Usually in Astral. Aether and abyssal shards from the comet is our main source of energy. Its what made our country more advanced than the rest. The difference between the two shards is that the aether is more brighter than the abyssal shard. While aether has positive energy. The abyssal has negative energy. Both shards can be found all across the globe, but because Astral is located where the comet landed. That piece of land is swarming with tons of shards that can last Astral a billion years with sufficient resources. Depending on how the people use it.

How the Astrals were ever to obtain the ability to harness the shards. Using them as a resource for our technological advancement is way too complicated for me to understand.

Anyways, after I was given a tour through the engine room. I figured that Id pry make my way back to my roomette. But first I needed to get something to eat at the dining car. So, while I made my way to the dining car. I happened to notice a familiar figure passing through slowly… It was Pho. Realizing that Pho was suspiciously checking every one that passed through him. I backed up and hid myself in another roomette. Apparently, whoevers roomette this belonged to, they were luckily fast asleep. It was also surprisingly dark, but I could tell that this roomette was extremely expensive. Due to the way the bed luxuriously appeared even though it was partially dark. The only thing that seemed a bit off, was the sound of voices. Whispering around the room. Which was a bit scary, but I did my best to endure through it.

So while the passenger slept, I hid myself in the dark. ”I have to find Lulu! ” I told myself. But the only problem was that our roomette was passed the dining car. If I quickly made my way through. I might be able to get away without Pho catching me. I needed a plan. Eventually, while I was making a plan, I overheard a lady complaining to the workers about Pho. So they sent security over to deal with him. Which was just what I needed.

I quickly got out of the room and quietly passed by. While Pho was being approached by the authorities.

My heart was pounding. That I could have sworn that I could even hear it thumping from my own ears. Thumping faster and faster as I made my way to my roomette.

I finally opened the door to my roomette where I found Lulu putting her shoes on. ”Oh! There you are! I was just about to go look for you. ” Lulu smiled when I quickly closed the door. Lulus smile immediately went upside down. ”They
e here on the train, aren they? ” She frowned. I apologetically nodded. Lulu growled as she grabbed her belongings. ”I only saw Pho getting questioned by the authorities. But I don know where Phil and Phineas are hiding. ” I warned her. Lulu grunted as she finished packing. Tossing my belongings right towards me she nods. ”We should pry warn the authorities. ” Lulu suggested. ”I happily agree, but what should we do if they don believe us? ” I asked after I strapped my bags around my back. There was a devilish grin that began to form on her face. I didn know what she was up to, but I had a bad feeling about it. ”Just follow my lead. ” She told me as we began to walk out of our room with our gear. Lulu guided us up to the dining car where I last saw Pho. However, he wasn there anymore. So we took a seat at one of the tables when a waitress came by to take our order. While the thugs weren around. We decided to have an early dinner. Though we both were on our guard.

While we ate, the news was playing on the TV nearby. The news reporters were talking about a few natural disasters. They also shared how I was missing when they suddenly spoke about Lulu being the daughter of the Honorable Speaker. He who can hear and speak the many languages.

I was flabbergasted that I almost choked on my food. ”Are you okay? ” Lulu asked. I quietly nodded while struggling to swallow my food. Lulu laughed as she came over and smacked my back. Helping me clear out my throat from all the food. ”Thanks. ” I said. ”No problem. ” She nodded while sitting back down. This was an astounding discovery. The Speaker was said to be just an Outworlder who could speak to the beings of the abyss. If he wanted to convince an army of undead creatures to fight at his side. He could. Which was why he was a valued asset to the United Three Kingdoms. To even find out that Lulu was his daughter was a complete overkill. All this time we were held in captivity and I never knew. I completely felt so stupid that I could barely look her in the eye. ”So… you
e really the daughter of the Speaker? ” I asked. Lulu nodded. ”I thought you already knew. ” She smiled. I shook my head. ”I honestly didn , but now Im just surprised! ” I smiled. ”Well… I guess its fair of me to say that I try not to tell people. Only because I don like attention. ” Lulu admitted. ”Is that so? ” I chuckled. Lulu nods while taking a sip from her glass of water. When she noticed Phil staring at them.

”We have to go! ” Lulu warned while grabbing her belongings. I then realized that Phil was approaching us. With Phineas and Pho not too far behind. ”After them! ” Phil growled. I quickly took my stuff and grabbed Lulus hand. ”Follow me! ” I said as we ran. We were just about to head out of the dining car, when Lulu suddenly let go of my hand. Grabbing a plate of spaghetti from a nearby table she yells out, ”FOOD FIGHT! ” She then threw the plate of spaghetti straight at Phils face. Which Phil in turn fell off to the side. Knocking a ladys plate off her table. Her husband across from her then picked Phil up and punched him in the face. That the entire room in the dining car went off in an uproar. On an all out food war. Tossing pots and pans in the air. That the whole dining car became like a war zone.

”Cover fire! ” An eighty year old veteran shouted while hiding behind a table. Gathering his plate of food while his wife took a bite off a tomato and tossed it over, as if it was a grenade. Meanwhile Phineas was busy building a tower of cupcakes with the kids while Pho was being smacked by another lady who was wielding a carrot like a knife. As for Phil, well he seemed pretty much beat up.

Lulu and I were a bit dumbstruck as the scene got worse and worse. But Lulus plan somehow worked. So I wasn gonna complain. ”Cmon! I know where we can hide! ” I told Lulu. Leading her to the dark roomette that I once hid at. When a hand suddenly grabbed Lulu. ”Not so fast! ” Phil growled. The Big Headed Hobbit, his nickname that I adopted for him, pulled Lulu while Pho and Phineas made their way to us. ”Let her go! ” I yelled. Kicking Phil square in the nose. The Big Headed Hobbit let go of Lulu and we quickly ran till I found the door to the expensive looking roomette.

Though, just before I could open the door. The most unexpected thing happened. Koa suddenly appears behind the door.

Opening the door to the expensive looking roomette. He yawns. Stretching his arms while leaning to his sides. ”[Yawn] Ah! Boy! That sure was a nice nap! ” He said. ”Koa!? ” Me and Lulu gasped as he recognized us. ”Oh! Lula! Zoda! Nice to see you again! Ahhaha! ” Koa laughed as he took us both in a bear hug. Spinning us around till he dropped us in his luxurious roomette.

The door to the next passenger car over opens and the conductor suddenly came through with security behind him. Noticing Phil, Pho and Phineas covered with food he questions them. ”What is the meaning of this? ” He demanded. Before me or Lulu could explain, Koa answers. ”Oh! Well you see Mr. Lee. I invited my two new friends to my humble abode to share spooky stories in the dark. When we suddenly heard somebody causing a ruckus at the dining car. So I volunteered to check and found these bumbling buffoons smashing the place! ” Koa reported. ”Thats a lie! ” Phil growled. When the conductor kicked him in the nose. ”Silence! ” The Conductor demanded. Looking over to the dining car. He could see some of the customers covered in food. He then turns at everyone. ”Where are your tickets! ” He demanded. Lulu and I noticed that we forgot our tickets at our roomette when Koa suddenly popped out three golden tickets. ”Here you go Mr. Lee. One for me, Lula and Zoda! Yippee! ” Koa laughed while dancing around Phil. Stepping on him in the process. ”Ow! ” Phil snarled while protecting his nose from getting hit again. The Conductor nodded with approval. Stamping their tickets before returning it to Koa. ”Okay, now what about you guys? ” Mr. Lee demanded. Phil, Pho and Phineas raised their hands. ”Cmon now. Take it easy. We may not have any tickets, but we have some extra gold. ” Phil admitted. When he noticed Koa holding his bag. ”W-What!? Hey! Thats my bag of gold! ” Phil growled. Demanding Koa to give it back. But he wouldn . ”What are you talking about? This is the bag I use whenever I want to eat candy. See! ” Koa said as he opened the bag. Proving his innocence. Everybody saw that there was nothing but candy in it. However, this enraged Phil that he began to charge at Koa. ”You thief! You stole my money! ” Phil shouted when Mr. Lee and the security guards grabbed Phil and his brothers. ”Alright, well you know what that means stowaways. Since this train is sponsored by the Kapooya Province means that you get to walk the plank! ” Mr. Lee chuckled. ”Theres no such thing as a train having a plank! ” Phil barked when he was handcuffed. ”Shut up and get a move on! ” Mr. Lee barked back while Koa began to hop with excitement. ”Hooray! The plank it is! Im so excited to see that I can wait! Woohoohoohoo! ” Koa happily cheered. Phil glares at us while we hid by the door to Koas roomette. ”This isn over! We will hunt you down! Till you ah- ” Phil shouted when he was gagged. ”I told you to Shut up! ” Mr. Lee growled.

The three disappeared with Mr. Lee and the security guards while we watched. I was a bit eager to follow and see them jump off of the train. But when I stepped out of the door. Koa stopped me. His tone now serious. ”No! Stay here. ” He warned. ”But I want to make sure that they leave. ” I said, but Koa shook his head. ”Nope! You both need to rest. Leave them to me. Until then… my roomette is now yours. Ill be right back. ” Koa promised. But before he left, Lulu spoke. ”Um… Koa sir? Is it true that you stole his money? ” Koa turns, placing his first finger close to his face. ”We can just say that our new roomette was… prematurely paid for. ” Koa chuckled while juggling a golden coin on his fingers.

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