That Masked Two Face Almost Gets Me Killed!!!

Final Destination at Synthensia

— Umbria —

We were following Koa down the hall. Hopping to the next passenger car when Koa looked back at us. He always seemed to keep his focus on us, but we just couldn tell what he was thinking. I was even starting to come up with theories of my own about what he was thinking. When he suddenly stopped. ”Hey guys? A quick question. Before we continue on the investigation. Theirs something I must know. Just what exactly are your strengths and weaknesses? ” He asked. ”What do you mean? ” We asked back in confusion. ”I mean your abilities per se. ” Koa explained.

So Lulu quickly explained her ability. How she could cause the storms to rain down and darken the sky. Afterwards, I quickly explained that I didn have any powers. And even though it was hard to tell what he was thinking. I was a bit at ease, sharing about it. Because unlike Koa, people would just seem offended that a powerless boy was the child of two great parents. One who was an astounding prodigy. While the other was a predestined oracle. However, unlike the rest. All Koa ever said as he gazed at me was, ”Interesting. ” It kind of made me feel a lot better. But what did he mean by that? I guess I would never know.

Eventually, we would follow Koa down to the next passenger car. Some people were sleeping, others were talking while the younger few were playing around. After we passed through and made our way to the second to last passenger car till you reached the caboose or the end of the train. There were traces of something fowl on the floor and walls. Something that smelt strange. It wasn long till Koa pulled us back. ”Don breath in the chemical. ” He warned while covering our noses. Once we were at a safe distance. Koa turned. Warning the people to move to the next passenger car.

Eventually, Mr. Lee would arrive with a women. The lady beside him was one of the waitresses that worked for the train company. As they talked, the lady shared about a suspicious man entering the train. He was with his wife, but seemed to always go to the dining car to look at all of the waitresses. Eyeing and flirting at all of them while his wife was too busy doing other things. Which made everyone uncomfortable. Eventually that man would approach one of the new young waitresses. Whatever they were discussing about, the lady explained, that nobody could hear them. The women explaining, then showed a picture of the young waitress. Which turned out to be the same lady who served me and Lulu our early dinner hours ago. She was the missing victim. Afterwards the lady then showed a picture of the man responsible. Who happened to be the same guy who sucker punched Phil when the food fighting began. ”Hmn. I see. Is the man with his wife right now? ” Koa asked. ”Apparently not. Ive put the entire train on high alert when we suddenly heard these people moving over to the next passenger car. ” Mr. Lee responded. ”Ah! Yes. The next passenger car over, second to last, has been covered in kerosene. Which means our kidnapper knows that we
e looking for him and hes no doubt at the back of the train. ” Koa explained. ”How do you know that? ” I asked. Koa chuckled when he opened the door. Pointing to the other side. Everybody looked and couldn see anything beyond the window to the caboose. ”I don see anything. ” Lulu said. ”Exactly. ” Koa nodded. Everyone gave him a confused look when he sighed. ”Okay look. If you were trying to hide someone, but know that you
e trapped. And won go down without a fight. Would you take the hostage at an obvious spot while turning off all the lights and then hide? ” Koa asked. Everyone nodded as they finally understood. ”Okay so… then where exactly do you think that hell be hiding? ” Lulu asked. Everyone looked up at Koa as he thought for a moment. After a moment had passed, he then pointed at the sun. ”If I was in his shoes. Then Id be hiding on the west side. Where the sun isn shining on me. Because even though he has the blinds covering the window. Light is still partially shining through parts of the window. Where hed use it to his advantage to blind us. Then attack. ” Koa answered as he walked to the entrance of the next passenger car. ”As for the kerosene. I doubt that he has a lighter to light it. Besides… this is a train of class and style. Cigarettes aren allowed. ” Koa chuckled. ”Agreed, but we can afford to have a train full of passengers on fire. If he actually does have a lighter. ” The lady pointed out. ”Indeed! Which is why we
e going to have to break the connection to this train. By the way, what did you say your name was? I don believe that you actually introduced yourself. ” Koa asked. ”Oh! Right! My name is Sophie. Nice to meet you. Ive been working here since last month. ” The lady bowed. ”Koa. Pleased to meet you. ” He returned the bow when he suddenly pointed towards us. ”Lula? Zoda? Why don you show some respect for the lady and introduce yourselves. Hehehe! Go on ahead now. Don be shy. ” Koa told us. We simply bowed back after she kindly greeted us. When the conductor suddenly came up to us. Pointing at me. ”But I thought that you said that your name was- ” Mr. Lee said when Koa interrupted him. ”My sincerest apologies Mr. Lee, but I forgot to mention that my assistants are kind of professional masters of disguise. Which is why you may have mistaken him for the Prince of Astral. Hehehe! He gets mistaken a lot by some people. Which is why its his favorite disguise. But rest assured! Hehehe! I can prove to you that he isn who you think he is. ” Koa stated. Mr. Lee nodded as he kept his eye on me. Still confused, but now more weary of me. I may have lost his trust in me because of this. Other than that, Sophie seemed kind of intrigued.

”Now anyways. Mr. Lee? Might I suggest that you gather half of your men around the outside of the soon to be disconnected ends of the train, while the other half moves off with the train at a safe distance? Meanwhile, my assistants and I will infiltrate the inside of the caboose. Rescue the girl and take down the kidnapper. Sound good? ” Koa suggested. Everybody agreed and immediately the whole train was on alert. The back ends of the train were disconnected and the conductor had half of his men surrounding the train. While the other half was busy protecting the passengers.

We were all given gas masks, besides Koa, to protect our lungs from the intense smell of kerosene. If we even breathed in the flammable chemical for a long while. It would leave us exposed to dizziness, headaches and we would probably pass out. Not to mention that it would cause lung or heart damage. Which was why I personally was grateful for the gas masks. Anyways, before we entered inside, Koa handed both of us a knife. It was made of a particularly strange black material. A material that Ive never seen before. But there was no time to think about it. Our kidnapper was either inside waiting for us or we were gonna look like complete fools. One way or another, the victim was depending on us to save her. So that was what we were gonna do. ”Okie dokie! Now stay close my friends. Or else you might get hurt… or worse. ” Koa happily warned when he laughingly ran inside. ”W-what!? ” Lulu said in confusion while I pulled her hand. ”Hey! Wait! ” I shouted at Koa as we followed after him inside the passenger car.

As we entered inside the second to last end of the train. Where we last began our search. Koa was nowhere to be seen. So we continued by ourselves till we reached to the caboose. The last end of the train. It was kind of dark so we accidentally bumped into Koa. The Masked Man pointed at the closed door that was blocking the middle of the hall. Me and Lulu nodded as we silently followed him through the hall of the train. Passing by a few closets along the way. Before we went inside, Koa kept us back. Entering inside all by himself. It wasn long till we heard a lady sobbing with relief. While he was busy freeing her, Lulu went inside when I heard something move inside one of the closets. It mustve been the man. I held my knife carefully as I went back through the hallway alone. Meanwhile Koa and Lulu were busy freeing the maid. ”Its okay. Everything is going to be alright. Who did this to you? ” Koa asked as he pulled her gag off. It was then that I opened the door to the closet at the far end. Near the entrance to the passenger car. Where we just came through. As I opened the closet door I found the man tied up. His eyes gazing upon me in desperation to be free. It was then that we all realized. ”Its a trap! ” The young waitress shouted as the passenger car on the other end. Bursted into flames.

”Everybody out! ” Koa shouted while carrying the young waitress over his shoulder. When he realized that I was missing. ”Zoda! Time to go! ” Koa yelled. Koa sighed with relief when he found me hauling the tied up man over my back. ”Weve been tricked! ” I growled as Koa and Lulu came my way. ”Well discuss this later! For now we have to go! ” Koa said when Lulu turned back to the end of the caboose. Banging on the door. Twisting the nob. Trying to push or pull the door open, but it just wouldn budge. ”Dang it! Its locked! ” Lulu grunted. We all looked back as the flames traveled our way. It was then that Koa pulled Lulu back and suddenly kicked the door open. ”Lets go! ” Koa shouted as he jumped out with the young waitress. Me and Lulu jumped out afterwards. When the entire train ignited in flames.

After our little operation. The authorities helped carry the tied up man and waitress. Taking them off of our backs. They were going to be taken in for questioning, but one question still remained. If that man wasn the mastermind, then who was?

— The front of the train —

At the engine room. Sophie and the rest of the engine room workers changed into their true identities. They were a circus full of clowns and they were ready to cause some mayhem. As for their Ringleader? Sophie. She simply giggles as she turns the microphone on. The passengers on the train were silent as the announcements came on, but little did they know that trouble laid waiting for them all. ”Okay ladies and gentlemen. Due to some technical difficulties, this train will be stopping at Synthensia till the next train arrives. Please take your seats and prepare for your final destination to Synthensia! We simply apologize for the inconvenience, but rest assured. We promise you all. That this final trip is going to end with a BANG! Hahahahahaha! ” Sophie hysterically laughs. While her men started the train up. Hijacking the train along with its passengers on board.

— Aurora —

Two warriors stood as a jet landed nearby. One armored white and the other black. These brothers smiled as Angela and Alleluia came out. ”Welcome to Aurora! ” Hyrum, the Black Armored Warrior bowed. While his brother ran up to Alleluia. Embracing him with a bear hug. ”Its good to see you! ” Liam, the White Armored Warrior smiled. ”Its good to see you both! ” Alleluia groaned as he struggled for breath. Angela giggled as she watched. There was a bit of a father and son relationship between Alleluia and Liam. Even though Hyrum and Liam were related to Angela by blood. But that was a story for another time.

”Thank you for having us. ” Angela smiled. ”No matter what the situation may be. You both are always welcome here. ” Hyrum smiled back. They all walked till they came to a limousine. Entering inside where they began to discuss business. ”Has there been any word about Delta and Winter? ” Angela asked. ”Nothing so far. After Rizzetta set off to settle with another important matter of business. Theyve been on their own, tracking the kids all over the place. But recently, they went off to track a certain person of interest. ” Hyrum explained as he handed a file of a picture of Mistress Pauline. ”How long have they been following her? ” Alleluia asked. The two watched as Hyrum and Liam shrugged at each other. Until one of them finally spoke. ”They both went spying after her about a week ago, but haven reported anything back since. ” Liam answered. ”I see… So do you think that well need to send some backup? ” Alleluia asked. ”Im afraid so. If this Mistress is to be the one responsible. Judging by her status and who she really works for. Then I believe Zodiark and Lulu are in bigger danger than what we even realize. ” Hyrum affirmed. ”Where was their last known location? ” Angela asked. ”In Umbria. Out at the western side of Genesistopia. Where the last attempt to find your kids took place at. ” Hyrum reported. They all sat in silence as the driver pulled up to a building. At a place where dignified agents in white with blue streaked robes roamed. ”So… if they were last seen at Umbria… Then wouldn you all agree that we call a certain someone for help? ” Angela asked. ”I happily agree… But we already tried. ” Liam said. ”What do you mean? ” Alleluia asked. ”I mean that nobody has seen or heard from the Angelic Maiden for the past few years. ” Liam answered.

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