— Umbria —

”Detective? I assume that the matter has been resolved? ” Mr. Lee assumed as he approached us. ”Not yet sir. Apparently our accused kidnapper was just another victim. ” Koa reported as he led Mr. Lee to the young waitress. ”Ah! Miss Victoria! ” The Conductor bowed. The young waitress returned the bow while she covered herself with a jacket. Which was given to her from one of the young officers. ”Conductor! Friends! ” She smiled at us. Mr. Lee took his hat off before he spoke. ”Young lady, I regretfully apologize for what has transpired. And if we may ask, only if you feel comfortable, discuss about who was responsible for your kidnapping? ” Mr. Lee asked. Victoria nodded her head, cleared her throat and began to explain. ”Well you see… First of all. Robert, that man over there. Is innocent. ” She vouched. ”Why is that? ” Mr. Lee asked. ”Because hes my cousin. He saved me. ” Victoria stated as she continued explaining her story. ”I was just outside enjoying my evening break when I overheard some people laughing out at the engine room near the front of the train. So out of curiosity, I decided to go check. But when I got closer, I overheard those people making plans to take control over this train. Unfortunately though, when I got too close. I tripped and fell over. Getting caught in the aftermath of my fall. So once they began to chase after me. I ran, calling for help. Yet, luckily enough, my cousin was outside when the clowns came after me. ” Victoria explained. But before she could continue explaining, Koa stopped her. ”Okay now! Hold up! Wait a minute! Something ain right! ” Koa interrupted when he then turned to face Victoria. ”Sorry to interrupt, but in my complete understanding. What your saying is that clowns are trying to hijack this train? ” Koa asked. Victoria nodded. ”Yes and one of them was going undercover by the name of Sophie. ” She confirmed. Everybody was a bit confused by this. Yet, it would all make sense. Since Sophie was the one coming up with her own story. But now that the victims were saved, they say otherwise. Everyone was still speechless when Mr. Lee finally broke the silence. ”Well bring her in for questioning. As for these clowns… Did they by chance have a tattoo around their right wrist, with a picture depicting of a skeleton in puppet strings? ” Mr. Lee asked. ”Im not sure, I didn see. ” Victoria said when they heard the train whistle blow right before the train itself began to move out.

Koa immediately grabbed me and Lulus hand. ”Time to stop a train! ” Koa laughed when he surprisingly carried us over his shoulders. ”Hang on tight! ” He chuckled as he squatted down. Me and Lulu didn realize what he was planning on doing until it was too late. We both cried in fear as Koa suddenly launched all three of us into the air. ”Im too young to die! ” I cried as we flew in the air. Yet, while we were in the air screaming for our lives, Koa was laughing.

Thankfully though, we were fortunate enough to land on top of the train while it was still in motion. But even so. Nothing. Not one thing could perfectly describe the experience that went over afterwards. We were both so surprised and completely speechless! Because to be frank, neither of us honestly had any idea that Koa could even have the strength to do… THAT! But after our successful landing, Koa carefully placed us down. And to be honest, I was a bit surprised that a man, practically a few inches taller than me, could even carry the both of us. Not to mention, launch himself along with us into the air. I mean… Koa was nothing but a laughingstock. But when things get serious or he surprises us. He is scary… At least in my personal opinion. Yes, he is scary!

Anyways, after a moment had passed, Koa pointed at the front of the train. His tone of voice still joyously singing as he hopped over to the next passenger car. ”Cmon guys! Last one to the front of the train is a rotten biscuit head! ” Koa laughed. Lulu rolled her eyes as she helped me up. ”If he launches us to another moving vehicle like that again… I swear that I might end up trying to kill him! ” She hissed. ”Noted, but I call first dibs to punch his face before you proceed to do so. ” I smiled at her.

As we continued moving towards the front, our safe passage through the top of the train. From one passenger car to the next, would not go completely unnoticed. For just up ahead, our adversaries would begin to spot us making our way towards them. ”Hey boss! We got some familiar figures coming over from above the train! ” A clown henchman warned. Sophie growled as she turned to the big mime that stood amongst the other clowns. ”Johnny! Do something about it! ” Sophie yelled. The Mime nodded as he climbed out to the top of the train. Along with a few other clowns.

Meanwhile, we were just about to get to the second to last passenger car till we reached the front. When Lulu saw the Mime and clowns jump to the top. ”Koa! We got company! ” Lulu warned. Koa carefully hopped to the next passenger car when he noticed them. The Masked Man turns to us and pointed at Lulu. ”Lula! If you don mind. Now would be a good time to make it rain! ” Koa suggested. Lulus eyes glowed blue as she called the storms to form above us. But while she did, I accidentally lost my footing and fell off the train. However, Koa was able to reach out and grab my hand. Holding onto me while I dangled beside the moving train. ”I got you! ” He said as he carefully placed me down in between the intersections of the passenger cars. ”What should I do? ” I asked. ”I need you and Lulu to carefully disconnect the two railcars from each other. ” Koa requested when one of the clowns jumped on him. Lulu tried to help, but Koa already took care of the matter by throwing the clown off the side of the train. It was raining hard and so it was beginning to be a tad bit too difficult to walk above the rooftop of the train. So Koa carefully placed Lulu down beside me. Handing us two big hammers. ”Now start hammering! ” Koa yelled as he knocked the other clowns off the train. After a bit of some pushing and shoving. Koa was confronted by the mime who stood like a continental soldier. Koa nods as he stood ready. The mime then strapped on some boxing gloves and taunts the Masked Man. Challenging him to a boxing match. ”Okay… two can play this game. ” Koa chuckled as they both raised their fist. Boxing each other like professional boxers.

So while Koa was busy with his new dance partner. Me and Lulu were busy trying to disconnect the two connecting railcars. Luckily there was nobody in either side of the passenger cars, so we were content on severing the connection between the two. However, after giving the connection between the two railcars a few swings. We were beginning to get a bit frustrated with it. ”Koa! Its not coming off! ” Lulu shouted. The Masked Man didn answer. We were a bit worried for him when a mime was suddenly flung to the side of the train screaming. Breaking the silent vow that all mimes usually make. ”What was that? ” Koa asked as his head popped out from above us. ”The connection between the trains won break off! ” I shouted. Koa then came down. ”Alright guys! Get behind me. ” Koa warned as he grabbed my hammer. Leaning down he carefully closed the angle cock. Then used the hammer to lift the pin lifter while the rail cars were being uncoupled. Turning his face away as the air hoses separated. Disconnecting the two railcars while the train was in motion.

Once he finished, Koa gave a sigh of content before he handed me back the hammer. ”Perfect! With that now finished. We and the passengers should be safe now… ” Koa sighed with relief. While watching as the two parts of the railcars distance themselves away from each other.

At the moment… it felt good to watch the train disappear from sight. But something didn feel right… We were still moving! I mean…


”Um… Koa… You do know that we
e on the wrong side of the train, right? ” I asked. ”Yep! Hahahaha! ” He laughed. Lulu wore a grim expression as she fought the urge to push Koa off the train. ”Koa! You idiot! We could have just left them! ” Lulu growled. The Masked Man simply laughs as he turns. ”Hehehe! But then their would be a killer circus train full of clown bandits on the loose! Chances are that they might plan to ram this train against another one. Added to the fact that, that other train could possibly be full with passengers. ” Koa chuckled. The Masked Man calmly brushed by us, walking down the hall and without looking at us. He asks, ”Now we wouldn want that now, would we? ” Lulu was quite while I nodded my head. ”Fine… Lets get this over with. ” Lulu sighed when Koa cheered. ”Wonderful! Happy to know that you both understand! Hehehe! ” Koa exclaimed. We both rolled our eyes as we followed Koa over the coal car.

— Engine Room —

Sophie was a bit busy driving the train. Increasing its speed. Blazing through the train tracks while the impeccable storm raged. It had almost been about twenty minutes since Johnny the Mime left to take care of the intruders. However, her men had just recently reported to her that their intruders somehow severed the connection to the rest of the train. Allowing all of their ransom money to go to waste. ”Dang it! ” Sophie growled. The Ringleader donned on her hat while her men began to pack up the money that was meant for the railroad workers. Though before they could leave, they were confronted by Koa. ”Hey. Hey! Hey!~ Leaving so soon already? ” The Masked Man waved while Me and Lulu appeared behind him. The culprit mastermind to our predicament calmly stood, thinking for a moment, when a grin began to form on her face. ”Well actually, yeah! We will be leaving! But thanks for asking! ” Sophie, the Ringleader of this circus full of bandits, said. She then snapped her fingers afterwards and her men began to brake the controls to the train. Cackling as the train continued accelerating.

We then watched as they all left. Leaping suicidally off the train, but I doubted that they were going to die from a fall like that. ”Oh me, oh my! It burdens me to know that Ill be leaving an uncontrollable train to crash into another one… Which is more than likely full of innocent people! But oh my goodness! Im such a bad girl! ” Sophie sarcastically said. ”Zodiark! Help me fix the controls! ” Lulu said while she tried pushing and pulling some switches. With a gleam in her eye, Sophie turns to face me when Koa suddenly stood in between us. The Masked Man said nothing as he kept his gaze fixed upon her. The Ringleader smiles as she analyzed me like a predator eyeing her prey. It was then that her eyes began to glow green. I was a bit taken aback to learn that not only was Sophie a bandit, but was also an Outworlder! Returning her gaze back at Koa she takes a bow. ”Well be back. ” She promised. And with an umbrella in hand. The Ringleader jumps out, opening the umbrella and taking to the skies. Letting her umbrella carry her away into the night sky.

After Sophies departure, I went over to help Lulu. But nothing was happening. The controls were jammed and broken. ”Dang it! ” I swore. Me and Lulu were trying everything we could when Koa finally stopped us. His tone of voice back down low and serious. He had us strap ourselves to the drivers seat. ”Okay guys, While Im outside trying to figure out a way to stop this train from colliding with the other train. Which is… frankly a few miles ahead of us. I need you to hang on tight and keep blowing the train whistle. ” Koa said as he opened the side door to the engine room. ”How in the world are you gonna stop a moving train? ” I asked. ”With my small and flabby family packed abs and skinny fat noodle arms. Thats how!… Oh! But I forgot to mention, that besides all that. My ripped calves will more than likely be our saving grace! However, if all else fails. Then it was nice knowing you! Anyways, peace out! ” Koa saluted before he jumped out to the side of the train. Making his way to the front tip of the train. Me and Lulu both shrugged at each other before we began to pull the cord to the steam trumpet. ”Does he seriously think that hes superman or something? Because judging from his crazy mind. Hed most likely be killed! ” I shouted. Trying to speak loudly enough for Lulu to hear, because of the train whistle that was being blown outside. ”I don know how, but I trust that he knows what hes doing! ” Lulu shouted back while the train whistle blasted our ears. We both tugged on the cord to the steam trumpet. Blowing the horn. Praying that those ahead of us would get out of the way in time.

So while we were busy trying to warn the train ahead, Koa was making his way to the front edge of the train. And although the rains above made things a tad too slippery, Koa managed to safely make it to the front. Taking a few deep breaths, he grips onto the handrail. Looking back to make sure nobody was watching. Afterwards, once he finally felt at ease. Koa begins…

— Synthensia —

The passengers were just getting on the train when they all heard a series of whistles from an incoming train. The conductor who was standing outside at the time. Immediately grabbed a red flag and began to rush down the tracks to signal the driver to stop. But little did they know was that the controls were broken. And their was nothing that they could do to stop the train.

And while they all were running for their lives. Trying to get out of the train, me and Lulu were desperately blowing the train horn. Holding onto each other as we prepared for the inevitable doom that laid before us. ”We
e most likely gonna die! ” I yelled as I held onto Lulu while she screamed. Everybody around screamed as death came blazing through.

And so… yeah… It was over. We were done for. This is how I expected my own story to end…

With us following a masked man who eventually got us all killed. Everything was over. I didn get to say goodbye to my parents. My family and friends. I especially didn get to tell the girl who stood wrapped in my arms about the way I felt about her… This completely sucked!!!

Everything that led to this moment, made me wish for something. A wish that I could have done better with my life. But fate… Yes… Fate has its way of surprises. Because everything was going so fast when it all suddenly went pitch black.

Was this death?…

Was I finall dead?…

If it surely was? I couldn tell…

All I could feel was the loneliness and regret that overcame me…

I felt cold…

And all alone in the dark…

Im scared!

— After A Very Long Moment Had Passed —

A voice mumbles in the darkness.

”Zodiark? ”

I hiss and cower in fear at the voice calling my own name. Backing away in fear…

The voice once again calls out to me.

”Zodiark? ”

I cover my face as the darkness seemed to take over. Consuming me. Everything felt so…. So?…

”Zodiark? ” Koa says once again. A hand reaches out to me and I finally open my eyes. Only to see Lulu smiling at me. ”Its okay! He did it! Koa stopped the train! ” Lulu reassured me. I gave a sigh of relief while the Masked Man reached out to us. Helping us up and getting us safely down from the train.

And the rest was history. Koa would explain to the authorities about the robbery, kidnapping and hijacking attempt that Sophie and her clowns attempted. Along with what happened to the rest of the passengers. Which afterwards, the authorities would send a team on a handcar down the tracks to rescue the remaining passengers that got left behind. Along with Mr. Lee, Victoria and the rest of the workers. Detective Koa was going to be awarded a medal of honor, but he instead wanted food. Which Mr. Lee happily paid for, even though it was almost an hour till midnight. Yet, somehow, they were at a certain part of the restaurant where me and Lulu couldn see him take his mask off. Whether he did take it off or not still remains a mystery.

All in all, we were safe and thats all that mattered. However, questions still remained on my mind. Questions that would most likely bother me all night. Questions about Koa. Important questions that needed to be answered. How did he do it? What exactly happened when everything went dark? Why does he know so much? More importantly… Who was he really? Really? Just really? Who was the man who hides behind the mask?

— Synthensia: Synthensia Cemetery: Morning–

A Women with pure white hair peacefully walks during the early morning. When the sun began to rise. Holding a bouquet of flowers. She reaches the grave site of her most faithful friend. Her father figure. Her commander. Ross. The suns morning light shines down on her while she sat before his grave. Her royal purple eyes slightly glowing as she cleaned the headstone to Rosss grave. ”Happy birthday Ross!… In loving memory of the good old days. I brought you the flowers that you used to talk so much about! ” She smiled. Placing the flowers before his headstone, she sighs. ”I know that I always tell you this, but you will be happy to know that Delta and Winter are doing just fine! It is thanks to you that they have come to mature and live a wonderful life together! ” She praised. She could remember Ross always asking if she was taking care of herself. ”If you are already wondering. Yes! I am okay! Am I married yet? Well, obviously no. Im not interested in noble or rich idiots. Always trying to get my attention. They just want my body. Heck! Its even disgusting when women try to hook up with me. You of all people understand that, that would destroy my reputation and high standards as an Angelic Maiden. But that still doesn mean that I want to get married with a guy anytime soon. ” She confessed when she felt like he was frowning at her. Ross always expected more out of her. ”Hey! I know that you care and everything, but Im practically like almost sixty years old now. Even though I was blessed with a young immortal body. Anyways, I- I- I… ” she faltered. Trying her best to stay strong, but eventually her emotions got the better of her. Tears fell down her face as she struggled to talk. ”I really miss you Ross! A- And though you are gone. Even so…You are remembered. For even in death you will never be forgotten! ” Twilight, the Angelic Maiden bowed. Respecting her old friends memory. She was just having a moment of peace, reminiscing the past. When a certain figure stood beside her. ”Well said. ” The Masked Man nodded with approval. Twilight turns. A bit startled. How did this Masked Man appear out of nowhere? That she didn know. The only other person who could sneak up on her like that was |♤£☆•☆|◇ ….

She did not know. Or just couldn remember…. Anyways, she looked up at the man and was surprised to find him carrying a bouquet of Synthensian White Roses. ”For you. ” He said as he placed the synthensian white roses by Rosss headstone. ”Thank you… ” Twilight said as the man sat beside her. For a moment they sat in silence when Twilight finally built up the courage to speak. ”You know… Synthensian White Roses are rare to find nowadays… ” Twilight said when the Masked Man suddenly bowed before Rosss grave, got up and began to walk away. Twilight gets up and attempts to follow. But something told her that it would be best to just leave him be. So she did, but there was one thing that she had to know. Just who exactly was that guy and how did he know about Ross? Twilight just had to know. ”Excuse me, sir? But… I just need to know something… Who are you? I mean… Do I know you? And, uh… A- Actually, I mean… W- What were you to him? To Ross? ” Twilight asked. Koa, without even looking back at her, stops. Yet, before he left, he answered, ”A friend… I was just a friend… ”

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