— Synthensia —

It was finally quite for once. The weather was beautiful. The sun was shining and the breeze was gently blowing over this beautiful town.

Synthensia was once a peaceful small town amongst the white meadows. Home to the famous rose. Known as the Synthensian White Rose. A rose that is said to have literally glowed during the night. Giving light out amongst the darkness. Unfortunately though, the rose is becoming extinct and Synthensias white meadows have turned green. Leaving the people to wonder what the future holds for Synthensia. Some have speculated that this is a sign of an evil omen. Others claim it to be just nature taking its course.

Though aside from all that. There is a legend that says that the synthensian white rose has the power to see through peoples memories. However, many have tried, but failed. Leaving this sorry legend into a myth.

— The Crimson Dragon Tavern —

Lulu and I had just finished eating breakfast when Koa entered the tavern. ”Where were you? ” Lulu asked. ”Oh don mind me, but I just felt like taking a morning walk. Hehe! ” Koa chuckled as he took his seat. ”Aren you hungry? We still have some food left on the table. ” I asked. But Koa shook his head. ”Oh! No thank you! I don want to steal your food. ” He thanked. ”No need to worry Koa. Just eat. ” Lulu suggested. ”No thank you guys. Really… I don feel like eating right now. ” Koa said. ”But why not? Is it because of the mask? Are you afraid that we won like you because you feel ugly? Hehehe! Honestly, Koa, we like you no matter what. ” Lulu smiled. ”Thank you. Truly, but I respectfully decline the offer. ” Koa apologized. ”Thats okay. But anyways, why do you where the mask? ” I asked. ”Yeah, what would happen if we took your mask off? ” Lulu jokingly asked. Koa took a moment to think when his tone of voice became serious. ”Trust me when I say this. If I ever took this mask off. It would more than likely mean that somebodys gonna die! ” He warned. There was a complete pause as we said nothing. We were too afraid to even speak. He was seriously warning us that we would literally die if he or we took his mask off. We were a bit too speechless when Koa suddenly bursted out laughing. ”Pft Hahahahahaha! I can hold it any longer! Hahaha! I was just kidding! ” Koa laughed. While he was laughing though, I glanced at Lulu and we both sheepishly chuckled.

Koa takes a deep breath when he finally controlled his bearings. His serious tone of voice completely gone. ”Anyways, I just don feel comfortable showing my face. Which is why I wear the mask. I feel too embarrassed when I make eye contact with people. Which is why Im a bit of an introvert. Even though I talk to you guys a little too much. ” Koa admits. ”Okay, because a second there we actually thought you were being serious. ” I told Koa. ”Yeah, but rest assured. I was only joking. ” Koa chuckled.

After breakfast, we went out to the train station to say our goodbyes to Mr. Lee and Victoria. We were quite saddened to see them go, but they had a job to do and so did we. Eventually they would board the next train, waving farewell. Afterwards, we would head back into town. Following Lulu as she guided us to her grandmothers house. ”So… What will you do once you return back home? ” Koa asked. Lulu happily replies, ”When I get home. Im going to take a long hot bath before I go to sleep. ” Koa and Lulu chuckled before they turned to me. ”What about you Zodiark? What are you gonna do? ” They asked. My heart sank at the thought. These three months have been quite an experience. Yet, even though it was rough, I still enjoyed suffering and having fun with Lulu. Koa especially was a funny guy to be around with. To return home and resume my old life… made me sad.

”Hello? Axios to Zodiark? Do you read me? Hello? ” Lulu said. I shook my head as I looked up at them. ”Um… What? Sorry I was a little deep in thought. ” I finally responded. Koa places his hand on my shoulder. I look up and could feel certain that he understood what I was thinking. ”Its okay… I understand. ” He said. Yep, I wasn surprised. Of course he would know. Or at least that was what I thought before Koa suddenly pulled out a hot dog from the vendor beside us. ”You
e just hungry! ” Koa confirmed. My expectations and beliefs were shattered. The man who I thought understood how I felt just wasn empathetic enough. I felt more betrayed that even Lulu agreed. ”Just how could these guys not see how sad I was that we would most likely never see each other again after all this was over? This I wondered to myself while still holding my hot dog.

”This is so good! ” Lulu smiled. ”I know right!? These hot dogs are on a whole new level all on its own! It tastes so good that IM LOSING MY MIND! ” Koa exclaimed. How did he even eat while his mask was still on? Were we just too busy eating and thinking? Or was Koa just a fast eater? Whatever the case, my sorrows were just gonna have to wait. Because before we knew it. Someone familiar to Lulu would show up behind us.

A beautiful lady in white wraps her arms around Lulu. Picking her up and swinging her around happily. ”There you are! ” The lady smiles. ”Grandma? ” Lulu gasps. ”Grandma? ” I said with confusion. I mean I know that we were going to her grandma to seek protection. And I have heard that she still looked young, even though she was old. But I didn think that she was gonna look THIS young! Because in all honesty, she was seriously, drop dead gorgeous! That I almost felt like I was gonna have a heart attack the moment she gazed at me. ”Ah! You must be Zodiark! ” She smiled. I couldn really utter any words because of how beautiful she was. So I just gently bowed, but she immediately came over and shook my hand. ”Its a pleasure to finally meet you. I do have to say for a second I thought you were actually Alleluia until I noticed how dark your blue eyes are compared to his. ” Twilight grinned when she noticed Koa standing beside us. ”Oh hey! Hello again! Its nice to see you! ” She gasped. Me and Lulu glanced at each other before Lulu asked, ”Grandma? How do you know Koa? ” Twilight giggles before she answers, ”We met at the Cemetery this morning! ” Me and Lulu turned to Koa, but he just shrugged. ”So Koa is your name! Well, Im Twilight Nebula! Please to meet you! ” Twilight grinned as she stuck her hand out. Koa hesitated before he shook her hand. ”I-I…Im… ” He stuttered before he gave up talking. Twilight nodded as she looked at his mask. Trying to figure out whose face laid hidden behind the mask. She then smiled when she suddenly hugged him. Lulus jaw dropped, but unlike her, I could have sworn that a million eyes were jealously watching. Wishing to be in Koas shoes. Me included, but I had to stop thinking like this. This was just lust! Besides, I was in love with Lulu. I had to stay faithful. No matter what!

Anyways, we both laughed when Koa tried to get her off. ”Um… Excuse me?… Miss?… Can you please let go? ” He asked. But Twilight seemed to ignore him. But after a moment had passed she finally let Koa go. ”Im sorry. I don know what went over me. But… Hey! Thank you so much for the roses you brought! Really! I appreciate it! ” Twilight thanked. Meanwhile, Koa still seemed a bit speechless. ”Um… Y- Your… Welcome… ” He stuttered. Me and Lulu snickered as they both looked like a couple that were too embarrassed to be around each other. They both said nothing until Twilight finally spoke. ”So, um… If youd like… Id be happy to invite you over for dinner. ” She offered when she noticed everyone staring at them. The people watching, embarrassingly continued their day to day business after Twilight caught them all watching. She was normally used to this, but she didn enjoy it when people tried to listen in on her conversations with other people. Eventually Koa caught her attention when he answered her question. ”Oh, well… Thats okay Miss… B- But I have some important businesses to do… Im… Sorry. ” Koa sheepishly said as he turned and walked away. Leaving without even saying goodbye to us. Twilight takes a deep breath before she tried to convince him. ”Oh!~ Really? Well if you want… maybe we can- ” She said when Koa shook his head. ”Um… Im sorry but I have to go. ” He interruptingly apologized. Disappearing into the crowd of people.

The Angelic Maiden sighed in defeat. ”Hmn… Maybe I was a bit too pushy… Or maybe my beauty was too much to handle. Hmn… Just what could I had done better? ” She mumbled to herself whe Lulu grabbed her hand. ”Grandma… its fine! You
e still pretty even though you
e like a hundred years older than the guy. ” Lulu sarcastically said when Twilight suddenly slammed her fist on her head. ”Ouch! Okay Grandma! I apologize! So please don hurt me! ” Lulu winced. The Angelic Maiden nodded as she patted her head. ”You definitely deserve that! Little snowflake! Oh and by the way. A word of advice to the both of you. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. ” She chastised. When she turned to me. I immediately looked away, trying my best not to get into trouble. ”Zodiark, unlike Lulu, never ask a lady about her age. Don forget that! ” Twilight warned. ”Yes maam! ” I responded. ”Yeah, well what are the chances that Koa is actually hiding his ugly face? ” Lulu pouted. Still a bit hurt about the way Twilight bonked her head. ”Wha!? You take that back! How do you even know? Are you really trying to destroy my dream of finding out for myself? ” Twilight barked at her. ”Well maybe I am! ” Lulu barked back.

I almost enjoyed watching them. They were like two rivaling siblings. Always trying to annoy and get the better of the other.

One way or another. I could tell that our adventures were soon drawing to an end.

But just how exactly am I going to be able to handle the silence?

— Somewhere In Synthensia: Evening —

Three of the most lousy kidnappers roamed the streets. Wearing cloaks to disguise themselves in case they were spotted before they had any time to recapture their targets. Their main target was Zodiark but they were more than willing to also take Lulu as leverage. Even though Mistress Pauline commanded them to leave her alone. One way or another, they were going to get them. They just needed a plan to take care of the man in black.

While they traversed the streets. Phil noticed some sketchy figures making their way down an alley. They were dressed very nicely yet didn seem to give a care in the world about anyone else. The lady they followed especially seemed very familiar. By the time one of them pulled their sleeves up. Phil turned around. Heading into a different direction along with Pho and Phineas. ”Why did you stop following them? ” Pho asked in sign language. ”Because, those guys aren just ordinary people. They
e one of the Puppet Masters underworld lackeys! ” Phil explained through sign language. ”Isn that a good thing though? ” Pho asked in sign language. ”No! Just think about it! If they caught us waltzing into their territory. Then wed be screwed! It could even possibly start a turf war between our mafia groups. More importantly, if they find the kid before we do. Its game over! ” Phil answered frustratingly through sign language. When Phineas suddenly said, ”To know your enemy, you must become your enemy. ” Phil was speechless. ”What did you just say? ” He asked. ”To know your enemy, you must become your enemy. ” Phineas answered. ”Wow! You definitely took me by surprise Phineas! Because I honestly didn think that you were this smart! Was that quote from Sun Tzu? ” Phil asked. Phineas shrugged. ”I don know, I was just reading the words on that wall over there. ” Phineas pointed. Phil face palmed once he saw the written quote. His expectations were ruined. ”Bah! Never again! ” He vowed. Promising himself to never put his trust on his idiot brothers. However, what Phineas read, definitely had a point. A plan was beginning to form. A brilliant plan. Phil chuckles as he looked at the quote. ”Alright boys! Get ready! Because we
e about to have an extreme makeover! Hehehehe! ” Phil cackled.

— Synthensia: Night —

Somewhere out in a dark alley. The Masked Man joyously hits his head against the wall. ”Hehehehe! Im losing my mind! Hehehe! ” He laughed when he suddenly went in a fit of rage. Hitting and scratching himself. Grunting in frustration. Slamming his body from one side of the wall to the other. ”DAMMIT! IM LOSING MY MIND!!!… ”

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