It was raining heavily in Atlanta, it has been raining continuously for 3 days non-stop. Atlanta is 500 meters away from the southern part of the country known to have deep forests and gets very cold both in the day and at night, most of the town folks are quite reserved and mysterious if you know what I mean.

In there reside 5 siblings, Dylan is the youngest and only girl among the siblings. Dylan finds it irritating since she can stand the cold weather, she has been in Atlanta for 3 months together with her 4 brothers and she still can get used to the place.

”Im dying from boredom can I go out for a walk? ” 17-year-old Dylan sobs.

”Who would want to go out for a walk on a rainy day? ” Jean asked.

”Don count on it, ” Paul chuckled as Dylan frowns her face as she glare at Johnson to jump to her defense.

”Why don I make you, your favorite milkshake! ” Johnson hissed as Dylan click her tongue at him.

She knows Patrick her fourth brother won be of any use since he can speak but at least he can understand her.

Dylan secretly sneaks out of the house when her brothers weren looking, She walks on the street with her arms wrapped around herself.

”I always knew this town was a shitty hole, ” Dylan thought as she looks around while everyone kept staring at her, ”My brothers were right I shouldn have gone out alone, ” Dylan cries as fear start to gulp her, she turns immediately to run back home but bump hard into someone.

Dylan didn look up at the shadow blocking her way but said ”sorry, ” slowly and try to evade him but he blocks her way again.

Dylan raise her head slowly to look at the guy standing in front of her only to see an insanely good-looking man with dark brown hair, and glowing eyes that hypnotized her right away.

Dylan smile faintly and stare at the strange man, only then did she notice the sexy figure of the man just like an actor she had thought.

”Um… Im s-sorry I wasn watching where I was going, ” Dylan stuttered while the strange man gives her a cold smile.

He has never met a human who looks at him in the eyes and does not run away, but this little girl here is actually flustered by his cold personality.

”Whats your name little girl? ” the strange man asked in a deep alluring voice.

”Um Dylan, ” she said staring at him.

”Um, Dylan are you sure you aren feeling cold? ” the strange man asked as Dylan nods her head as she was freezing.

The strange man takes off his coat and wraps it around Dylans neck.

The strange man bent over and stares closely at Dylan as if he was examining something while Dylan smiles awkwardly.

”Can we be friends Dylan? ” He tossed seductively as Dylan nods her head in agreement.

And that was how the friendship between Dylan and the strange man started.

She will sneak out of the house when his brothers are away to be with him.

One day at their usual meeting place under the big oak tree, Dylan and the strange man sat talking about nothing in particular.

”Dylan I will

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