”I just want to warn you, little girl, that you are not the first girl to be captivated by him, he does what he does because its his duty and he does it for every patient that walks through that door looking for his help, ” she said folding her arm across her chest with a soft smile on her face as her lips curl up, now I get it, I am charmed by him but not like other girls who want him at all cost. I like his charisma and Im more than satisfied to get to learn from him and become better like him.

”Oh yeah I get it now Dr. thanks for warning me but actually, he is my professor at the university and I will be joining the team as an intern starting Monday, Im Anne its a pleasure to meet you, Dr. Yasmine, ” I said extending my hand even though I wasn feeling too good.

”I see, the famous Anne, ” she mumble tracing her finger on her lips as if she was in deep thought, since when did I become so famous that she knows about me, I thought drawing my hand back.

”Excuse me? ” I asked confused if she probably got the wrong person.

”Anne Lumbado, the best medical student in Dr. Fernands class, he talks about you all the time about how a great surgeon you will be, ” she whispered now extending her hand to shake mine, now Im more confused Dr. Fernand talks about me with his colleagues so cool, the thought of it made my lips curl a little as I shake her hand.

”Im honored to be a part of your team doctor, ” I whispered.

”Well Anne, it was a pleasure to meet you and I must say you are very beautiful and a real competitor, ” she said with a hint of sarcasm in her voice as I furrow my eyebrow in confusion.

”What, ” I let out a soft murmur then she chuckles softly. That was a joke Anne see you on Monday, ” she added with a soft smile that disappeared immediately the same way it got form. She taps my shoulders and walks away with her hand in her pocket as her heels make funny noises.

Why is she in heels in the first place? and she is wearing heavy makeup too in the hospital, her personality confuses me but she seems like a nice person. I thought as I walk to the exit. The hospital is so big that you can easily get lost.

”Anne! ” I heard Elizebeths voice as I reach the door, ”Where were you? I was looking everywhere for you, ” she complains. ”Tell me what happened? are you not staying with your family? ” I asked surprised as she roll her eyes.

”No, why do I have to stay, the woman has turned into a vegetable what is the point of staying? I only had to keep crying and dad asked me to go home since I couldn handle it seeing my mother in such a state, ” Elizebeth grumbles. she is just a good actress and very well knows how to manipulate people, I still don know how we become friends when we were so different from each other.

”Will show some concern for your mother? she is still your mother for crying out loud, ” I snap staring at her to feel remorse but it will be like expecting the dog to change into a cat.

”The woman hates me, she even told me she wishes she had aborted me when she realized she was pregnant with me, she also said she wishes she had closed her legs tight instead of pushing out a good for nothing like me. All I desired was a mothers love Anne but she…she.. never mind so Im sorry if I don feel bad for her in fact she deserves it and she is not my mother, ” she said sadly and quickly wipes the tears that were forming in her eyes and that threaten to fall.

I know how emotional she is but acts all strong as if she didn need anyone, perhaps Im the only person that understands that side of her maybe thats why we become good friends.

I can only understand her, my own mother abandoning me too, and even when I say I don care about hurts each time I see a mother being affectionate towards her child, I use to ask myself where I went wrong and why couldn my own mother love me.

I was hushed the whole time as we drove back to the apartment and that is why I can judge Eliz. she dropped me off and left to fix her hair, I on the other hand need to get some rest, I wouldn say I like the way Im feeling if only I could have a sound sleep without all those nightmares.

And as usual, I was awake by the same nightmare that has been tormenting my life. I ended up walking around the apartment doing this and that till it was morning. Eliz didn return back to our apartment. I suppose she is still in shock and being in the apartment will remind her of what had happened.

I grab my towel and stormed to the bathroom to take a shower, as I was brushing my teeth I notice something strange that I thought I was hallucinating. I drop the brush out of shock and lean forward to have a closer look in the mirror. I splash water on my face just in case I was dreaming or perhaps sleeping while walking but it felt so real.

”Anne, are you in the bathroom? hurry I want to take a shower too, forget it. I will just join you since we are both running late, ” I heard Elizs voice coming from the bedroom as my heart jumps back and forth in my chest.

She can see me like this, what the hell is happening to me? ”Errr… ”

”What is everything okay? ” she asked, as I try to look for an excuse to stop her from coming inside. ”Nothing Eliz, Im almost done I will be out soon, ” I said in an unsteady voice. ”Alright then, chill, ” she whispered as her movement cease. I let out a deep relief sigh and stare at my own reflection in the mirror with horror written all over my face.

Unable to fathom what was happening to me made it more terrifying.

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