Present-day! in the city of Alvogo.

”Run run they are coming, ” a voice yells as everyone starts to run for their lives.

I saw myself running as fast as I could, I fell on a piece of glass and broke my leg as blood starts to oz out, I ignore the stabbing pains in my leg and continue to run, I try to stop the blood but I guess it was too late the scent of my blood has lured them to my hideout.

I turned around to see a baby wrapped in sack clothes wearing a pendant, for a moment I felt I had seen the pendent somewhere I try to protect the baby from harms way, and the people after me had me surrounded and stretched their hands towards me all at once to catch me.

I try to wake myself up but it felt so real, just like my savior I hear someone calling out my name.

”Hey Anne… Anne… its just a dream, shsss, ” a voice whispered as I woke up covered in my own sweat as I take a deep breath as Elizabeth taps my hair gently.

I pour myself a glass of water and took a sip and set it back on the table.

”Im sorry I woke you up again Elizabeth, ” I apologize to my roommate, it has become a routine I go through every single day of my for as far as I could remember.

”Its nothing Anne don worry about it, I only wish I could do something about your nightmares, ” Elizabeth murmured as she climbed back to her own bed.

I have been having the same dream over and over for a decade now I have tried all remedies to have it stop but I guess its something I have to endure until I find the meaning of the dream.

My therapist suggest maybe it has something to do with my real family but who cares? they didn want me in the first place.

I let out a deep breath and turn to my small study table at the corner of the room and flip through my lecture note still daybreak.

I was in the kitchen making breakfast when Elizabeth walks in, Elizabeth is a childhood friend of mine, we knew each other back in the Mother-Magdalene orphanage home, her family later found her so she moved in with them.

Now we are both in the same medical school, she was kind enough to let me share her apartment with her.

”Hmm that smells nice, what are you cooking? ” Elizabeth asked sniffing around.

”Some recipes I learned from Mother Pillar, here try it, ” I said with a smile holding the plate in front of her.

”I see I really envy you, Anne, I must say you were always mother Pillars favorite among the girls back in the orphanage and if Im not mistaken you still are, ” Elizabeth snarled taking a bit of the strawberry cake I made as I brush her off, she says that a lot.

”Um, this tastes delicious, by the way, I sent my intern letter to the city private hospital, and guess what I was accepted, ” Elizabeth cheered as she takes another bite of the cake.

I was excited for her, the city private hospital is one of the largest hospitals in town and I intended to send my intern letter there but change my mind at the end, it was not like they were going to choose me anyway.

The place is for rich folks, ”Im happy for you Elizabeth so when are you guys starting? ” I asked with a smile.

”Well on Monday what about you? ” Elizabeth asked.

”Oh, Im yet to send mine, ” I hissed looking away, I take off the apron and wash my hands.

”I know you, Anne that is why I submitted your letter on your behalf, ” Elizabeth said as she eats more of the cake, I enjoyed cooking but I barely have an appetite for it so she does all the eating.

”You what Elizabeth? ” I whispered looking at her as she rolls her eyes at me.

”I left the letter on your bed, we will both be interns in the city private hospital, you think you can get rid of me that easily? ” She jokes and she shoves the last piece of cake in her mouth.

”Now Im full, thank you so much girlfriend now I need to go see my boring mother that we never seem to get along huh, ” Elizabeth chuckled as she gives me a soft hug and leave to get change.

Im happy they actually accepted me, I know know on what ground but Im happy Elizabeth made it happen I can wait to share this with mother Pillar.

I had already plan to visit the orphanage home, I do go there during my free time from school and my side job.

I give special lessons to the kids in the orphanage.

I grab my bag after cleaning the kitchen and headed to the train station, in the alley I felt as if someone was following me but when I look back there is no one.

Elizabeth always warns me not to take the train but the train is less expensive than taking a cab and or the bus.

I start to increase my pace, the scariest part about boarding the train is having to walk in the underground alley that is mostly dark and filled with dangerous people.

The more I increase my pace the more I feel the footstep is following me up closely.

I halt and turn my back slowly as I stand in a fighting position and clench my fists.

”Whoever you are come out and face me! ” I called out.

Now I could see a human silhouette.

”Don worry I can take down all six of you come on now, ” I act though as the figure of all six of them shows up now I can see them but not their faces.

”Relax Anne, it is Farrand, ” a voice said in surrender.

”Dr. Farrand! What are you doing in the alley? ” I asked surprised now lowering my guards.

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