Dr. Fernand is my professor at the university and well he also works at the City private hospital, one of the reasons why I was dying to have my internship there I have so much to learn from him. he is an excellent surgeon.

Seeing him in the alley seem like he was following me, of course not, my mind is just playing a trick on me, secret crush you may say but its not what you think I call it admiration compared to how other female student acts around him.

why will he follow me? Im just his favorite student.

”Relax Anne, I saw you taking the alley and I thought to follow you just in case you, old habit, making sure my favorite student is fine, ” he smiled taking long steps closer to me as I tilt my head and stare at him thoughtfully, feeling comforted.

”favorite student, ” I repeated with a smile.

”come on I will walk you to the train station, ” he offered which I gladly accepted and surrendered to his onslaught.

why won I? it was an honor for me to walk side by side with him. In fact, my heart is jumping up and down out of excitement which I can explain why by the way.

I couldn help but steal a glance at him when he wasn looking, his hair gleaming as it expose his fine, pointed nose, oh yeah his eyes, I could get lost in them damn this is not me talking, Elizabeth has polluted my mind with her silly talks, forgive me father for having such kind of thought.

But I see can help it his eyes were clear and blue as the ocean, and his lips were just perfect. Walking down the alley, we finally stop in front of the train station.

”Safe and sound, ” he hissed as I smile.

”Going to the orphanage I suppose? Im quite amazed, ” he added.

”Why so Dr.? ” I whispered.

”Many will never want to go back to the orphanage they were raised but you… ” he said as I roll my eyes.

The train arrived at that moment, cutting off my reply to him.

I nod my head as he smiles and signals me to go ahead. I sat on the train and waved at him, he waves back.

I stare at him till he was out of my sight. it didn take long for me to reach the orphanage.

I was welcome by mother Mary, she didn really like me while I was there and she still doesn .

”Hello mother Mary, ” I whispered with a smile.

”This place is not open to outsiders like you, ” Mother Mary fussed as I made my way into Mother Pillars office.

”its good to see you too Mother Mary, how are your knees now? ” I asked with a smile which of course she ignored.

”My precious princess, you are never an outsider, ” I heard mother Pillars voice as she takes off her glasses to give me a hug.

”Hello, Mother Pillar, ”

”Come here, the childrens class can wait, chat with me for a while, ” she mumbles pulling over to have a sit.

”Yes, mother, ”

”Now tell me quick, have you been accepted as an intern doctor in City private hospital? ” she asked nervously, she was one of the people routing for me, she knows how badly I wanted to work there.

”Yes mother Pillar, they sent a letter, ” I giggle.

”oh my dear, we thank our virgin mother Mary, I always knew you will make it a great time my darling, ” she said giving me a tight hug.

”Thank you for believing in me and all the help you gave me and keep giving me, ” I said wobbly.

”That is nothing my dear, all that is needed now is to find your root, ” mother Pillar mumbles.

she has been talking about the same thing for years, I don see the point in looking for the woman that left me at the door of the orphanage, Mother Pillar has said several times that I clearly remembered how I was abandoned.

She said it rained the entire day and night, it was 11:49 pm the night when they heard my cry, Mother Pillar found me barely alive, and I spend months in the hospital to recover.

”Not with this again Mother I will go start the childrens class now, ” I said making an excuse not to have that discussion.

”Alright my dear, ” she replied as I bit my upper lips nervously I never want to be the reason for her sadness and I know she only wants my nightmares to stop but no Im not looking for them.

”Hello, kids! are you ready for your lessons! ” I whispered as I entered the class, as always the kids were excited to see me.

”Hiiii teacher Anne! ” the little children giggle.


On my way from the orphanage, I stop by the groceries store to get some fresh vegetables,

”Anne that your roommate, her rich mother came by and there was a lot of noise, the whole neighborhood is talking about it, ” Zia the lady at the grocery store hissed.

”Hmmm I see, ” I muttered as I hand her over the money for my groceries and walk away, they like to gossip a lot in the neighborhood, everyone is in everyones business.

Oh Elizabeth, when will you learn to listen to your mother? I thought I made my way to the apartment with the groceries bags in my hand.

I stop at the door when I heard loud screams coming from the apartment.

I open the door to see Elizabeths mother somersaulting down the staircase as Elizabeth stood at the top holding her mouth freaking out.

”What have you done Elizabeth? ” I hissed dropping the groceries bags on the floor as I run to Mrs. Elizabeths side to check her pulse.

”Is she dead? ” Elizabeth asked with horror written all over her face, she was terrified as she watch her mothers motionless body on the floor.

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