”Oh no! We are so late, ” I said while running to get to the session of the hospital we were supposed to report to while Eliz takes her time as if nothing was happening.

”Goodness! Relax you might end up tripping over you know, ” Eliz said once again so calmly.

I admit I was the reason why we were late. I couldn get a grip of myself after what I saw earlier in the bathroom while brushing my teeth I was so terrified that I thought I was turning into… Never mind I can even think of it.

After walking like crazy to the session of the hospital we were supposed to report, I spotted a group of interns who had already reported, as we walk closer there was a doctor who I suppose is going to be our guardian I mean the doctor we will work under. He looks at us with a serious annoyed face, we tried to join the rest quietly without interrupting his speech but it was too late.

”Stop right there you two! ” He yells as we both freeze, my day couldn start off any worse.

”We are sorry it won happen again, we got a little lost thats why, ” I apologize innocently but that didn stop the annoyed look on his face.

”What time is it? ” He asked in a serious tone. ”Come on we are just 5 minutes late no big deal, ” Eliz chuckled as I elbow her to keep quiet but no she didn instead look straight in his eyes.

”5 minutes is enough to get someone dead so… ” The doctor angrily replied to her insolent behavior and choice of tone but was stopped by doctor Fernand. That was a close call, he really saved our necks this time else we will have to look for else were to do our internship and it will take days to weeks to get a new letter from the school and months for the hospitals to review our resume and that is if the place is not already full.

He saved us from a hell of trouble. ”I believe they understand your point Dr. ” Dr. Fernand said as he taps the doctors shoulders and then furrow his eyes towards us, he motions his head gently with a soft smile for us to join the rest of the interns. I nod my head and whispered hank you which I believe he heard because he replied with a whisper as well.

Eliz rolled her eyes at the other doctor and walks away. He continued with his long speech and later asked us to go to the conference room for a practical session.

”You will undergo a basic practical session then we will decide which department to place you in and if you really know what you study in school, ” the doctor mumbled as everyone begins to speak among themselves.

”What they thought we cheated out way through medical school or what? ” Eliz rumbles with annoyance in her tone.

”Hush, we are already not his favorite at the moment, please don get him angrier than he already is, so just keep quiet and say nothing, ” I whispered back gritting my teeth and she rolled her eyes.

”Is there a problem missy? ” The doctor mumbled narrowing his eyes towards me as everyone else turn to look at us, he saw me folding my hands in front of Eliz earlier bagging her to keep quiet.

”No please sir… I mean doctor, ” I mumble shaking both hands in the air nervously.

”Whats your name? ” He asked with his eyes fixed on the folder he was holding which I believe to be our names.

”Anne, Anne Lumbado, ” I said.

”Oh yeah Anne, I see, the best student in your class, good then I suppose there will be no problem for you to start first, ” he said now raising his head and staring at me.

”Uhmmm…, ” I whisper not knowing what I was to say.

”Is there a problem? ” He asked.

”No doctor that will be absolutely fine, ” I whispered as Dr. Fernand smiles. He really believes in me and that makes me nervous.

”Good, everyone to the conference room, ” he said in a loud voice making everyone move even before he says another word.

”Go for it Anne, ” Eliz rumbles as she wraps her hand around me.

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