ly could.

The woman raises her hand to stare at us as she adjusts the glasses on her face. ”Is that your emergency? ” She asked in a serious annoyed tone.

”Seriously you…. ” Eliz snaps as I silence her before she said anything else. She only lands us in trouble but I love her, she does the things I possibly can do even when the situation calls for it.

”Fine, ” she chuckled. ”We are really sorry but we were left with no other option since we need to get back to our practice session, ” I apologize innocently and she looked at me raising her eyes above her glasses then picks a folder, she goes through it I couldn tell if she was looking for our names because she didn even ask in the first place.

Eliz tries to confront her but well I stop her, we made her angry so we could only wait for her to attend to us.

She raise her hand to look at me while I force a smile Eliz couldn hide her anger.

”Write your names, school, address, and your numbers here, ” she instructed placing a black sheet and a pen on the desk. I wonder why this is so, we already gave all these details and she could just look for them on her machine if they were the need.

I grab my own pen and write down the details she requested as Eliz does the same, she is barely holding it in.

”Here you are ma, ” I said handing her back the sheet.

She looked on the sheet I gave her and then went into her machine and typed in something.

She then writes a serial number on another sheet after it took her like 3 to 5 minutes to find our names. Already we had spent 5 minutes waiting for her.

She then pulls out a box and brought out the ID, and annoyingly we were the only ones left to pick our IDs with our names and pictures on them, it was so easy for her to have done that in just a minute but took her more than 10 minutes simply because she wanted to get back at us.

”Take, ” she mumbled as we both picks the IDs and storm off, she was calling us back to sign something again which none of us wanted to.

”I promise we will come back to sign them but now we really have to go, ” I said while walking with my back.

Eliz ignores her and grabs my hand as we both enter the elevator.

”Bad day huh? ” I heard a female voice as soon as I entered the elevator with Eliz. I turn my back to see who the person was.

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